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Chevron And Herringbone Patterns: Add Exciting Zigzags To Your Kitchen!

It was just a few days back that we talked about the hottest design trends for spring and summer 2014 and how the use of old, urbane geometric patterns is a perfect way to enliven our homes this season. While there are plenty of options when it comes to adding cool geometric prints, nothing matches the sleek sophistication and whimsical charm of Chevron. These exquisite zigzag patterns have been making quite a splash both in the fashion and interior design worlds in the last few years. While chevron bedding, drapes and fabric are used extensively, today we take a look at snazzy zigzags in the kitchen.

by Jute Interior Design

Adding a chevron and herringbone backsplash to the kitchen is one of the hip, cool trends of the year. Bringing both visual and textural variance, the patterns create instant focal points when coupled with the right track and recessed lighting. Fashionable, audacious, refined and even playful at times, zigzags can usher in both color and contrast with ease. Here are a few gorgeous kitchens spaces that show you how to get it done with panache!

by Romanelli & Hughes Custom Home Builders

by Croma Design

by CONTET Architecture

by Jim Schmid Photography

Charismatic and Colorful Chevron

One of the obvious advantages of a using the chevron design is the ease with which one can fashion the focal point of the room. While simple stripes can become monotonous at times, chevron allows you to add pattern and design without having to move away from the clean and well-defined look of the contemporary style. The simple “V” shape looks great even in minimalist homes and can transcend both themes and kitchen styles with ease. A cool backsplash with chevron tiles is often the preferred choice in the kitchen. But wood flooring in chevron design is arguably the most beautiful and serene way of adding this pattern to the modern kitchen.

by Anyon Design

by River Oak Cabinetry & Design

by Studio Z Architecture

In case wood is not your preferred choice, you can work with chevron tiles to produce a similar look that is equally appealing. But spring is all about expressing yourself in a bolder and more exuberant fashion. Try out a backsplash in chevron that uses tangy orange or trendy turquoise to usher in a dash of freshness and color. Throw in a zig here and zag there with kitchenware that complements the chevron styles and you are all set!

by Venegas and Company

by Paul Anater

by Beyond Beige Interior Design

Herringbone: Spot the Difference

We often like to keep things simple when to comes to design. Decorating your home must be a statement from your heart and not a collection of curated ideas from experts! But, there are times when more information helps you in making a far more informed choice. The difference between chevron and herringbone patterns is one such instance. Chevron is an inverted V-shaped pattern where the edges are distinct and match up perfectly. But in the case of herringbone, the V-shape is created from 90-degree angles between the tiles.

The image above is a cool kitchen backsplash where the tiles are set in the herringbone pattern. As you can see, the tiles are not cut at an angle and the V-shaped pattern is created due to their placement. Line them up one next to another and you get simple straight lines and a backsplash that looks very normal.

Now this is a chevron pattern with the edges that are cut to an angle. A simple way to notice the difference is to look at the arrowhead (If you assume the” V” to be one). If the tiles make up a perfect arrowhead of two lines in equal length, then it is a chevron. If one side is shorter than the other and the V is staggered, then it’s a herringbone. It’s not rocket science, and once you are aware of this, you can notice the difference with ease.

Here are a few more herringbone pattern inspirations for the kitchen –

by Moon Bros

by ARMOUR+VOKIC Architecture

by Jute Interior Design

by EVAA International

by TerraCotta Studio

by Summer Thornton Design

Rugs, Drapes and More

When it comes to adding zigzags to the kitchen, wooden floors and backsplashes take the top honors. They also seem to make the biggest difference to the ambiance of the room. But committing to a certain style or pattern in such a significant manner might not be your thing. Maybe you just want to add chevron patterns to the kitchen till winter kicks in again. Roman shades and rugs get this accomplished with effortless ease. Obviously you do not have to make any permanent changes, yet you can reap the many benefits that zigzags bring. Try a few out-of-the-box ideas like cool bar stools in chevron or lovely drapes in the adjoining dining area.

by Krejci Associates, Architects

by Fautt Homes Corp

by Stephen Graver

by CM Glover

Spring is the time for new beginnings, and in 2014, it might be time to embrace some energizing zigzags while sticking to your favorite kitchen theme. As you may have noticed, both chevron and herringbone patterns seem right at home in kitchens that range from the rustic to the minimal and from the traditional to the eclectic. Are you ready to ride this trendy wave?

by M/I Homes

by Lisa Gabrielson Design

by Kitchens Unlimited – Dottie Petrilak

by Shaker Interiors

by Daleet Spector Design

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