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A Vivacious Trend: Floral, Nature-Centric Pattern Makes a Comeback

If you are old enough to remember design trends of early and late 90’s then you will easily recollect how homeowners across the world moved from flowing, flowery patterns and colorful wallpapers to less striking and more neutral hues. Cubicles, clean, straight lines, polished surfaces and beige were the biggest hits of the early 90’s. Floral wallpapers were dubbed as outdated, outcasts with people scurrying to strip their walls off of these supposed gaudy additions. But times have changed, design trends have come a full circle and floral patterns are in full bloom once again!

Fabulous flowery backdrop for the modern dining room

Floral prints and patterns can be seen pretty much everywhere these days in some shape or form. Be it accent pillows, beautiful wallpapers, just bedding with lovely floral print or even a wall mural that brings flowery freshness to your bedroom- there are plenty of options to choose from. And if flowers are not your thing, we also have a few nature-centric prints that involve birds, branches and flora in general to enliven your home. Time to embrace one of 2017’s most effervescent trends –

Bright and Bold Flowers

Offer you one of the easiest ways to add color to the living room, bedroom, dining room or even kitchen, floral prints definitely bring brightness and vibrant zest to any room they adorn. The size of the floral prints that you choose and the intensity of color depend on both the style you are shooting for and the nature of the backdrop. If the backdrop is neutral, then you can undoubtedly opt for floral patterns in bold red, brilliant blue and gorgeous dark greens. Also because floral prints are a touch overpowering, it is best to use them in a restrained and sparing fashion.

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Chic modern living room with a floral backdrop and understated elegance
Fabulous nursery in pink and white from Monnalisa Living

If you want to fill the room with floral print, like the nursery above, then colors like light pink or bluish-gray are definitely a smart option. The flowers seem to melt into the white and pink backdrop effortlessly, leaving the unique color scheme of the room completely undisturbed.

Repeating floral patterns make a big impact in the bedroom
Smart bedroom with dashing, dark ambiance
Addition of an accent pillow with floral pattern makes a difference to the neutral living room

Inspired by Nature

Natural goodness extends well beyond flowers in the world of interior design and you can always turn to motifs far less striking and a lot more understated to breathe some life into the boring interior. Throw pillows, bedding, wallpaper or even custom wall murals with leafy prints combine an air of tropical freshness with a sense of playfulness. Depending on the color scheme of the room, either they can come in bright green hues or simply make their presence felt in a more contemporary, black and white form.

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Nature-centric motifs are a trendy choice in 2017
Nature-inspired murals bring the charm of the outdoors inside

Images of twigs, dried branches, lovely foliage or even birds in full flight can be translated to a modern bedroom or living space with a dash of creativity and the right color combination. These exquisite prints could shape the accent wall, or just provide fun visual contrast in the form of smaller accent additions. Once you are bored with them or feel the room needs a fresh look, you can swap them out and replace them with motifs inspired by the latest seasonal trends.

Neutral hues of the backdrop bring pattern without disturbing the color scheme
Flowers on the tabletop complement the unique backdrop in the bedroom

Décor that Adds Pattern

We always suggest you start out small while testing a new trend and only embrace it fully when you are fully comfortable with it. Those bold floral patterns and nature-inspired prints might not always work well in every setting and your contemporary home might not be still ready for a floral rush! Asian-inspired motifs and patterns are a safe choice here as they seem understated, smart and far less overpowering when compared to more extravagant, normal patterns. Of course, if you love French Country, Victorian or even retro styles, then an overdose of floral magic seems perfectly apt!

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Beautiful pattern with birds and branches for the bedroom pillows
Bedding and pillows with floral pattern with a touch of class
Couch in silver with metallic frame brings classic Victorian charm to the modern bedroom
Toile pattern with natural motifs makes a big impact
Tradtional couch in gray with Victorian style
A touch of vintage charm for the dashing living room
A touch of vintage charm for the dashing living room
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