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20 Rustic Kids’ Bedrooms with Creative, Cozy Elegance

Your bedroom is a personal haven that can be shaped in many different ways to suit your specific taste and needs. Obviously, the design of a kids’ bedroom should be no different, and often a compromise between what the little ones want and the look or theme you can pull off is the best path forward. While most kids’ bedrooms seem to embrace the clean, contemporary look, try a fun, comfy twist this winter by giving the modern rustic style a shot. It is also a perfect way to replicate the fun memories of your holiday trip to the woodsy winter cabin, and it creates a dreamy, natural escape for your child.

Admittedly, kids tend to outgrow bedroom styles, colors and themes pretty quickly, and hence it is best to pick a basic style that can be revamped easily down the line. The beauty of the rustic bedroom lies in the fact that it can seamlessly blend in with other styles to create fun, ingenious new spaces. Here are 20 gorgeous rustic kids’ bedrooms that put many adult bedrooms to shame!

The Classic Cabin Style

Think of rustic style, and the first thing that comes to mind are large logs and rough wooden surfaces that define the walls and the ceiling. While such a look is not natural for most modern homes, you can give your kids’ bedroom a special makeover by adding a few beams to define the ceiling and add warmth to the room. One of the best ways to go about this is by turning the attic into a cool kids’ bedroom, as the sloped ceiling adds to the rustic style. Apart from ushering in the winter cabin look that you are after, wood also adds plenty of textural contrast to the space and gives the bedroom a soothing yet fantastic ambiance.

Walls sconces add to the elegant rustic vibe in the kids’ bedroom [Design: Montana Build]
Americana meets rustic style inside this kids’ bedroom [Design: Jean Macrea Interiors]
Bring the mountain cabin look home with a rustic kids’ bedroom [Design: Montana Creative architecture + design]

The cabin-inspired rustic kids’ bedroom is also a great idea for all those sleepovers, as bunk beds are often the norm in such rooms. Families with more than a couple of kids can also turn towards this style, which allows you to create a wall of bunk beds, complete with ladders and built-in steps! With some additional space and the right storage units, this bedroom will also easily double as the perfect playroom.

Splash of red for the dashing rustic bedroom [Design: John Malick & Associates]
Winter cabin inspired kids’ bedroom with bunk beds [Design: Highline Partners]
Cool rustic bedroom with bunk beds and steps [Design: Lands End Development – Designers & Builders]
Creative kids’ bedroom makes most out of the available space [Design: North Fork Builders of Montana]

A Touch of Modernity

We are a big fan of bedrooms that combine modern aesthetics with the classic rustic style to create flowing fusion between the two. Shaping a kids’ bedroom that is both refined and rustic is a lot easier than you think, and it gives you a room that grows along with the needs and choices of your child. Instead of heavy wooden elements and weathered surfaces, opt for more modern decor and accessories. Add a reclaimed bedside table or a wooden headboard that makes a big statement in the modern room. The important thing here is to keep the color palette warm and earthy and the bed frame rustic while adding a few modern touches to the room.

A balanced blend of rustic and modern styles in the beautiful kids’ bedroom [Design: Jauregui Architect]
Attic kids’ bedroom with low furnishings and skylight [Design: Dyanne Wilson Photography]
Hint of blue and silvery gray enliven the rustic bedroom [Design: Hunter and Company Interior Design]
Wooden beams give the bedroom a rustic touch [Design: Jett Thompson Antiques & Interiors]
Functional kids’ room keeps the design simple and elegant [Design: Jennifer Hoey Interior Design]
Fabulous bedroom has a cheerful, airy ambiance [Design: MAC Custom Homes]

Inventive and Playful

Rustic does not mean old and worn out, and in the case of kids’ bedrooms, you sure could do with some color as well to spice up the setting. Bedding and pillows offer an easy way of adding plenty of color to the rustic bedroom without actually altering the overall appeal. Also think of creative ways in which you can give the room a fun little twist with unique bunk bed designs, play nooks and ladders that steal the show! Add a splash of pink and a plush rug in white to give the girls’ bedroom a touch of femininity, while a minimal metallic bed frame in the boys’ bedroom gives it a cool industrial vibe. It’s all about thinking ‘out of the box’!

Ladder and railing on the bunk bed give the bedroom a cool touch [Design: Meadow Mountain Homes]
Smart design combines kids’ bedroom and playroom spaces [Design: Andrew Roby General Contractors]
Shape a unique bunk bed for the rustic kids’ room [Design: Slifer Designs]
Stylish kids’ bedroom with rustic and industrial touches [Design: Lisa Michael Interiors]
Saarinen Womb Chair adds chic glamour to the kids’ bedroom [Design: Jennifer Hoey Interior Design]
Perfect bed nooks for bedrooms with a sloping roof [Design: Giana Allen Design]

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