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Beyond Usual: 5 Rarely Used Gorgeous Colors in the Kids’ Room

Decorating the kids’ bedroom is a tricky task in more ways than one. Apart from the usual constraints of style, budget and size of the room that determine your decorating choices, you also need to take into consideration what your little one wants from the room. It is a fine balance between aesthetics and ergonomics and one that often includes within it, a wide array of bright and brilliant colors. Unlike in case of adult spaces, you are much more at liberty when it comes to using bold hues in the kids’ bedroom. Despite this complete freedom, you tend to see most parents stick to the safe, tried and tested colors.

Beautiful terracotta girls’ bedroom with custom decor and ample natural light [From: JLDécorr by Jeanne Pezeril]

But, we wish to change that trend this summer by introducing colors in the kids’ bedroom that venture beyond the mundane. Some bring along with them hot tend that you just cannot miss and others usher in a rare backdrop that feel very different from the usual lineup of reds, yellows and the perennially popular blues. From exquisite coral to often neglected black, this is a look at 5 colors that are rarely used in the kids’ bedroom; yet should be used far more frequently –

Coral at its Bright Best

If there is one color that perfectly epitomizes the charm of spring and summer and yet blends in with colors of fall seamlessly, then it is coral at its beautiful best. No matter which shade of coral you pick, the color can be easily placed in most modern, beach style and contemporary kids’ bedrooms. It is a great color for the neutral girls’ room in case you are not too happy about the generic use of pink. Combine it with other bright colors seamlessly for an energetic and fun kids’ room.

Wallpaper and accent pillows bring color into this kids’ room
Modern kids’ bedroom in white with relaxing pops of light coral

Terracotta Makes an Impact

You might have not thought about this before, but terracotta is a color that feels just gorgeous in the kids’ room. And you are not limited to just the use of terracotta tiles alone in here. You can use the color for walls, ceiling and even accentuate is presence with décor and accessories in the same hue. Balance it with white or other pleasing neutrals to ensure that the room does not feel visually overpowering.

Lovely kids’ bedroom with bunk beds in the corner and terracotta floor tiles [From: Colossus]
White and terracotta nursery design idea
Explore different shades of terracotta in the small kids’ bedroom and nursery [From: Kids Interiors]

Less-Used Greens

Yes, we know that unlike the other colors that we are highlighting today, green is not one that you struggle to find in the world around us. But, when compared with blue, yellow and red, it definitely is used far more sporadically in home interiors; even more so when it comes to the kids’ bedroom. Apart from specific styles like tropical and in case of a few custom themes, green walls, accents and backdrop are hard to find in most kids’ spaces. Yet, with its many tantalizing shades, green is a must-try this season!

Comfortable and spacious cabin-style kids’ bedroom in wood and light green [From: Faure Halvorsen Architects]
Cozy attic kids’ bedroom with paste green in the backdrop [From: Callwey]
Green is a far less-used color in the kids’ bedroom when compared to reds, blue and yellow [From: Unique Homestays]

Black with an Edgy Vibe

You might not really be keen on introducing black into the kids’ room, but when done right the color can create a lasting impact. Black backdrops are effect for tween and teen bedrooms that aim to be different from the mundane and anything but ‘cotton candy’. Use black to accentuate features in the room, define it and anchor the space that is otherwise filled with just neutrals.

Imaginative backdrop in black for the snazzy teen bedroom with ample natural light [From: Rochelle Cote Interior Design]
Creating a view in the kids’ room when there is none! [From: Hakuna Haus]
Graffiti-style wall in black for the trendy kids’ bedroom full of energy [From: Crystal Blackshaw Interiors]

Refined and Spunky Orange

Finally, we have a color that is just full of unabated energy – orange at it vibrant best! It is a color that is best used in moderation because of the visual impact it creates and accent walls in orange feel much more organic with a matte finish. Accents in orange and lighting fixtures in the color are easy to find and this is a color that is just perfect for the modern kids’ room.

Contemporary kids’ room with sophisticated blend of black and orange in the backdrop [From: Katie Monkhouse Interior Design]
Gorgeous and balanced use of orange and pink in the modern girls’ bedroom [From: Kress Jack At Home]
Charming orange backdrop in the kids’ bedroom with wallpapered ceiling and smart pendant light

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