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Gender-Neutral Nursery Decoration Choices

What do you do when you are not sure of your baby’s gender and you don’t want to go the usual everything-blue-or-pink route?

Here are some decor choices we think can work for gender-neutral nursery decor.

Rainbow theme

Have fun decorating a cheerful nursery with rainbow colors. You can stencil a rainbow wall design, or artistically incorporate rainbow colors all around the room.

Source: Ali Express

Balance out any sharp tones with neutrals or earthy colors. This is a perfect gender-neutral idea.

Gender-neutral Nursery Decoration Choices

Natural earthy tones

Create a calm atmosphere with natural earthy tones, and give your baby a feeling of the outdoors.  Source:

Source: Ideal Home
Source: Veranda

Scandinavian decor

This decor is a soothing mix of white, greys, and earthy tones. It’s such a stylish choice.

Source: Houzz

Blue-pink room

If you love the traditional blue or pink decor but you don’t want to wait until the baby’s arrival to learn the gender, then this is the perfect idea for you. Make a blue and pink room that will suit your baby no matter the gender.

Source: Photography: Stefan Radtke / Design: Erika Mercurio
Source: Project Nursery

Mustard yellow tones

If you don’t want a sharp color but you want the nursery to have some warmth, then this yellow is perfect. You can use it on the walls as the main color or as an accent.

Source: The Spruce


Create a night sky-inspired room for your baby. Think of serene moonbeams, twinkling stars, and puffy clouds. This room will make your little one go to sleep easily.

Source: Baby Shop
Source: Etsy

Rustic woodland vibe

Give your infant a chance to “experience” the outdoors with this woodland-themed nursery. You can create a camping scene or rustic cabin scene and invite some imaginary forest friends to the party.

Source: The Spruce

Aquatic decor

Some underwater themes for the nursery will create a playful but serene atmosphere.

Source: Oh My Goo Goo Ga Ga
Source: Etsy


Kids and their love for cartoons are inseparable, especially when it comes to Disney characters.

Source: Project Nursery

Attic delight

Remodel your attic into a child’s wonderland and keep their noisy playtime out of earshot. Using inspiring murals and organized spaces can do the trick.

Source: Love Property
Source: Project Nursery

Pink and grey

Another wonderful gender-neutral idea is using pink and grey colors together to decorate your baby’s nursery.

Source: Love Property
Source: Love Property

Follow the general decor of the home

If you are confused about how you can create a gender-neutral nursery, you can get inspiration from the rest of the house. Follow your home’s overall decor theme to design the nursery. As the baby grows, you can add extra touches to show off their personality.

Source: Cafe Mom

Boho-inspired nursery

Go boho if you want to create a unisex room without worrying about what matches. Boho works best with neutral colors and it shines through when you use lots of plants, wicker, macrame, or tassels for design.

Source: Project Nursery
Source: The Spruce

Playful theme

What is decor without having fun? You can decide not to be limited by decor rules when you create your gender-neutral nursery.

Source: House Beautiful
Source: Wit & Delight

You can still weave in your family’s personality while maintaining a neutral look. Cheery books, decorative items, and pictures will inspire that playful feel a baby’s room should have.

Black and white

Don’t ditch the black and white idea just yet, because these are the most neutral colors we know.

Source: Helen G. Bailey
Source: Houzz

Tastefully combine these colors as a backdrop, or throughout the room to maintain a gender-neutral look.

Judith Ejike

I write for decoist.

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