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Bold Color Trending in the Powder Room: 20 Fab Ideas, Inspirations

For some reason we have been fixated with powder rooms in recent times. Maybe it is the brilliant array of pattern and color that they pack in a tiny space. Maybe it is because they offer something different from every other room in your home in terms of style and themes. Maybe it is the sheer audacity that they exude, allowing you to try that truly extravagant look that works only in its confines! No matter what your reason is for falling in love with the powder room is, 2020 is a great time to try our bright and bold splashes of color in here. It makes for an exciting decorating project indeed!

Brilliant use of Classic Blue in the small contemporary powder room with stone vanity [From: August House]

There are plenty of bright colors that look just awesome in his tiny space, but 2020 brings with it three fabulous colors that make for a grand statement indeed. One is inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year. He other takes cue from homeowners’ love for all things natural and green and the third is a hue that works with a wide range of styles and even serves as a warm neutral. Dazzling at times and understated on other occasions, these gorgeous powder rooms manage to steal the spotlight every single time.

It is the Year of Classic Blue!

Classic Blue is he color of the year and it is barely a surprise that many are quickly turning towards the color in an attempt to refresh their homes. The beauty of gorgeous and bold blue is undeniable and its flexibility allows you to work with a wide range of styles with ease. Be it the modern beach style, contemporary look, farmhouse with rustic elements or a style that is your own and eclectic – blue is a winner on absolutely every single occasion. Combining it with white is a natural choice and with even lighting, even the smallest powder room can look just stunning.

Navy blue and white combined in the spacious modern powder room with ease
Powder room in blue with textured walls, skylight and flooring with plenty of pattern [From: Shor Home]
Classic beach style powder room with checkered pattern on walls that steals the show [From: Summer Thornton Design]
Fish scale tile in blue for the stylish beach style powder room in white [From: Fireclay Tile]
Glamorous blend of gold and dark blue in the contemporary powder room with white vanity [From: D. Stone Builders]
Gorgeous wallpaper in blue brings both color and pattern to this modern farmhouse powder room

Going Green with Color

It is amazing to see how in the last 20 years, design in particular and the world in general has moved closer and closer towards a greener, healthier lifestyle. Even those in big cities now want to spend more time in the lap of nature. If you cannot bring actual greenery into the powder room because of limited space or style constraints, then the next best option is undoubtedly to go green with the wall color. Unlike blue, you have to be a bit more careful with green as too much of dark green can give the small space an ungainly look. One idea that we particularly love in here from the many below is the use of malachite green wallpaper.

Dark green powder room with gold and black sink and matching mirror frame [From: Fletcher Development]
Eclectic powder room of the Paris home with textured walls in green [From: d.mesure – Elodie Sire]
Green lends itself beautifully to a wide variety of styles in the powder room including Mediterranean [From: J & M Construction & Development]
Malachite green wallpaper is a fun idea that you can try out in the powder room [From: NJL Custom Homes]
Wood combined with green beautifully in the classic powder room
Both wallpaper and light green wall add color and class to the small farmhouse powder room with wall-mounted sink [From: Laura Jayne Design]
Cottage-style powder room with fabulous green walls and white sink

Yellow Works with Different Styles

Yellow might be a surprising choice in the modern powder room, but it is still a color that can work well as both a neutral hue and one that rings brightness to the white interior. Textured walls in yellow are great in the Mediterranean style powder room with an ornate wooden vanity and this goes for the classic farmhouse-styled powder room as well. Be it walls colored in mellow yellow or a background covered in yellow wallpaper with a whole lot of pattern, this is a color that is bound to surprise you over the course of next few months.

Yellow accent wall in the tiny powder room brightens the setting [From: Niemann Interiors]
Yellow coupled with unique wallpaper in the powder room
Yellow is the perfect color for the glam Mediterranean powder room [From: Michael Lyons Architect]
Beautiful balance between white and yellow in the powder room
Eye-catching yellow wallpaper with bright blue pops inside the powder room [From: Jules Duffy Designs]
Fabulous Spanish revival style in the powder room with plenty of yellow [From: C & C Partners Design/Build Firm]

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