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Hot Summer Trend: 25 Dashing Powder Rooms with Tropical Flair

Inspired by the elements of nature, creating a soothing backdrop that is both vibrant and colorful and filling you with unbridled excitement, tropical style is quickly becoming a favorite among young homeowners. It definitely is one of the top summer trends and will serve you well (even as you move into fall and winter) by offering an idyllic and at times exotic little escape that evokes images of a beautiful holiday in the tropics. So, why not get in on the trend by starting out with the small and stylish powder room before you decide to take the tropical goodness into your bedroom and beyond?!

Window blind, bamboo mirror frame and wallpaper set the mood in this powder room [Design: Giffin & Crane General Contractors / Anthony P. Spann]

The reasons for the growing popularity of tropical style go way beyond their ability to transport you back into a holiday-style setting from Hawaii or Bali. This is a style that combines inviting warmth with a healthy dose of bright hues and embraces patterns that might otherwise be deemed gaudy. There is a certain undeniable cheerfulness and holistic goodness about it, and these 25 gorgeous tropical-style powder rooms epitomize this with panache!

Vivacious Backdrops

For some reason, the modern homeowner is afraid of using bold pattern. Maybe it is an influence of the polished and at times monotonous design of late 90s that demonized wallpaper as ‘ancient’ and brought us gifts such as the office cubicle! But that is now a thing of the past, and even in small powder rooms, tropical wallpaper is a big hit. Despite the overwhelming image of large banana and palm leaves that wallpaper often brings, it seems absolutely great for an energetic and inviting powder room that welcomes you gleefully.

Mirror frame seems to complement the pattern of Thibaut wallpaper in the powder room [Design: Julians Interiors / Photography: Giovanni Photography]
Wall sconces add a pop of red to the delightful powder room [Design: Turner Pocock]

Bright flowers and hues that go beyond green give you a wide array of choices, and you do not have to worry about visual fragmentation of space, since often every wall in the small powder room is covered with the same wallpaper. Bring in a mirror and vanity that complement the wallpaper pattern or even its dominant hue and you have a powder room that will wow friends and family!

Wallpaper brings topical flavor to the beautiful powder room [Design: 4 CORNERS: International Design Concepts]
Gorgeous wallpaper brings the charm of large tropical plants indoors [Design: Our Town Plans / Jennifer Schoenberger]
Another beautiful tropical bathroom where wallpaper sets the mood [Design: GM Construction]
Custom pink vanity for the smart, tropical bathroom [Design: Dodd Holsapple]

An Exotic Affair!

Tropical is a style that combines many different influences, cultures and traditions from the various nations in the tropics from all over the globe. This gives you an opportunity to pick from a variety of materials, décor and decorative pieces to create your own unique fusion of diverse elements. Some might prefer a powder room with bamboo partitions, blinds and a backdrop inspired by all things Balinese. Others could draw inspiration from African design elements or from lesser-known cultures in South America. Then there is the classic Hawaiian look that seems like an alluring prospect for so many of us. Endless choices indeed!

Pacific Island masks and African drums create a fascinatingly unique powder room [Design: Saint Dizier Design]
Bamboo tiles steal the show in this powder room [Design: Malgosia Migdal]
Custom bamboo divider for the tropical powder room [Design: Knudson Interiors / Photography: Linny Morris]
Tropical style powder room with a stacked stone wall [Design: Interi Living]
Small and stylish powder room with textural beauty [Design: Rick Ryniak Architects]
A hint of metallic glint for the tropical powder room [Design: A Room With A View Interiors]

A World of Diverse Vanities

Let us get to the finer details of things by taking a closer look at the vanities used in tropical-style powder rooms. Most often, it is wood that is the material of choice, and those in darker tones always seem at home in tropical-style settings. You can even go in a completely different direction and use a colorful vanity in bold pink, breezy turquoise or emerald green, giving the powder room an instant mood lift. Make sure though that you repeat the color in the room and that it does not feel too overwhelming in a small space.

Contemporary elegance coupled with tropical charm in the powder room [From: Michele Lee Willson Photography]
Tropical powder room with turquoise vanity, glittering lighting and bold wallpaper [Design: Cynthia Mason Interiors]
Fabulous, custom-crafted vanity for the warm, tropical powder room [Design: Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs]
Textured walls and unique mirror for the smart powder room [Design: Westlake Development Group]
Wooden vanity adds a relaxing vibe to the powder room [Design: Ruffino Cabinetry]
Simplicity and custom vanity create a soothing powder room [Design: Rockefeller Partners Architects]

Lighting and Mirrors

Once you have picked a vanity for the powder room, think about the mirror and how it interacts with the rest of the room and the vanity itself. It is not a must to have a bamboo mirror frame or something that offers a similar aesthetic, as even contemporary mirrors work brilliantly in an already fascinating tropical powder room. Mirror frames that bring a dash of brass, copper or even a glitzy silvery finish are always welcome, and you can top it all off with brilliant sconce lighting and a pendant or two to create an amazing powder room.

Cozy Balinese-inspired powder room design
Orange is color of choice inside this magnetic powder room [Design: Old World Kitchens & Custom Cabinets]
Glamorous powder room with a blend of tropical and coastal styles [From: Erin Parker / Emerald Coast Real Estate Photography]
Palm Leaf White wallpaper brings tropical flavor in an understated fashion [Design: Laura Ashley USA]
Spacious tropical powder room design [Design: Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs]
Fabulous mirror adds to the tropical theme of the powder room [Design: Sutton Suzuki Architects]

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