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Polycarbonate Panels: Flexible and Cost-Effective Home Improvement Ideas

Polycarbonate panels in the construction industry are nothing new or revolutionary. They have been around for over six or seven decade now and their popularity among homeowners and architects has barely eroded in this time. Technically speaking, polycarbonates are traditionally thermoplastic polymers that contain carbonate groups in their chemical structures. Of course, we are sure that an in-depth chemical analysis of polycarbonates is not what you are here for! So we will move beyond the makeup of these versatile panels and share with you, fabulous homes, that utilize the material and also discuss its many advantages.

Cozy and adaptable small wooden cabin in New York with polycarbonate wall on one side

Polycarbonate panels offer a wide range of advantages over conventional construction materials when it comes to home design. In fact, they replace your traditional brick or glass walls with ease and even double as indoor partitions and staircase railing when needed. Most often, polycarbonate panels are available in two different forms – multiwall polycarbonate panels that have hollow air chambers and are translucent or solid polycarbonate sheets that are clear and transparent. You can always add color to the mix as well!

Durable, All-Weather Surfaces

Polycarbonate panels are durable; much more durable than glass panels and far more resistant to varied weather conditions than wood and even brick. This makes them a great choice for the outdoors and they can be used for everything from that one special wall that ushers in natural light to covering the entire rear façade of the home. They also tend to be flexible and easy to work with, making them just a perfect solution for a wide range of spatial conundrums. Be it the ceiling in the home office or sunroom or a partition next to the staircase that delineates space without stopping passage of light, these panels work well everywhere.

Barn style home with polycarbonate panels all around tha usher in natural light
Barn style home with polycarbonate panels all around that usher in natural light [From: Studio Carver Architects]
Beautiful use of polycarbonate panels brings privacy and filtered light to this Melbourne home
Polycarbonate panel wall brings a different aesthetic to this small wooden cabin in New York
Rear facade of the spacious contemporary home covered with polycarbonate panels [From: ras-a]
Sliding polycarbonate doors for the kitchen shelves and pantry make an instant impact [From: Sam Crawford Architects]

Energy-Efficient and Cheerful

When it comes to improving energy-efficiency of your home, cutting down on power bills and creating an additional layer of top-notch insulation, few surfaces are as efficient as multi-wall polycarbonate panels. These panels with trapped air between the layers offer perfect insulation and keep out both heat and cold with ease. They are far more effective in this regard than your traditional walls and even glass windows and doors. Another benefit of these panels is the obvious way in which they usher in filtered light without compromising on privacy. This is a perfect blend for the congested urban home looking for a way to brighten the interior.

Cheerful backdrop of the living room shaped by translucent polycarbonate panels [From: Jason Snyder Photography]
Custom wooden lattice and polycarbonate panels shape this stunningly beautiful greenhouse
Indoor polycarbonate wall acts as guardrail for the stairway [From: Schwartz and Architecture]
Lovely Alveolar polycarbonate panels make up the ceiling of this small wooden cabin
Polycarbonate panels in the home office bring in just the right amount of light [From: David Weir Architects]

Cost-Effective and Unique Alternatives

The cost benefits of replacing glass with polycarbonate panels is multi-fold. For starters, as we alluded to earlier you can easily cut back on your home’s power costs using polycarbonate panels. They are far easier to work with and require less structural support when compared to glass. In many cases, polycarbonate sheets are less expensive than glass and obviously less prone to damage in the long run. So, as you flip through the many homes and cabins that have tapped into the beauty of these panels, maybe you also might start thinking of places in your home where they come in handy.

Efficient polycarbonate sheets cover the exterior of this small Hawaiian home next to lava flow
Inventive cafe in Austin shows how you can use polycarbonate panels in an effective and efficient manner
Smart diffused polycarbonate roof panels for the light-filled modern home office
Tiny cabin design with cost-effective techniques utilizes polycarbonate panels to bring in filtered light
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