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Wistow House: Contemporary Farmhouse Residence in Steel, Brick and Timber

Bringing modernity to a rural setting is all about finding that elusive balance between the two worlds that are so very different from one another. Striking this perfect balance is the exceptional Wistow House that is surrounded by a picturesque landscape. Designed by Mountford Williamson Architecture, the house extends into the landscape outside thanks to the large overhangs that offer natural shade and create smart sitting areas on both sides of the residence. Large sliding glass doors with wooden frames and glass windows add to this sense of openness while the exterior is draped in corrugated steel.

Contemporary Wistow House with a touch of rural charm laced within its design

Accentuating this brilliant array of textural charm is the painted brick wall and timber floors that ensure that vernacular design is elegantly intertwined with modern functionality. Recycled brick brings green goodness to this large and spacious home with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. The living area, kitchen and dining space are connected in an open plan space while the bedrooms occupy the two wings of the house. It is the glass doors that bring natural light into every one of these rooms and drive away any sense of dullness or boredom.

Beautifully framed windows bring light and views into the house
Beautifully framed windows bring light and views into the house
Brick wall in white along with a sloped wooden ceiling for the classic living room
Custom home office design with a built-in wooden desk and comfy chairs
Modern dining room of the Aussie home with gray floor, sliding glass doors and wooden table
Sliding doors with wooden frame connect the new living room with the world outside
Small wooden island and shelves for the kitchen in white
Wooden cabinets for the single-wall kitchen with white-painted brick backsplash

On the inside, the color scheme is largely neutral with wood and white shaping the backdrop in almost every room. Curated décor and smart lighting put the final touches on this exquisite and creative Aussie home. [Photography: Phillip Handforth and Jonathan DVK]

Corrugated steel brings rustic-industrial touch to the exterior of the house
Entrance of the Wistow House with a touch of farmhouse charm
Gray corrugated steel, timber and recycled brick bring green goodness to this home
Modern bathroom in dark gray with floating wooden vanity and a white countertop and sink
Timber glass and corrugated steel shape the exterior of this modern-rustic Aussie home
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