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10 Ultra-Slim Modern Pendants that Usher in Minimalism

The world of pendants is as perplexing as it is captivating with each year bringing new trends, designs and creative fixtures that outdo their predecessors. The hardest part is often choosing the right pendant lights for your home or office. Making the task difficult is undoubtedly the wide array of choices on offer. But settling on a theme, style and finish can make the shopping experience a whole lot easier. If you are a fan of modern minimal pendant lights with a dash of character and uniqueness, then you are bound to fall in love with the latest collection of lighting fixtures on display today!

Fabulous and trendy pendants from Harto

Minimal pendant lights need not be always about a simple, tubular casing and an exterior clad in lighter shades of gray. You can create a minimal visual appeal with pendant lights that are a touch more vibrant and yet do not overpower the room with unnecessary color or pattern. The best part of it all is their ability to blend in with the backdrop, disappearing completely at times, to ensure that it is the world below them that draws all the attention. Stylish and radiant, here is a look at the 10 best finds from the first half of 2017 –

Working with the Edison Bulb

Simplicity never fails to amaze and seems to stand the test of time as well! Forgotten largely since the effervescent 60’s and the colorful 70’s, the Edison bulb is making a comeback of sorts in the last few years. Yes, the renewed interest in adaptive reuse of structures and industrial style has helped immensely. Even otherwise, the simple Edison blub pendant has held its own in minimal spaces where less is definitely more. Its bright and brilliant filament seems to steal the show here even as subtle changes in shape, color of the wiring and casing can offer endless combinations even while allowing the smart Edison bulb to be the showstopper!

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Sparkling Edison bulb lighting with modern twist from Paulo Antunes
Ultra-minimal Edison bulbs are perfect for the modern dining room
Smart bedside pendant lighting for the modern minimal bedroom

Series of Pendants

One of the advantages of using modest, minimal pendants is the way in which you can combine several individual fixtures to create a striking focal point. Whether you wish to illuminate the entryway console, a gallery wall in the living room, the smart modern dining table or even the bedside table – slim and minimal get the job done effectively. Beautiful pendants with twin-toned finish like those unveiled by Loyra Mobiliario at Salone del Mobile 2017 combine visual and textural contrast with modern minimalism to offer the best of both worlds.

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Series of small pendants in black provide the perfect accent lighting for the lovely display
Twin-tone pendants from Loyra Mobiliario
Ethnicraft offers dazzling pendants with warm earthen hue

Bringing Elegance and Style

Gone are the days when only table lamps and recessed lights found space in the bedroom. In today’s world minimal pendants are taking over the domain of bedside lighting as these minimal and gorgeous fixtures offer a space-savvy and innovative alternative. Then there are metallic, minimal pendants bringing subtle textural contrast, plenty of brightness even while disappearing into the backdrop during daytime! When it comes to minimal pendants, it is all about finding that precise balance between ergonomics, aesthetics and trendy panache without seeming too sterile.

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Simple and exquisite lighting for the modern home office
Ultra-slim metallic pendants blend into the wooden backdrop of the dining room
Minimal lighting fixtures next to the pendant replace the traditional bedside lamp

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