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Let’s Go Outside With 4 Brands Basking In the Summer Sun

When it comes to living life outdoors, few brands capture the imagination as much as those highlighted below. Dedon, Gandia Blasco, Kettal and Tribù have each created their own particular poetic and poised open air worlds, with many covetable furniture pieces designed by the biggest design names. Enjoy basking in the summer sun.


With lofty ideals and aspirations, Dedon was established in 1990 by Bobby Dekeyser (a Belgian-German entrepreneur and one-time soccer goalie). Today, Dedon’s influence on the outdoor furniture market is obvious, its collections designed with panache and authority. The brand’s vision of the outdoor environment is one that places exterior design on a par with interior design. Dedon’s collections combine luxury, functionality and quality, creating an ideal place to revel in the summer sun.

Dean chairs for Dedon
The new ‘Dean’ armchair (centre) and lounge chair (right) were designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. When creating the Dean chairs, Massaud—who has designed a number of collections for Dedon, including the idyllic Tigmi collection—was inspired by the sleek racing yachts of the America’s Cup. Photo courtesy of Dedon.
Jean-Marie Massaud on the Dean armchair
Jean-Marie Massaud seated on the Dean armchair during Salone del Mobile 2017. Photo courtesy of Dedon.
Dedon Nestrest
The ‘Nestrest’, designed by Daniel Pouzet & Fred Frety, is the quintessence of high-end, outdoor luxury. Photo © Decoist.
Dedon Salone del Mobile 2017
A pair of Nestrests at Dedon’s 2017 Salone del Mobile stand. Photo courtesy of Dedon.

Gandia Blasco

The Elysian-like designs from Valencia-born Gandia Blasco express the serenity of an azure sky, the warmth of the Mediterranean sun and the calmness of still blue waters. A purveyor of superior, modern outdoor furniture, Gandia Blasco has thrived under the directorship and vision of José Gandía-Blasco.

Ca Na Xemena
José Gandía-Blasco’s ‘Ca Na Xemena’ home is a physical representation of the brand. Photo © Gandia Blasco.

The new ‘Blau’ collection from Gandia Blasco was designed by Valencia-based Fran Silvestre. This smart and open-ended system is made up of chairs, sofas, tables and artistically illuminated ‘trees’.

Gandia Blasco Blau Low Armchair
Blau Low Armchair. Photo © Decoist.
Gandia Blasco Blau Low Armchair with seat pad
Blau Low Armchair with seat pad. Photo © Decoist.
Gandia Blasco Blau Modular Sofa
Blau Modular Sofa. Photo © Decoist.
Blau elements
Blau modular elements. Photo © Gandia Blasco.
Blau tree floor lamp
Blau tree floor lamp. Photo © Gandia Blasco.


Established in 1964, Kettal designs, develops and manufactures outdoor furniture, with an emphasis on innovation, creativity, functionality and expression. Headquartered in Barcelona, every one of Kettal’s products are made in its factory in a small coastal town near the Catalan capital.

Kettal Cala Armchair
The high backed ‘Cala’ armchair was designed by London-based design duo Doshi Levien. This august chair was inspired by the iconic ‘Emmanuelle’ Peacock chair. Photo © Decoist.
Cala armchair
Cala armchair. Photo courtesy of Kettal.
Bitta collection
Kettal’s new Bitta collection was designed by Italian architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni. Bitta means ‘mooring’ in Italian: in creating the collection, Dordoni was inspired by the braiding of ropes used to moor boats.


Tribù is a Belgian family-owned design house whose philosophy is one that centres around ‘living the good life outside’. Working with a roster of international designers, Tribù strives to deliver passion, quality and a timeless aesthetic through every one of its modern outdoor products.

Tribù Branch Beach Chair
The elegant Branch Beach Chair was designed by Spanish design studio Lievore Altherr Molina. Photo © Decoist.
Branch Beach Chair
Branch Beach Chair. Photo courtesy of Tribù.
Tribù CTR new sofa
Designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, this new sofa is part of the designer’s CTR collection for Tribù.

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