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Modern Dining Table Chairs For Stylish Contemporary Homes

Modern dining table chairs can make or break the whole ambiance of your room. Beyond aesthetics, the three iconic chairs featured today offer comfort and adaptability. You have Greek panache with the Anziano Chair, curves of Globus Chair and camouflage of Ghost Chair to pick from.

Sophisticated dining room in trendy grey

by ONEinteriors

With modern homes adopting open floor plans that do away with walls, the line between the dining area and the kitchen might be blurred. But it still means you need a fabulous table along with a few sizzling chairs to truly complete that picture-perfect setting. There are always some perpetually popular chair options for the dining table like the classic Cherner Chair and the inimitable Tulip chairs from Eero Saarinen.

But today we turn our focus towards a trio of modern icons that are quickly becoming undeniable timeless classics. Elegant, exquisite and glamorous, they hold their own in pretty much any setting even while blending in effortlessly…

Enduring Design of the Anziano Chair

The Anziano Chair has roots that date back to the Greeks, who called them the Klismos chairs. With time and changing trends, the initial design has undergone several changes. Inheriting some of the futuristic style from the Mid-Century modern revolution in furniture design and embracing the diverse textures and finishes of modern decor, the current Anziano chair is indeed a classic that has withstood the test of time.

Distinct T-Back silhouette of the Anziano Chair
Metallic drum pendants steal the show here

by Tom Stringer Design Partners

Set of ivory lacquer chairs with black legs for the modern black and white dining room

by Jessica Lagrange

Sculptural in its form, the gentle curves of the back are coupled with a square silhouette to deliver a chair that looks great at pretty much any dining table. It can also be easily tucked away when not in use, making it an ergonomic addition to small homes.

Stunning dining room charms with its understated class

by S. B. Long Interiors

The Anziano Chair looks right at home next to the wooden table

by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Beautiful little breakfast nook

by TAS Construction

Dining area doubles as a modern gallery for an impressive art collection

by Susan Fredman Design Group

Dramatic dining room in blue with a round table and Anziano chairs

by Benco Construction

Eclectic and compact dining room
Exquisite dining area next to the kitchen

Gorgeous Globus Chair

Desgined by Jesús Gasca in 1994, the curvy delight that is the Globus Chair is a perfect addition to sleek, contemporary dining rooms that exude sophistication and elegance. Available in molded beech, plywood or plastic, the chair adds a hint of visual contrast to modern homes dominated by clean and well-defined lines. The cut out in the back is another cool visual element that draws your attention, and you can always easily move one of these chairs from the dining room to the bedroom office to quickly fashion a home office nook.

Usher in the warmth of wood while sticking to the contemporary form

by Oldham Hirst Design

Globus Chair in colorful red

by drozda+others architects

Sensuous curves of the Tulip table complement the Globus chairs perfectly

by Jared Sherman Epps

Eclectic dining room with a window seat

by MBC

Comfortable and compact, this chair acquires a whole new dimension when placed in trendy, minimalist settings. Be it small breakfast nooks that need space-conscious decor or expansive halls hosting a gala party, the Globus is a charismatic addition that never seems to fail!

Smart use of the Globus chair in trendy black to create a party setting

by Rachel Reider Interiors

Smooth curves and comfy design of the Globus

by John Onken Architects

The Globus blends effortlessly with any design style and theme

by Risinger Homes

Modern Dining room with a hint of rustic charm

by Portal Design

Exposed brick wall adds an eclectic element to the space

by Artaic – Innovative Mosaic

Beautiful breakfast room with plenty of natural ventilation

by Rachel Reider Interiors

Vanishing Act of the Ghost Chair!

You must have stumbled upon the exceptional Louis Ghost Chair several times before. And often, you would have simply looked beyond it, as you were too busy drooling about some other stunning decor piece in the room. That is precisely what makes the Ghost Chair such an exceptional piece that merges effortlessly with any theme or color scheme that you already have going in your house. Another great advantage of having these acrylic chairs is the visual spaciousness that they lend to a room.

Transparent dining table chairs allow you to highlight the accent hue

by Goyo Photography

Beautiful modern dining area with Eero Saarinen Oval Tulip Table

by Al’s Custom Woodworking

Dining table chairs exude cool textural contrast

by Arnal Photography

Highlight your small dining space in unmatched style!

by LexMod

Their transparent form ensures that your line of sight is unhindered, and you can pretty much choose a dining table in any material or finish to go along with these versatile chairs. Obviously a glass table with acrylic chairs is the most obvious choice, but the Ghost Chairs from Phillipe Starck work well even with a rustic table crafted from reclaimed wood!

Combine a wooden table with the Ghost Chairs to blend contrasting styles

by MDSX Contractors

Contemporary home with sleek and polished look

by House & Homes Palm Springs Home Staging

Louis Ghost Chair st in transparent ice blue

by AMEK Custom Builders

All three chairs offer something exceptional and distinctive. Whether you love the flowing curves of the Globus or the trendy aesthetics of the Ghost Chair, be sure to pick a dining table chair that fits the larger design scheme, and do not overwhelm your dining space or vice versa.

Starck Louis Ghost Chairs in clear look even more elegant when coupled with glass tables

by Laird Jackson Design House

Acrylic chairs give your interior a light and airy appeal

by Wormald Homes at Monocacy Park

Ghost chairs are ideal for creating an uncluttered setting

by Jenny Martin Design

Tulip chair coupled with the Ghost Chairs

by Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design

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