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25 Creative Coffee Tables Showcasing the Latest Trends

Creating the perfect living room is as much about the aesthetics as it is about ergonomics and in contemporary homes with an open plan living, it is this curated space that sets the tone for your entire interior. Even though it is the couch plays a pivotal role in shaping the living style, theme and overall ambiance, a smart coffee table that complements your sofa and is the protagonist among the supporting cast! A striking coffee table can alter the appeal of a living room with ease and a simple switch in the coffee table can give the entire area a completely different visual appeal.

Innovative coffee tables from Loyra Time have space for your magazines and books

Whether you sketching up decorating plans for your new living room, or wish to give the existing one a lovely facelift by bringing in a new coffee table, today’s collection of 25 contemporary coffee tables should provide you with ample inspiration. Showcasing the latest in coffee table design trends (and along with it living room decorating ideas) these newest delights range from the simple to the stunning. Be it a coffee table in wood or one in acrylic, something simple and square or eclectic and abstract – you will find them all!

Spunky Geo Coffee Tables

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last two years, you would be no stranger to the geometric décor trend. Geo décor has found its way into every room of the house with homeowners replacing traditional round mirrors with those featuring hexagonal frames, the simple lighting fixture with wiry, geometric pendants and the common square or rectangular coffee table with something a lot quirkier. In a living room dominated by simple, straight lines and plenty of monotony, a hexagonal coffee table or one with an abstract, polygon outline can make a huge difference indeed.

Bellona brings a new twist to the classic wooden coffee table!
Stylish coffee tables bring exquisite and abstract charm to the living space
Contemporary coffee tables in black with geo style

Those seeking even more contrast can choose a coffee table that blends unusual form with warmth of wood or sparkle of metal to create a cool focal point. In most modern living rooms the large coffee table is being replaced by a collection of smaller coffee tables or even a trio of stylish side tables, which give a lot more design flexibility. This summer, try out this new look for a fresher and more vibrant living room.

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Fun coffee tables look equally good indoors and outside
Polygon-shaped coffee table add geo style to the living room
Go beyond the usual square and circle for a cool and unique coffee table
Hexagonal wooden coffee tables bring together natural warmth and geo contrast

Contemporary and Polished

The triangular coffee table with curved edges is currently topping the trends chart when it comes to chic living room décor. Combing minimalist aesthetics with beautifully rounded edges, there is something undeniably timeless and yet contemporary about this dashing coffee table. While a coffee table in black seems to be the preferred choice in almost every sophisticated living room across the world, opting for one in white does give the room a more vibrant and cheerful aura. And if all else fails then you can bring in the iconic Elliptical coffee table in its many glorious forms that was originally dreamt up by Charles Eames.

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Slim coffee table with a wiry base
Smart and space-savvy coffee tables from Arketipo Firenze
Triangular coffee table with rounded edges for the living room
Try out the twin coffee table setup for more impact
Two coffee tables in black and white sit next to each other in the living room
Elegant and modern coffee tables in black and white
Elliptical coffee table in white is perfect for the living room with low ceiling

Coffee with Color!

Finding a living room with coffee table in a bold hue is a rare sight with most homeowners opting for a table that plays perfect second fiddle to the couch. But a bright a colorful coffee table coupled with a neutral couch makes far more sense in the long run. Changing the bright coffee table is much less expensive and a lot easier than replacing a colorful sofa while redecorating the living room! From striped coffee tables in black and white and those in bright red or blue to ones that usher in fun patterns and eccentric motifs – try out something unique and exceptional in 2017.

Gorgeous tufted coffee table in brilliant red
Hexagonal coffee table also brings artistic beauty to the living room
Striped coffee tables with geo smartness
White coffee table from arcahorn with a tiny glint of gold
Bright and blue coffee table with a touch of gold
Coffee table with ornate legs accentuates the majestic appeal of the living room

A Textural Twist

Yes, décor in wood is big in 2017 and this trend of gravitating towards natural materials is set to continue in the years to come. But a fabulous wood coffee table or even a live-edge coffee table might not fit into the decorating scheme of your living space. Those looking to still bring in textural contrast can turn to acrylic coffee tables or those with a polished marble top and a wiry, metallic base. It is all about the space available, colors that surround the coffee table and the style of the room itself.

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Dashing coffee table in wood also adds sculptural style to any room it adorns
Slim and low-slung coffee table in wood
A touch of marble ushers sophistication into the living room
Acrylic coffee tables bring visual lightness to living room

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