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Carattere: Classical-Contemporary Kitchen Blends Sophistication with Ease

With homeowners craving for a hint of ‘classical style’ to break up the monotony of modern minimalism and clean, contemporary aesthetics, a kitchen like Carattere definitely feels like the ‘perfect solution’. A brilliant new series introduced by Scavolini, this gorgeous kitchen has an international flavor to it even while imbibing Italian flair in a subtle and chic fashion. In a world where the kitchen feels like a natural extension of the living area and is the heart and soul of the family’ social zone, Carattere offers perfect spatial and functional solutions that transform your culinary experience forever!

Blue brings an air of sophistication to the kitchen in white

The most noticeable and iconic feature of this new kitchen series is the ‘frame door’ that combines a dash of Shaker furniture style and traditional kitchen door design with contemporary refinement and minimal modernity. The fusion is simply spectacular as these understated additions give the kitchen an entirely new look and set it apart from other contemporary compositions. Even in a crowd, Carattere is instantly recognizable thanks to this signature feature that is available with two different variants. Whether it is with fixed handles or with grip integrated into the cabinet door, these frame doors definitely make an immediate impact.

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Exquisite modern kitchen Carattere from Scavolini
LED lighting and smart floating shelves for the slim, modern kitchen
Modern kitchen with breakfast bench and a lovely wooden backsplash
Tiled walls coupled with wooden backsplash in the classic-contemporary kitchen
Walnut veneered backsplash for the contemporary kitchen in white

Apart from the doors, beautiful LED lighting, custom backsplashes, five new warm veneered finishes, sleek floating shelves, ergonomic breakfast stations and space-savvy islands allow you to compose your dream kitchen with complete ease. And adding the final touches to this dream kitchen is the wondrous ‘Orizzonte’ illuminated magnetic backsplash. Another modern masterpiece from Scavolini…

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Lovely wall-mounted units with cool wooden cabinets in the kitchen
L-shaped kitchen in the corner in gray and white
Ultra-minimal form of Carattere blends in with the refined living area
Classical-contemporary kitchen Carattere from Scavolini
Iran grey coupled with white in the modern kitchen

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