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Eames Elliptical Table And Walnut Stool: Sculptural Design Icons!

Charles and Ray Eames are responsible for the creation of some of the most iconic décor pieces that have stood the test of time. Much like the incredibly popular Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman designed in 1956, the Eames Elliptical Table and Walnut Stool have a distinct charm of their own. First crafted way back in 1951, the Elliptical Table is one of our favorites for the sheer touch of contemporary style it exudes. And to think that this was crafted more than six decades ago shows you a thing or two about the design philosophy of Charles and Ray Eames!

Surfboard-styled Eames Elliptical table is built for large seating areas

by Niki Papadopoulos

The Walnut Stool finds its origin in the lobby of the Time Life Building in New York City, for which it was originally designed. Arriving at the start of the 60s, the stool soon gained popularity across the globe. Distinctive and charming, both the Elliptical Table and the Walnut Stool double up as beautiful sculptural additions in any room. Perfect for any interior, add personality with the inimitable Eames panache!

Gorgeous rug acts as the perfect backdrop to highlight the Elliptical table

by John Lum Architecture

Plush bedroom showcases the Walnut Stool

by Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

George Nelson’s Coconut Chair gives the Elliptical Table lovely company!

by By Design

Striking visual contrast brought in by the Eames Walnut Stool

by AM Dolce Vita

Iconic designs of Charles Eames together!
Brilliant Egg Chair by Arne Jacobson set next to the Walnut Stool

by Johnson Berman

Interesting placement of the Walnut Stool trio

by Ferguson Ettinger Architects

Bring home three different walnut stools, one in each style!

by David Heide Design Studio

Riding the Waves of Design

The Californian home of Charles and Ray Eames must have offered them some fabulous views of the sun, sand and surf on the Pacific Coast. This also exposed the couple to the popular surfing culture in the region. While, neither of them particularly mentions it, the sleek and stylish Eames Elliptical table surely found its inspiration from one those broad surfboards. Affectionately dubbed design aficionados as the “surfboard table”, this cool coffee table lives up to its billing. An invention that came about thanks to the couples’ experiments with welded wire-rod bases and plywood, the table holds its own in any setting.

Not just the indoors – Beautiful deck space with the Elliptical table

by Ecodesign

Wonderful balance between dark and light hues

Much like the position of a surfer on the board, the table itself is ‘low’ in its posture. This allows it to occupy a space in a stylish, yet understated manner. The curvaceous oval design also brings a striking geometric contrast in a contemporary room that is dominated by simple straight lines. From mid-century classic to modern minimalism, the Eames Elliptical table seamlessly blends with any existing style.

Eames Elliptical Table sits comfortably in a contemporary living space

by Product Bureau

Eclectic living room with the Elliptical coffee table

by Torrence Architects

Low demeanor of the Elliptical table makes it all the more appealing
Warm and cozy nook with the Elliptical table at its heart

by Ehrlich Architects

A perfect coffee table for the large sectional sofa

by Skylab architecture

Mid-century Eames classics in a modern space

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Intriguing Curves of the Chess Piece

Ray Eames and her background in sculpture were largely responsible for the arrival of the intriguing Walnut Stool. Designed as an accent piece, it can also double up as a small seating option. One look at the stool and you instantly are reminded of those lovely wooden chess pieces on a classic board game. If the surfboard-styled Elliptical table was a modern sculpture, then the Walnut stool is an artistic addition from the more classical era. Yet, it does surprisingly well even in a modern space. Much like the Elliptical table, the curves of Walnut stool usher great visual contrast.

Playful modern living room with the Eames Walnut Stool

by Grossman Photography

White couch presents a perfect backdrop for the Walnut Stool

by TQ Construction

Living room wows you with its view!

by GMK Architecture

Crafted from solid turned walnut, the stools also bring textural variation to an urbane home that largely uses polished stone, glass and concrete. It can be flipped around with ease and available in three different designs, the walnut stool could well be that little something which finally completes your living space or bedroom. Playful, elegant and always trendy, these iconic Eames furnishings instantly add a sense of history and a dash of exuberance to your home.

Decorate the long corridor with the Walnut Stool

by Ehrlich Architects

Living room brings together the Eames Lounger, Arco Floor Lamp and the Walnut Stool!
Seems like a showcase of Herman Miller’s finest!

by UpInteriors

Use of three walnuts stools adds symmetry to the living room

by Jeff Chmielewski

Walnut stool accentuates the wooden tones in the room

by Arc Photography

Walnut stool added as a sculptural accessory to the space

by Webber + Studio, Architects

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