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Trendy Pendants That Bring Textural and Geometric Beauty

When it comes to picking the right pendant light for your home, the options are indeed endless. The last few years have seen a surge in the wide variety of pendant lights on the market, and each one of them seems as alluring as the next! Despite this flood of lighting brilliance, there are a few lighting fixtures that are quickly achieving the status of ‘modern icon’, thanks to their immense popularity and timeless design. Most design aficionados will need little introduction to the likes of the Tom Dixon pendants or the enchanting Moooi Random Lights. Today we take a look at three other pendants that are quickly gaining an iconic image of their own!

Dashing pendants become a visual part of the painting in the backdrop [Design: Christopher Elliott Design]

Adding a touch of geometric elegance to your interior, the three lighting fixtures on display today promise to transform the ambiance of any room that they adorn. Part of the decor collection at Moooi, each of these pendants brings something unique and exceptional while complementing the existing style and theme of your home.

Dreamy Arabian Nights

They might be the less famous sibling of the Random Lights, but the gorgeous Non Random Lights are rapidly becoming a favorite among both homeowners and designers alike globally. Moving away from the ‘perfect sphere’ look, these exquisite pendants designed by Bertjan Pot draw your attention with their inimitable form and intricate structure. Crafted from fibreglass soaked in epoxy resin, the Non Random Light is for those who would want to create an instant focal point in the room without a major overhaul.

Moooi Non Random Lights in black bring drama to the dining room [Design: D’Cruz Design Group Sydney Interior Designers]
Non Random Lights in white melt away into the backdrop [Design: Christopher Elliott Design]
Smart pendants used as bedside lighting [Design: OJ Kitchens]

While the light is most often used in kitchens and dining rooms, it is also a great choice for those looking to give bedside lighting an ingenious, space-saving twist. With an irrefutable Mediterranean appeal, these dreamy pendants cut across design styles and bring a hint of textural contrast to modern interiors dominated by sleek, polished surfaces. Equally compelling both when switched on and off, the Non Random Lights are ideal for those who love a hint of drama!

Shape a lovely reading nook using the Non Random Light [Design: Pavillion Road]
Dark Non Random Light adds texture and sculptural style to the kitchen [Design: Art of Kitchens]
Intricate design of the Non Random Light steals the show here [From: Cynthia Lynn Photography]
Mademoiselle Chairs and Non Random Lights shape the creative dining room [Design: Scott Weston Architecture Design]
Pendants bring dazzling elegance to the New York dining room [Design: OLighting]

Scintillating Symmetry!

Speaking of pendant lights that add drama, the sensational Raimond Lamp by Raimond Puts seems to bring the charm of a star-studded night indoors with absolute ease! The design of this perfect sphere with tiny LED lights is a mathematical masterstroke that transformed the world of lighting. It took some time for the trend to catch on, but soon designers across the world were following in the footsteps of Raimond Puts in an effort to match the beauty, symmetry and dazzling allure of the original Raimond Lamp. Purity of form and pristine splendor define this pendant, and if you are looking for options beyond the sphere, there is also the oval Raimond Zafu!

Gorgeous Raimond sets the stage for a beautiful transitional dining room [Design: Simpson Design Group Architects]
Pendant light becomes the focal point in the eclectic space [Design: Callender Howorth]
Brilliant use of the Raimond lamp to create visual grandeur [From: Opad]
Fabulous pendant is perfect for large rooms with high ceilings [Design: KohlMark Architects and Builders]
Give your bathroom some LED magic [From: Lightology]
Skylight used along with pendant to light up the traditional dining room [Design: Andre Rothblatt Architecture]
Raimond Zafu offers a glittering option for those looking beyond the sphere [Design: Rochelle Silberman]

Efficient and Versatile

How many times did you look at that rustic-looking chandelier above a dining table that seems to mimic the form of natural branches and wish you could have it? If you are looking to give your home a facelift this winter with a similar pendant, the Heracleum II by Bertjan Pot is the answer! The lovely lighting fixture blends a touch of rustic beauty with unabashed contemporary aesthetics to offer the best of both worlds. Made from a metal wire frame and ultra-thin suspension wire, the leaves of the Heracleum can be rotated easily to achieve a range of varied configurations. Add to this the energy-saving magic of LED lights, and you have a winner in every sense of the word.

Scandinavian style bedroom with the Heracleum II pendant [From: Gin Designs]
Elegant pendant adds beauty and contrast to the contemporary dining room [From: Maxine Schnitzer Photography]
Lovely pendant light seems to melt away into the backdrop [Design: Atelier BOOM TOWN]
Meeting of the modern icons – Heracleum and the Tom Dixon pendants! [Design: Perfect Integration]

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