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45 Best Kitchen Organization Ideas

Whether you’re a master chef or you’re the type that likes instant and easy meals, we can’t deny that preparing food in an organized and well-laid-out kitchen is the dream. Doing anything in a messy, cluttered space just leads to chaos and confusion. So if the kitchen is the heart of the home, let’s also make sure that it is an organized and clean space.

Not only will you be happy to prepare food and cook in a clean organized space but you will find yourself wanting to spend more time in the kitchen if it is a place of tidiness and order. Here are some awesome quick and easy organization ideas for the kitchen.

Snack Drawers

Don’t clutter your pantry with tiny snacks. Keep your snacks organized in your cupboard drawers instead. You can get well-made plastic bins for your pull-out drawers that are made to hold all your small-sized package snacks so that you can leave your pantry for larger items that need to be stored.

Photo from: Rachel Parcell

You can also do a baking supply drawer, too!

You could really apply this concept to any set of materials or supplies that you use in your kitchen. An organized drawer for any set type of things is a great idea. Drawers are easy to organize and can be kept clean with plastic bins for set things.

Photo from: Rachel Parcell

Appliances Cabinet

Designate a special cabinet specifically for appliances. Not only will this keep your counters clutter-free, but you will also have all your small appliances in one easy-to-find place. This is important for the organization of your kitchen but also frees up more counter space for everyday cooking and preparing of food.

Photo from: Amy Storm and Company

Use Clear Jars in the Pantry

For items like spices, flour, kinds of pasta, etc, use clear jars with labels. This will make items easier to see and find for quick access. Your eyes will be immediately drawn to what you are looking for rather than having to look for labels and text on bags of food items just thrown in a pantry.

Photo from: Kate Marker Interiors

As well as jars, you can also use large plastic buckets or totes with labels to store snacks and other individual items.

Photo from: Classy Clutter

Spice Drawer

Use a spice drawer instead of placing spices in the cupboard. Not only will this keep your spices organized but they are easier to find and read this way. Burying spices in the back of a cupboard never helped any chef. You can build or buy orgnzier to suit what you already have or buy a whole system ready to go that will come complete with pretty matching jars that you can empty your spices into.

Photo from: Earthwood Custom Remodeling

Wall Mounted Spice Rack

If a spice drawer isn’t your thing, or maybe you can’t spare any drawer space you may want to opt for a wall-mounted spice rack. Just make sure that it is hung near the stove. This will help keep you organized and tidy when cooking.

Photo from: The Honeycomb Home

Hidden Command Center

Part of staying organized is having a calendar readily available and a command center and in most homes, the best spot for this is the hub of the home and that is the kitchen. The downside to that is command centers can look quite messy and cluttered so find a spot in your kitchen where it can be hidden. I like the idea of storing it behind a frosted glass cupboard.

Photo from: Collective Studio

Hidden command centers are also great spots in tall skinny cabinetry.

Photo from: RTG Design

Use Pegboard

When constructing your command center don’t forget to use pegboard. It is so handy for hanging things up and is sure to help you keep organized.

Photo from: Urban Grace

Hidden Mail Center

The hidden command center is also a great spot to store bills and important mail but you can take this idea a step further and have a designated spot just for the mail. This is a great idea here for a thin cupboard — install slanted mail holders directly inside the cupboard or for deeper cupboards, you could put this design on hinges so it opens to reveal more storage behind it.

Photo from: Rajni Alex Design

Pull Out Veggie Bins

Ditch the counter fruit bowls and store your fruit and veggies in neat stowed away baskets under your counter or island. The ones pictured here a specifically made for this purpose with their modern wood handles but you could certainly use any type of basket that you like.

Photo from: Kristina Crestin Design

Store Items in the Back of Your Island

In some cases, organizational issues in a kitchen come from a lack of space. If you have an island or a considering installing one make use of the space on the backside of the island by installing hidden cupboards. This is a fantastic way to give your kitchen more space without sacrificing style.

Photo from: Thorpe Concepts

Peg Plate Dividers

Keep plates and bowls organized in a drawer with peg plate dividers. If you’re designing a new kitchen you can get these built right into your drawers or you can purchase removable ones.

Photo from: House of L Designs

You can get peg dividers in a variety of shapes and sizes and this type of organization system can be completely customized to suit the dishes that you have.

Photo from: Erica Gelman Design Inc.

Tucked Away Large Utensil Storage

For larger utensils like wooden spoons, spatulas, and whisks you can store them organized and neatly in a drawer with built-in holders. This will not only make your larger utensils easier to find but keeps them off the counter for a less cluttered-looking kitchen counter.

Photo from: Deane Kitchens

Built-In Knife Block

A built-in knife block is a great way to keep knives stored away safely and in an organized fashion.

Photo from: Keystone Kitchen & Bath

Make a Beverage Station

Make a set spot in your kitchen for beverages. Whether you enjoy coffee or tea, having a set spot where you can go to quickly make your morning beverage that is organized and beautiful will help you get your day off to a good start.

Photo from: The Home Edit

Beverage stations aren’t just for coffee, though. You can make beverage stations for wine and liquor, too. 

Photo from: Amy Skylar Design

Make a Pantry Where There Was None

If your kitchen is short on space, turn an old coat closet into a pantry. You can also add in a modern farmhouse touch by replacing the old door with a modern sliding barn door.

Photo from: A Tree Lined Street

Store Pans Sideways

To make more room in your cupboards, store your pans sideways. They take up less room this way, plus it looks way more organized.

Photo from: Studio Dearborn

You can also hang your pans above your stove on a gorgeous pan rack. This will also turn your everyday kitchen items into a little bit of elegant decor. This is especially great if you have pretty copper pans.

Photo from: Pure Salt Interiors

Use Color to Your Advantage

If you group items by color and place them in an organized fashion you can enjoy the benefits of open shelving without the look of clutter. You can do this with your pantry items or as well with dishes. Layer in some gorgeous seagrass baskets to break up the open shelving and to store items that you don’t want on display.

Photo from: Pine Bay Collective

Make Use of Vertical Height

Store baskets on top of your cupboards. This will give you extra storage for items you don’t use as often and free up space in prime real estate inside your cupboards.

Photo from: A Beautiful Mess

Add a Sink Tip Out

The little fake “drawer” under your kitchen sink can actually be made into a sink tip out. Maybe your kitchen already has this but if not with a little simple carpentry it is easy to do. Once completed you can use this to store sponges and cloths.

Photo from: Domestically Speaking

Use the Backside of Your Cupboard Doors

Make use of the backside of your cupboard doors. They can be handy spots to hang your measuring cups or other small items that can be hung. You can also use it as a spot to mark down good need-to-know information for baking.

Photo from: Tidbits from the Tremaynes

Make Use of Space Above Stove

Part of being organized is having everything you need right at hand. If you store your pots and cooking utensils right above the stove you will never be fumbling around the kitchen while cooking. This also makes clean-up easier, too.

Photo from: Tidbits

Use Towel Racks in Many Places

Towel racks are perfect to hang on the inside of the cupboards to hang cleaning tools and towels. A great spot is under the sink. This will free up space in drawers in cupboards and also makes it so that your towels and scrub brushes are at the ready right by the sink.

Photo from: Clean and Scentsible

Always Use Baskets and Bins

When storing things away in a pantry or cupboard always use baskets or bins — especially if your cupboards are deep. This will ensure that you are not fumbling around looking for items and it makes putting away groceries less of a chore. If everything has a place then you are less likely to become unorganized.

Photo from: Alyssa Rosenheck

Follow the First In, First Out Rule

Organize your pantry or food cupboards like a store and this will help keep down on food wastage. Place newer bought items to the back of the pantry and older items up front. You should also do this inside the fridge as well.

Photo from: Chango & co.

Use Wire Shelf Risers

Turn on shelf into two with this handy organizational storage hack. Make the most use of vertical space in tall cupboards by using wire shelf risers. This is great for pantries as well as storing dishes. This is a very easy and cost effective way to gain more space inside your cupboards.

Photo from: Amazon

Make A Slide Out Prep Station

Being able to chop, prepare and have a garbage can right below your workspace is a game-changer in the kitchen. Also, something that you can clean and slide away when not in use is also a huge bonus.

Photo from: The Brain and the Brawn

Pull Out Shelves

Part of keeping organized in the kitchen is being able to see what you have. When you just toss things to the back of a cupboard, you tend to pile up other things on top or in the way. It will be much easier to stay organized if you have shelves that pull out. If your cabinetry is already constructed and taking out your old shelves seems like a daunting task you can get simple inserts that pull out and that are easy to install.

Photo from: Thomas Fine Furniture


Use dividers inside cabinetry to maximize space so that items like pots, pans, and cutting boards take up less room. Not only will you be giving yourself more space in the kitchen but your items are more likely to stay organized.

Photo from: Studio Dearborn

A great spot for dividers is in the cupboards over the fridge. 

Photo from: Sarah Steinberg Custom Designs

Use a Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are great organizational tools, especially in the kitchen. You can use them inside the fridge, the pantry, and cabinetry. Store items on a Lazy Susan and you can easily turn it around to access all the items on it. I like the idea of using a Lazy Susan in the fridge for smaller condiments that would otherwise get lost in the door of a fridge.

Photo from: Clean and Scentsible

Make Use of Under Cupboard Space

Mount a hanging wine glass holder under your cupboards to keep hard-to-store items like wine glasses organized.

Photo from: Wayfair

Use Baskets High and Low

Don’t just think about where you can reach. Keep organization in your mind when storing items both high and low and using baskets will help with this. Placing baskets in storage places up high, like above fridges and upper cabinetry will allow you to pull down things in bunches rather than sifting through things at higher heights, and then when it comes to putting these items back you’re more likely to stay organized if you place it back in a basket rather than just tossing it back up in a cupboard.

For lower storage, the same rules apply except for this time you’re being over to reach for your items instead of reaching up.

Photo from: Mrs. Paranjape

Make Smart Use of Open Shelving

Organizing doesn’t have to be all practical and non-beauty. Open shelving is a beautiful statement but most homeowners are leary about it because they are afraid that it’s not practical and just for decor. I think quite contrary. Open shelving forces you to be organized and keep your shelves clutter-free. Just make sure you’re using your open shelving correctly.

Use your open shelving to store pretty glasses and your fancy dishware. This also frees up cupboard space for being organized with items that you don’t want on display.

Photo from: Kara Miller Interiors

Corner Shelves

If you have a small corner if your kitchen with unused real estate consider installing a few corner shelves this makes a great space to store cookbooks and other items that aren’t used as often. This will keep them out of the way and help you stay organized.

Photo from: Kate Marker Interiors

Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are great for both inside the pantry and cupboards. You can also use wire baskets in the fridge and freezer. Group like food items together to keep them organized and easy to find.

Photo from: Neat Method

Work With Organizers That Were Made For Food Storage

You know the old saying, “right tool for the right job” — well this is especially true when it comes to organizing. Life is certainly easier when we have the right tools. There are several items that you can get for your pantry and cupboards that work so well to organize foods.

Soup Holder

Cans of soup take up so much space and they are always falling over when stacked. A soup holder specifically designed to hold cans of soup neatly and organized is just what every pantry needs.

Photo from: Amazon

Plastic Wrap Holder

Get a wire holder that works specifically for plastic wrap and aluminum foil. These items take up less space this way in the pantry and will be easier to find.

Photo from: Amazon

Over-the-Door Storage

You can also make use of the back of the pantry door by getting an over-the-door storage holder. Store smaller items in here that would otherwise get misplaced or lost on pantry shelves.

Photo from: Amazon

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

What is the best way to organize your kitchen?

The best way to organize the kitchen is to first figure out a layout and how the kitchen will run. Place items where they make sense and group like items together. Keep the majority of your cooking items close to the stove and oven. Invest in a storage and organization system for the pantry where you can store items with labels. Don't be afraid to get creative with your kitchen organization. At the end of the day, you will want to plan out your kitchen how it will work best for you.

How should pots and pans be stored in a small kitchen?

If you're short on space, consider handing pots and pans on the wall. If you have pretty pots and pans they will also double as decor for your kitchen!

How should I organize my pantry?

The key to a well-organized pantry is making sure that you separate food from non-related food items such as paper towels, garbage bags etc. A well-laid-out pantry also has baskets with labels and containers to put the food in that is grouped with like items. Use clear jars in the pantry so that your eye is drawn easily to what you are looking for.

Can I store items over the stove?

You most certainly can! Over the stove is a great place to hang pots and pans, spatulas, and other kitchen utensils that are used daily. Keeping them within arm's reach well cooking will also help you to stay organized.

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