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Best Living Room Organization Ideas for a Clutter-Free and Healthy Home

There comes a time when every home needs a little makeover. Over time, we tend to clutter the space around us by adding décor items and accessories that just do not fit in with the overall theme and scheme. Of course, organizing each room of the home has its own set of basic rules that make the task much simpler. While the idea of spring cleaning is one that many still tend to embrace, for others who do not mind taking up the ‘organizational task’ this time of the year, we wish to share some tips and ideas starting with the living room.

Polished and contemporary living room in gray is stylish and relaxing

It goes unsaid that the living room sets the tone and tenor for every other space in the house. Its style and color scheme make an instant impression on your guests. But most essential aspect of a picture-perfect living room is its effectiveness, functionality and how ordered it really is. A clean and organized small living room with smart lighting looks much smarter and cheerful than much larger spaces filled with unnecessary details. In a world where healthier habits are once again coming to the fore, this is a look at best living room organization ideas that help move towards this –

Select a Style and Plan

The first and most basic step for organizing the living room is to pick a specific style and decorating plan for the space. With most modern homes embracing an open plan living, this style of the living area is also bound to be the style of the kitchen and the dining space. Giving the entire area a curated and coherent appeal, it is high time you settle on a definite living room style; if you have not done so already.

Discover the right colors for your living room backdrop and accents
Choosing a plan and style for the living room makes it easier to organize the space [From: Alyssa Wilcox Interiors]

Space-Savvy Décor

We are big fans of décor pieces that do double duty in the living room. A sofa bed that turns the living space into guest area at night, a bookshelf that also serves as a decorative addition and small partition, a nesting side table that doubles as the coffee table, or a slim console table that also works well as temporary workstation – there are so many different ways in which you can save space in here. This goes a long way in creating a more efficient and organized living room.

Let the size of the room determine the decor that you choose
Choosing the right sectional saves space beautifully in this living room
Finding space-savvy and correct decor for the small living room [From: Planka]

Concealed Storage Options

Apart from furniture that helps save space by serving more than one purpose, you can also use décor with hidden storage compartments to tackle the problem of clutter in the living room. An ottoman coffee table with storage area can help hide away your magazines. A side table with hidden compartments for remotes and tech gadgets, a bench in the corner that works as a toy chest for kids and white cabinets that disappear into the walls; take your pick and get started today!

Side table along with the ottoman add additional storage options in the living room [From: Eric Ross Interiors]
Creative living room floor contains wooden boxes that offer ample storage space
Custom built-in bench for the living room is a fabulous space-saver [From: MK Development & Investment]

De-Clutter and Clean

This might seem all too obvious and a suggestion that puts you to work ever so often! But every beautiful living room is one that has been regularly cleaned and de-cluttered. As a rule, most of us lack the discipline to bring clutter into our home. From impulsive shopping choices to pieces that find a space in the living room because someone in the family is attached to them, clutter manages to become a part of the living space all too easily. Stack those books, clean the coffee table, remove the outdated magazines and replace the flowers in the vase – it is these simple things that make a difference.

Modern eclectic living room with brilliant splashes of color can still be clutter-free [From: Guta Louro Designs]
Organized and de-cluttered living room with modern Scandinavian style [From: Chapter Eight Design]

Choose the Right Sofa and Side Table

It is important to get the couch in the living room right – even more so because it dictates the style, design and hue of the other décor pieces in the living room. Add a nesting table in the corner to improve the space-savvy design of the room and complete the setting with additional chairs and a coffee table that precisely serve your lifestyle. The sofa is a big part of the living room narrative both functionally and visually. This is why choosing the right sofa is a great start!

Colorful and dashing sofas in the living room with contemporary style
Exquisite living room with an exquisite sofa and a view that steals the spotlight

Getting Additional Shelving

Believe that everything in your living room that feels like a clutter is a must-have and you just need to find another little niche for all that stuff? Not to worry, as additional shelves, cabinets and standalone units can come to your rescue. The bookshelf wall in the backdrop is a popular idea in the modern living space and this expansive series of open shelve can also hold other decorative piece even as smart lighting adds to the ambiance.

Make most of vertical space in the living room with additional shelves and cabinets in the living room [From: Click London]
Series of contemporary shelves with slim design and sliding doors blends into the backdrop [From: Ercole Salinaro Photography]
Use the space around the door to add shelving that creates a lovely display [From: Holzconnection]

Sort your Entertainment Unit

Technology is at the heart of today’s lifestyle and we have reached a point where we cannot imagine even a day without wifi powering us! The entertainment unit in the living room is often the heart of the activity and for those who choose to put TV in the living room, keeping it organized and clean is a major part of ensuing that the living space feels uncluttered. Bundle those loose cables together, use a smart entertainment unit that conceals them and make sure you have a unit that fits in with your entertainment needs.

Stylish living room with custom entertainment and storage unit with midcentury goodness [From: Dijeau Poage Construction]
Entertainment unit for the modern coastal style living room in wood [From: 41 West]
Sleek contemporary entertainment unit for the spacious modern living room [From: Mega Builders]

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