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50 Creative House Number Ideas To Show Off To Your Neighbors

It’s high time you realized your house number is not for you alone. You recognize your house already, but for the people who don’t and are coming over for your party, they will be left driving down the street repeatedly in a bid to spot your house number, or they’ll probably ring up your phone one too many times. Can you even enjoy the party that way? Yes, we agree you could use some house numbers ideas.

For your house number sign, it needs to be big, bold, and creative. It also needs to be placed where people can see from across the road. Don’t forget that with your choice, you can make the right impression even from outside your house. Let it reflect the style and taste of the occupants. We have the best creative ideas for you.

House Number on Front Door Wreath

Putting a wreath on the front door is not out of place, and it’s quite noticeable. Depending on what the wreath is made of, you can add some colorful flowers to make it attention-grabbing. You can also attach cutouts of your house number on the wreath. This way, nobody ever has to miss your house again.


Family Initial House Numbers Ideas

What’s the first letter of your family name? Put a giant sign of your family’s initial, and you can screw on your house number in a contrasting color. Whoever is looking for your house can confirm it’s the right place with both your house number and your family’s initials.

Family Initial with The House Number on It
Pinterest/Stephanie L. Jones


LED Backlit House Number

Nothing says modern and fun more than a backlit house number. The good thing about this unique house numbers idea is how it can allow the sign to be seen at any time of the day, even from across the street. This sign is both beautiful and functional. It can add the extra oomph you need to your decor. You can use multi-colored LEDs which allows you to change the color whenever you want to.


House Number on Porch Wooden Sign

If you have a porch, aside from being a place to relax outdoors, it can serve the additional purpose of directing people to your house. You can mount a wooden sign right on your porch that reads your house number. Ensure that the engraving on the sign is clearly outlined and bold.


Framed House Number on Wood

Add a little bit of elegance to your house with a wooden frame. Screw your house number on a flat wood and then frame it. How elegant it turns out depends on the kind of wood you use for the frame and the engraving on it. The frame will be exposed to natural elements, so take that into consideration when picking your wood.


House Number Engraving on Wooden Door

This is one of the simplest house number ideas and a classy way to make your house number visible. If you have a wooden door, you should consider doing this. You might want to call a professional to help you with this, but if you want to do it on your own, that’s fine. Perfection is not what you’re out for. Make an outline of your house number. At first, it will not be visible from afar, but adding paint to the outline solves the problem.


Multi-Colored House Number

A pop of color is great for getting a person’s attention. Putting several colors together is you screaming, “Look at me.” The multicolored number creation can be made from any material of your choice. Once you put them up, it’s time to start hosting house parties and other celebrations. You will no longer be interrupted by several phone calls from people trying to find their way to you.


Hanging Colorful Plaque

You can have a plaque of your house number hanging on the door, window, or somewhere below the roof panel. If you’re attaching it to the roof panel, ensure it is sturdy so it doesn’t turn and twist with the wind. The more colorful it is, the more noticeable it will be for first-time visitors.


Rock Display in Front Yard

Rocks are commonly used for landscaping front yards, so it is not out of place to put up a rock display in yours. One thing to note is that the rock display should not be hidden or covered by flowers or grasses. They should stand vertically and ensure the color you pick for writing the house number pops. For that, you should pick a contrasting color from that of the rock.


House Number on Mailbox

Your mailbox is usually in your front yard, and it is very obvious to anyone looking at your house. It would be great to put your house number on the mailbox. This way, there’s not a chance that anyone would miss it, and you can be sure your letters won’t end up with the neighbors.


House Number Post

This is common, but it presents you with the chance to show your creative side. Don’t keep it as a house number post, as usual. Think about hanging a flower pot, or you can go bigger and hang a floral arrangement. It’s totally up to you to decide. Don’t forget this is supposed to reflect your taste, so maybe consider using your favorite flower.


Painted Number on Front Door

When people are trying to locate a house, the front door is one of the places they check. Why don’t you give them something to look at? Have your house number painted directly on your door. If you have a dark-colored door, you can use bright-colored paint like white, yellow, or pink. If yours is a bright-colored door, black paint may be your best bet.

Pinterest/Home Stories at Oz

Hanging Address Planter

Looking for a straightforward project that you can easily hang on your door? If so, then this DIY project is for you! Not only does this planter box have your house number, but you can add flowers or other embellishments that you adore. You can add a little personalization by incorporating your favorite flowers or your preferred color of stained wood. The photo has uncomplicated colors, but you can use whichever ones you like the best.

Photo Credit: The Cofran Home

Large Cement Numbers

If you want to make a statement, look at these large cement house numbers. No one will miss your house ever again! Large cement house numbers like these make a statement piece for the garden and also make your house location visible and easy to find. Your guests will thank you for having these house numbers.

Photo Credit: A Joyful Riot

Planter Wood Sign

Much like the wood planter box that hangs on the door, this house number display has the same idea, except you can hang it directly on the brick or siding next to the front door.

country style wood house address number sign with planter
Photo Credit: DIY Vibes

Lantern Numbers

Add a luminary display to your house numbers by placing them on a solar lantern. This is great for people that have to find their house at night and may need a little help. It’s also a great idea for those whose houses are set back from the road, and maybe the numbers on the house aren’t visible.

lantern house number sign in gardens on rocks lit up a night
Photo Credit: The Seasonal Home

Modern Succulent Planter

Add a modern flair to your house numbers with a cement-like modern planter. This planter has total industrial vibes, and it is a trendy way to display your house numbers.

Photo Credit: Sarah Hearts

Simple and Easy DIY Number Sign

If you like to do things yourself, check out this simple and easy DIY number display sign. This modern and stylish number sign looks perfectly hung over a set of double doors and totally suits this modern and elegant home. It’s easy to make, so if you wanted to copy this idea for your home, it’s a great idea!

Photo Credit: Haute House Love

Large Wood Sign

If you want to make a statement by the side of the road, this large wood number sign ought to do it! Complete with a stunning planter box, this sign will add curb appeal and allow people to find your home easier.

Photo Credit: Alderberry Hill

Modern Grass Sign

If you need something with a modern look, this DIY grass number sign should do the trick. It’s clean and simple, plus it adds a punch of color. Perfect for the modern and unique home!

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess

DIY Paint Stick Number Sign

Use paint sticks to create a colorful number sign display for your front door. With this creative DIY project, you can take the original idea but put your own colors into the mix to make it match your home and front door.

Photo Credit: Home Stories A to Z

Painted on the Sidewalk

For something a little different and unique, you can paint your house numbers on the sidewalk or garden path with some stencils. You can add color or keep it faint for a modern, minimalistic look.

Photo Credit: Interior Junkie
Photo Credit: Amazon.com
Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Wine Bottle Numbers

Save your colorful wine bottles to make a unique and charming house number sign. You can flatten the bottles and then paint on your house number. If color is not your thing, you could always use clear wine bottles or even dye clear wine bottles to look like sea glass.

Photo Credit: Glass With A Past

Moss Letters

For an earthy and natural vibe, make some letters out of moss. These stand out on the side of a dark house and give a look that says we love nature here! These numbers are easily made with sheet plywood and then covered in moss to create this look.

Photo Credit: HGTV

Embroidered Screen

If you have a screen door, you can take some brightly colored embroidery thread and mark your door with your house number. This is one of the most unique house numbers ideas that will add personality and fun to an otherwise boring door.

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

Vintage Paddle

This vintage oar painted and then adorned with house numbers looks great for the lakehouse or cottage or even a lover of all things coastal. You can customize this idea to suit your own taste by painting it whatever color would look great with your home.

Photo Credit: The Happy Housie

Decorative Flower Pots

Photo Credit: DIY Show Off

Personalized Monogram

Photo Credit: Craft Cuts

Wood Log Slice Numbers

Photo Credit: While Wearing Heels

Mailbox Posts

Photo Credit: Beneath My Heart
Photo Credit: Canva Pro

Decorative Milking Pail

Photo Credit: Home My Design

Wood Sign on Tree

Photo Credit: Love of Home

Decorative Log Slice with Mason Jar

Photo Credit: DIY Candy

Modern Wood Slats

vertical wood sign with house numbers close up
Photo Credit: 4 Men 1 Lady

Giant Garden Rock House Numbers Ideas

Photo Credit: Paint Yourself A Smile
Photo Credit: Amazon.com
Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Stunning Wreath with House Numbers

Photo Credit: Teach Craft Love

Modern House Numbers Ideas

If you like the more modern and trendy look and just want something simple, here are a few examples of modern house numbers ideas to browse. This will show you different methods of vertical and horizontal hangings.

Photo Credit: Kirstina Crestin Design

The key with modern house numbers is simple, slender, and straightforward.

Photo Credit: Carly Waters Style
Photo Credit: M House Development
Photo Credit: Mel Bean Interiors
Photo Credit: Kelly Nutt Design
Photo Credit: Alexis Manfer

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

What is the best color for house numbers?

Homeowners who must mount their address numbers at a significant distance from the street should consider the highest contrast colors for house numbers, such as white, black, red, and metallic colors that closely mimic those shades, such as nickel and silver.

Should house numbers be on left or right?

Your house numbers should be to the right of the front door. This is not a hard “rule,” though it's just that most address signs are placed to the right of the door. No one is sure why; it's just that most people choose to hang it to the right of the front door.

How should I hang my house numbers when it comes to a modern house?

Install the house numbers vertically along the edge of an exterior wall for a modern approach. This is not a hard and fast rule, but if your home is of more modern taste, this approach is more visually appealing.

How can I make my house numbers more visible at night?

If you want to make your house numbers more visible at night time, light them up. You can laser-cut aluminum plates with solar-powered white LEDs to light up the exposed number areas, creating a vibrant, modern, and atmospheric look. This idea will look good morning, noon, and night.

How far apart should house numbers be spaced?

The house numbers need to be evenly spaced apart so that they are readable. They should be at least half an inch apart. If your home sits far back from the street, this spacing should be adjusted so that they are farther apart.

Where is the best place to put your house number?

Ideally, house numbers should be placed near the front door near a porch light, and at or above eye level. But if your front door is not easily viewed from the street, consider a second set of house numbers. Perhaps your home is set too far back, or trees or bushes block the visibility of your front door from the road.

How big should address numbers be?

When someone is trying to find your house, the height of your address numbers definitely matters. All new residential single-family homes must have numbers that are at least 4 inches high. Multi-family buildings such as apartments and condominiums must have numbers that are at least 6 inches high.

How high should house numbers be on a house?

When it comes to how high to hang your house numbers, the general rule of thumb is to mount them between 4.5′ and 5.5′ off the ground. Most towns will have guidelines about the size of your house numbers. If yours does not, you still need to be sure you can see your house numbers from the street.

What material should house numbers be?

House numbers should be made of a strong material that withstands weather well, such as stainless steel, aluminum or tile. If you choose iron, be sure that rust doesn't corrode the numbers over time and make them harder to see.

How do you attach a number to a brick house without drilling?

You can use glue if you want to attach your house numbers to your brick but don't want the hassle of drilling them in. A construction adhesive like Gorilla Glue requires no drilling and is easy to use.

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Even while you decide to get creative and put in your style, ensure that your house number sign serves its purpose – being visible. You need the mailman, the delivery agents, and even the first responders in the case of an emergency to find your house as easily as possible. These house numbers ideas all take that factor into consideration, so it is safe to pick one out and get creative with it.

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I write for decoist.

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