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7 Clever Ways to Utilize Your Home Office Corner Space

Eking out that extra few square feet for the home office is a task that is hard enough, but maximizing this space further takes the challenge to a whole new level. Even if you have finally managed to free up a small room for the home office, making the most of every inch available means dealing with those awkward corners. Often neglected and easily overlooked, that boring, closed and dark corner in your home office holds plenty of potential. It is just a matter of finding what works best for you.

Obviously with a hint of creativity and the right inspiration, you can easily (and at times frugally) transform that forgotten corner in your modest home office. Today, we take care of the latter part of that equation by showcasing 23 home offices that utilize corners to fullest. And as you flip though these gorgeous home workspaces, you just might stumble upon that elusive idea that will alter your own home office forever!

1. Serving Your Storage Needs

Beyond the desk and chair, the first thing that we are worried about in the home office is storage space. Some of us might want to stack away files; others might just need a bit of shelf space for stationery. Regardless of your needs, turning towards the corners is a smart way to solve your space conundrum in the home office. Corner shelving is easy to incorporate, and you can even custom craft wall-mounted cabinets that take up zero foot space. Open floating shelves in the corner can also help in decorating the home office while giving it a more open, airy appeal.

Contemporary home office and library rolled into one [Design: J Wilson Fuqua & Assoc. Architects]
Home office for a couple makes complete use of the corner space on offer with open shelving and cabinets [From: Ty Evans, Windermere Real Estate]
Floating shelves in the corner are both aesthetic and functional [Design: IN Studio & Co. Interiors]
Picture lighting illuminates the open corner shelves in the home office beautifully [Design: Scot Samuelson]

2. A Relaxing Reading Nook

Maybe shelf space is not the biggest concern in your home office. Then go a step further and turn that boring corner into a comfy and elegant reading nook. All you need here is a relaxing lounger, a side table along with a table lamp (or a sleek floor lamp), and of course, a small shelf to hold your favorite books. Once you are done with your laptop, you can now unwind in the home office with a book and a drink, thanks to your new corner reading nook!

Beach style home office with corner reading nook next to the fireplace [Design: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design]
A bookshelf, luxurious lounger and lighting source are all you need to create a reading corner [From: Sarah Greenman]
Cozy reading corner for the small, eclectic home office [From: 8Foot6]

3. A Cozy Conversation Zone

We understand that not everyone out there wishes to spend countless hours flipping through books, and many might wish to unwind by having a pleasant conversation with someone they love. If you are looking for a space that is cozy, elegant and tranquil, then that forgotten corner in the home office might just be it. Throw in a couple of club chairs and a small coffee table, and you not only have a conversation zone, but also additional seating space for your clients.

Home office corner turned into a lovely conversation zone [Design: Pine Street Carpenters & The Kitchen Studio / Photography: John Welsh]
Comfy sectional from Ligne Roset is a great alternative for those who do not have space for twin club chairs [Design: Terrat Elms Interior Design]

4. A Fiery Makeover

Guess what would really complete your fabulous and pleasant ‘conversation corner’? – a fireplace, of course! Corner fireplaces provide a dazzling and stylish focal point to the home office, and they bring both aesthetics and ergonomics to the workspace. You need not be worried too much about wastage of space, and those willing to go the extra mile can also place a TV above the fireplace to complete a classy home office.

Mirror above the fireplace adds a hint of glam to the home office [Design: Ownby Design]
Cozy home office with a traditional fireplace in the corner [Design: Anthony Alofsin, Architect]
Fireplaces in the corner are not just for large home offices [Design: Lewin Wertheimer]

5. Switching Into a Guest Room

The guest room / home office combination is a popular and convenient option for many, and once again, the lonely corner can come to your rescue here. Adding a Murphy bed or even a smart daybed to the home office corner is pretty easy, and in many of these cases, the beds tend to disappear completely when not in use. Whether you are desperately trying to find space for an additional bedroom / guest room or frequently have friends visiting over the weekend, this is a solution that makes your life a whole lot easier.

Bed in the corner can disappear into the wall when not needed [From: Eye 4 Detail]
Daybed with trundle in the corner turns the home office into guest space [Design: Tamalpais Construction Company]
Cool Daybed from ABC Carpet transforms the home office into a space-conscious guest room [Design: Anjali Pollack Design]
Transitional home office with daybed in the corner [From: Lindsay von Hagel]

6. Refreshing Indoor Greenery

This might sound a bit too innocuous because we are simply suggesting you decorate that empty corner with an indoor plant. But how many of you have a hint of greenery adding to the freshness of your home office? Plants offer benefits that go beyond aesthetics, and you can even get an air-purifying plant that rids the home office of harmful toxins and makes your life healthier and happier. When it comes to increasing workspace productivity, never neglect the power of natural goodness!

Flood of natural light makes it easier to add the indoor plant [Design: Arthur McLaughlin & Associates]
Indoor plant in the corner becomes a part of the work desk visual [Design: Oficina Inglesa – London]
Touch of tropical goodness for the traditional home office [Design: Manhatta Architecture]

7. Opening up to the View Outside

What is much better than just one indoor plant in the corner of the home office? Obviously a corner window that opens up the room to the lovely view outside and also brings in fresh air and natural light throughout the day. Corner windows come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with those from floor-to-ceiling behemoths to ones that give you a quick peek of the weather outside. Those blessed with a home office next to the pool deck or backyard garden can also consider sliding glass doors that fashion an even more stunning indoor-outdoor interplay.

Enjoy the view outside with a smart corner window [Design: Young & Burton]
Floor-to-ceiling windows open up the home office to the lovely view outside [Design: mark pinkerton – vi360 photography]
Greenery outside becomes a part of the home office [Design: KUBE architecture]
Corner window of the home office offers a glimpse into the rock garden outside [Design: Elad Gonen]

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