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Style to Your Own Tune: Bohemian Bedrooms that Mesmerize and Soothe

Every style is unique and each one of us tends to gravitate naturally more towards one style rather than the other depending on our own aesthetic preferences. Some of us love the polished world of minimalism where others might feel bored while others could love the mix-and-match approach of eclectic style that a few would see as a style too overwhelming. It is safe to say that when it comes to home decorating, it surely is ‘different strokes for different folk’! But few styles seem as polarizing as bohemian at its brilliant best. A style that is said to have originated with the lifestyle of Roma Gypsies in central Europe has survived and is even being celebrated today as ‘boho-chic’ across the world.

Bright and colorful bedroom with bohemian style is filled with Moroccan-style lighting. [From: Up By Design]

It is hard to really define the true essence of bohemian style when it comes to interior design and decorating. It is a bit of eclectic, but far more whimsical. It is a bit of shabby chic, but then it is far less organized and understated. It feels a bit like French farmhouse, but then there is too much of a global appeal in here to pin it down to that style. It has a distinct personal character about it and can be different things for different people. It celebrates, art, color, life and the many imperfections of life itself! So why not try and explore the style further with these gorgeous bohemian style bedrooms –

Do Not Let Trends Hold You Back

Trends are not a big part of Bohemian style and it is one of the things that sets them apart from most other decorating styles out there. With Bohemian style you can combine a variety of decor pieces and accessories with ease and fill the bedroom with exactly what you love. It is a pretty easy style to work with when you know what you want precisely in the bedroom. What will help you in here though is a look at some of the other famous ‘Bohemians’ and their own choices when it comes to boho-chic living.

Modern bohemian bedroom with Asian influences and a relaxing color palette.
Boho-chic bedroom of San Francisco home with a relaxed ambiance and creative lighting. [From: Coombs Design]
Mix a bit of beach style with bohemian touches for a more curated backdrop.

Mix and Mismatch for Greater Effect

Bohemian style is pocket-friendly and places very few limitations on you when it comes to decorating the bedroom. Many of the best pieces in here can be smart flea market finds that have a personality and also ‘tell a story’ when used in the right context. It can be a beautiful piece of artwork on the wall, a dresser with French country style, an old bed frame that has Victorian charm or a whimsical item that moves away from the mundane – Bohemian bedrooms are about the accumulation of stuff rather than just one curated shopping spree. Instead of the usual ‘mix and match’ approach in the eclectic bedroom, here it is best to mix and leave things mismatched for greater effect.

Ultra-small bohemian bedroom with colorful textiles and seamless bohemian charm. [From: Rikki Snyder]
Colorful New York bedroom with vintage bohemian charm brought in by lovely decor and wall covering. [From: Katie Leede & Company Studio]
Dark walls, custom decor and unique textiles create a lovely bedroom with modern bohemian style. [From: Pamela Nolasco Interior Design]

Art Work, Styles and Plenty of Color

One of the unique things about boho style is the way it allows you to decorate with the most abstract pieces of art without ever worrying if it fits in with the overall appeal of the room. Art is an important part of bohemian style and artists have played an important role in its evolution over time. Whatever your favorite craft is, it also finds a space in this bedroom while there is no shortage brilliant array of textures as well in here. Bohemian living is all about showcasing everything you own out in the open and so do not worry too much about many shelves and cabinets in here.

Vintage finds from local flea market and decor that tell a story are perfect for the bohemian bedroom. [From: Katie Leede & Company Studio]
Bohemian bedroom in here sees shabby chic, eclectic and Asian influences being rolled into one. [From: Annette tatum]
Shabby chic bedrooms can be easily turned into bohemian spaces with the right decorating choices. [From: SWENYO]

Frequently Asked Questions

What defines a Bohemian Bedroom style?

Embrace the unconventional with a bohemian bedroom characterized by vibrant colors, mixed patterns, and a blend of cultural influences. This free-spirited style encourages self-expression and a laid-back, eclectic atmosphere.

How can I incorporate Bohemian elements without overwhelming my bedroom?

Achieve balance by focusing on key Bohemian elements like colorful textiles, layered rugs, and unique decor pieces. Mix patterns and textures selectively, ensuring a harmonious blend that reflects your personal style without overcrowding the space.

Are there specific color schemes that work well in a Bohemian bedroom?

While there are no strict rules, Bohemian bedrooms often feature rich jewel tones, earthy hues, and warm neutrals. Experiment with a mix of colors that resonate with you, creating a visually stimulating and inviting environment.

What furniture and accessories complement a Bohemian bedroom design?

Opt for low-slung furniture with a relaxed vibe, such as floor cushions and vintage-inspired pieces. Incorporate global influences with woven baskets, macramé wall hangings, and plants to enhance the boho-chic ambiance in your bedroom.

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