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25 Awesome Rooms That Inspire You to Try Out Geometric Wallpaper

If you are a design aficionado, then the news of wallpaper making a grand comeback of sorts in the last few seasons is something you would already be aware of. But this summer, it is time to take this love for wallpaper in a striking and bold new direction, as it is time for the gorgeous, and at times dramatic, geometric wallpaper. Geo designs, style and décor are currently some of the top decorating trends, and combining this with the vivacious world of wallpaper definitely makes plenty of sense. Moving away from the floral patterns and intricate prints, geometric wallpaper blends pattern, sophistication and a striking visual appeal.

Rosey Posey Trellis Wallpaper for the stylish contemporary bedroom [Design: Arent & Pyke]

There are plenty of ways in which simple geometric wallpaper can make a big difference to a room, and often, you only need to cover a section of the large space in wallpaper to get the desired effect. From trendy living rooms to relaxing bedrooms, and from exceptional powder rooms to stylish kids’ spaces, geo wallpaper can be found everywhere. The 25 beautiful inspirations on display today will hopefully give you ideas on how you can bring this geometric magic into your home. And while we’re at it, maybe you will fall in love with a pattern or four as well!

Combine Color and Pattern

The beauty of wallpaper has always been its ability to bring several different attributes to the room without seeming out of place. This means you can add not just color but also texture and pattern to a contemporary space by simply adding a feature wall draped in wallpaper. Of course, the wallpaper you choose makes all the difference here, and geometric-patterned wallpaper can easily bring two of the three elements mentioned above. When most people think of geometric wallpapers, their mind naturally conjures up images of abstract patterns in neutral hues. But as you will see below, there is no dearth of options when it comes to colorful geo wallpaper!

Bright and cheerful kids’ bedroom with plenty of red [Design: Hannah Brown]
Contemporary bathroom with geometric wallpaper that also has a hint of modernity [Design: Hill Mitchell Berry Architects]
Contemporary kitchen and breakfast nook enlivened with wallpaper [From: Cristin Priest – Simplified Bee]
Multi-colored and brilliant Circus Wallpaper [Design: Ann Lowengart Interiors / David Duncan Livingston Photography]
Find the balance between patterned and geometric wallpaper [Photo From: Louise de Miranda]

Classic Motifs

When it comes to geometric wallpaper with midcentury modern flair, David Hicks is its absolute king! This British genius is responsible for arguably the most iconic and recognizable wallpaper pattern of them all – the beautiful and oft-used hexagonal pattern. It is easy to identify and has been used for rugs, throw pillows, bedspreads and pretty much everything else you can think of. Incredibly popular with both designers and homeowners, those looking to start out with geometric wallpaper should definitely start off with one of Hicks’ patterns. There are many modern variations and reinterpretations of this timeless motif for those who want something more modern and unique.

Iconic David Hicks wallpaper for midcentury dining room [Design: D2 Interieurs]
Exquisite Drama Boheme Wallpaper in Chocolate [From: Design Public]
Fashion a stunning feature wall for the contemporary dining room with geometric wallpaper [Design: bulthaup by Kitchen Architecture]
Classic David Hicks Hexagon pattern never goes out of style [Design: Mitchell Channon Design]
Contemporary nursery with David Hicks geometric wallpaper [Design: Lucy McLintic]

Vivacious Contemporary Bedrooms

An accent wall in the bedroom is almost the norm these days, and if you are bored with just repainting the wall over and over again, then wallpaper is definitely the next best choice. Do not be afraid to try out bold new geometric patterns in the bedroom. If you feel that there is already too much color around, then just tone down on the décor and cut back on unnecessary accessories to give the room a less cluttered look. Stylish headboard walls draped in geometric wallpaper are part of some of the hottest bedroom decorating trends this summer, so be sure to give this a shot.

Headboard wall is the showstopper of this bedroom [Design: Decorating Den Interiors – Decorate with Kate]
Relaxing bedroom with geometric wallpaper that is understated and refined [Design: Butter Lutz Interiors]
Small geometric pattern in black adds to the masculinity of the bedroom [Design: Atmosphere Interior Design]
Wallpaper also carries with a 3D visual effect [Design: Malcolm Duffin Design]
Accent wall in bedroom draped in Morocco Indigo Neo by Prestigious [Design: Laroya & Co]
Bright orange coupled with bold geometric pattern inside the contemporary bedroom [Design: Malcolm Duffin Interior]

Energizing Interiors with Ease

Experimenting with geometric wallpaper in the bedroom or powder room is always a smart way to get your feet wet before you move on to more public spaces. But those confident enough about their decorating skills can give their living room a fun and dashing makeover by creating an accent feature clad in geo wallpaper. As we alluded to earlier, powder rooms are perfect places to try out new wallpaper trends, but you can scale things up and also transform your contemporary bathroom with some patterned beauty.

Gorgeous midcentury modern family room with geometric wallpaper [Design: Refined Interiors]
Fabulous geometric wallpaper is perfect for the fun and playful kids’ room [From: Chris Snook]
Eclectic with vintage credenza and geometric wallpaper [Design: Touch Interiors]
Lovely wallpaper with original watercolour design by Quercus & Co steals the show [Design: Atticus & Milo]

Some of the designs also bring along with them a certain 3D visual effect; bringing those boring walls alive! Be it a cheerful breakfast nook or the large staircase wall, geometric wallpaper allows us to create instant focal points that amaze, dazzle, delight and enthrall. So, what are you waiting for?

Geometric wallpaper does not get simpler than this [Design: Jennifer Hagler]
Table lamps accentuate the geometric beauty of the wallpaper [Design: Typhanie Peterson / Photography: Erika Bierman Photography]
Dashing contemporary powder room with geometric wallpaper from Cowtan and Tout [From: Green Couch Interior Design / David Duncan Livingston]
Geometric wallpaper can be understated and unassuming as well [Design: Martha Angus ]

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