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Punctuate Your Home With Geo Style

One of today’s most popular design trends, geo style encompasses a range of motifs, products and techniques. Textiles covered in geometric forms, minimalist objects that are as sculptural as they are functional, and pendant lighting that’s as much about shape as it is about illumination are a few of the ways that geo flair is making an impact. Today we take a look at four different design studios that are using geo style to their advantage. Get ready for some modern design inspiration, as well as some truly unique decor finds!


The designs of Rebecca Finell are both artistic and practical. Playful forms are highlighted by neutral tones and at times bright colors, making the designer’s line of serving pieces, tabletop wares, decor (and more) truly mesmerizing. Welcome to Finell. One of our favorite pieces among the offerings of this lifestyle brand is SLIDE, a geometric combination of solid wood and a sliding removable quartz tray. The sliding function allows for a variety of possible configurations. Plus, you can choose from two different color palettes.

Geometric serving tray from Finell

Next we have HEX, a 3-piece baking dish set that you can slide and stack for multiple arrangement possibilities. Ceramic-coated aluminum makes this trio of products oven-safe, but they’re so striking, you just might be tempted to serve from them as well.

Hexagonal baking dishes

By now you’ve likely noticed how the brilliant design of Finell items allows you to display and arrange them in a variety of ways. For instance, this ORB BOWL can be positioned at an array of angles on the base. Bases are sold separately.

Crystal serving bowls by Finell

The geo magic continues with JOIN, a line of 3-D placemats sold in sets of 2. The best part: they seamlessly link to form a table runner. Not to mention, their silicone construction makes them heat-resistant and easy to clean. Choose from a variety of colors and two different styles.

Vibrant placemats and runner from Finell

As clear as a crystal–doesn’t this place card holder resemble a precious gem?! Clean, modern and dazzling without being froufrou, SPOT is the perfect way to welcome your guests. Choose from crystal or brass for this set of four tabletop jewels–er, place card holders.

Crystal place card holders from Finell

Ready for something that’s as useful as it is eye-catching? Say hello to POKE, a silicone vessel that’s perfect for storage. In fact, it’s even food-safe, which makes it ideal for holding edibles!

Sculptural silicone vessel

Once you’ve added POKE to your collection, consider combining it in a vignette with SWAY, which boasts a vibrant shade of orange. Side note: if you’re looking for a third offering in black, check out SPIN.

Orange silicone vessel from Finell

Ferm Living

If you’re thinking that Ferm Living sounds familiar, perhaps it’s because we’ve featured this design studio in a previous post, admiring pieces that range from tabletop products to textiles. There’s no denying that these offerings designed by Trine Andersen are innovative, beautifully modern and often geo! Below we see the Half Candleholder in three different styles. Powder coated metal is the material of choice here:

Metal candleholders from Ferm Living

The ENTER Mirror combines glass, powder coated metal and leather in a strong design that boasts clean lines and geo-fabulous curves. This item is part of a collaboration between the New York-based Søren Rose Studio and ferm LIVING.

Round mirror from Ferm Living

It’s interesting how something so practical can become a work of art. One look at this Brass Toilet Paper Holder, and you’ll be inspired to redesign your bathroom so it’s on the same level as this triangular product!

Brass toilet paper holder from Ferm Living

Fort Standard

Fort Standard is another studio that we’ve previously featured here on Decoist. Can you tell we’re big fans of innovative modern design?! This New York-based contemporary design studio offers an array of services, from the development of unique spatial environments to the design of unforgettable products. Below you will find a few of our geo-fabulous favorites. We begin with Foundation, a table crafted from a variety of woods and stones. Below we see a walnut and marble selection with a hand-rubbed oil finish:

Wood and marble tables from Fort Standard

These Foundation Lights come in three different styles, and they showcase one of today’s top trends: mixed materials. Wood and stone are two of the top items used in modern geo creations, and here they combine to form the perfect bedside or dresser lighting statement. The geo style even extends to the brass switch, which is hexagonal!

Wood and stone lights from Fort Standard

It’s hard to deny the geometric allure of Terra, featuring a glass icosahedron framed in hard maple. The only decision more compelling than where to display this piece is what to plant inside of it!

Geometric terrarium from Fort Standard

One of our favorite geo design trends is the geo object, which features a simple yet intriguing form and one or two main natural materials. These Stone Candle Holders get the job done with their geo shapes. Plus, a hand-stamped leather bottom can be found on the underside of each, ensuring that these pieces don’t scratch your surface top.

Geo stone candle holders from Fort Standard

TOC Studio

We end with an assortment of items from TOC Studio, a “resource for design concept and creation” that produces objects, furniture, posters, interiors, essays, strategies and much more! In fact, TOC Studio is the in-house design workshop of Table of Contents (hence the TOC). Ready to see some unforgettable designs? Let’s start with pendant lighting. The Copper Light CL-16 Pendant Light by David Derksen Design consists of thin copper sheeting  that’s folded and assembled by hand. Love the faceted structure!

Copper geo light

An equilateral triangle is the geo form of choice in this TOC Magazine Marker, crafted from Oregon black walnut. Suddenly our ordinary magazine rack seems all too boring:

Wooden magazine stand from TOC Studio

These TOC Bacterio Bookends feature a Bacterio laminate exterior showcasing a pattern originally designed by Ettore Sottsass for Abet Laminati in 1978. The bookends are perfect for ’80s design enthusiasts, especially since Memphis-Milano style is experiencing a significant revival as we speak.

Bacterio Bookends from TOC Studio

For our final featured product, we shine the spotlight on these Rason Jens Bronze Bookends, designed by Jason Rens (get it?)! Individually cast in bronze from a hand-carved wooden form, they can support the most substantial of reading selections. Plus, they’re geometrically fabulous!

Sculptural bronze bookends from TOC Studio

Today’s geo style trend proves that when it comes to amazing design, sometimes less is more. Strong yet uncluttered forms allow the materials to speak for themselves. Any favorites from the featured products above? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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