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25 Fall Bedroom Decorating Trends for a Cozy and Relaxing Escape

Every few months we tend to turn our focus to top trends that tend to vary with changing seasons. The transition between seasons always brings with it a whole new decorating approach much like the way we dress and accessorize. Of course, if you happen to be someone who is not too decorating all too often, then a simple change in accents and decorative pieces will do. Others might be searching for a new style for a while now and feel this is the right time to make the shift. No matter what you reason is, a shift in the overall appeal of the home is much more profound between summer and fall rather than between spring and summer.

Mid-century modern meets eclectic inside this small, light-filled bedroom

Today we turn our attention to the bedroom as we start exploring the most popular trends shaping the space in 2020. While you would need find a drastic shift between spring and summer trends, the change to fall is far more apparent. Most of these trends and hues also serve you well in winter months as the transition between these two seasons is far more seamless. From dashing colors that always make an impact this time of the year to new style fusions that will bring something special to the bedroom, this is a look at the 25 hottest bedroom decorating trends for this fall –

Classic Hue with Modern Twist

It might seem a touch too monotonous to turn to orange every fall, but we firmly believe that the classics are a hit for a reason! Orange in fall feels like a natural hue and much like all the white and blue in summer and green in spring, it reflects the colors of the landscape outside. This fall, go beyond the usual and try out curated pops of orange in the neutral bedroom instead of the more conventional orange accent wall. Keep the accents limited and sophisticated even as the backdrop remains as unassuming as possible. This approach combines contemporary minimalism with orange zest!

Accent pillows add orange to the spacious bedroom with traditional style [From: Georgeanna Parks Interior Design]
Contemporary bedroom in white with lovely blue and orange accents all around [From: Tobi Fairley Interior Design]
Creative use of orange accents in the modern coastal bedroom with a white backdrop [From: Colby Construction]
Pops of orange coupled with hot pinks in the coastal chic girls’ bedroom [From: designstiles]
Wallpaper and chair bring in accent orange hue in here [From: Creative Tonic – Courtnay Tartt Elias]

Try out Relaxed Scandinavian!

Scandinavian style is only growing in popularity over the last decade and this love for unassuming simplicity, functionality and ample natural light is only set to grow in the next few years. Instead of the usual Scandinavian bedrooms in white and gray, add a bit more fall flavor this time around with bedroom that also include pastel blues, light peach and relaxing earth tones. The background can still remain white, but bedding and textiles can usher in these pleasant new colors for a more engaging and serene bedroom.

Navy blue drapes and pink bed sheets usher color into this Scandinavian style bedroom
Pillows and accents bring pops of light pink to this Scandinavian style bedroom
Wall art also adds color to the small Scandinavian style bedroom along with the bedsheets [From: Spencer Constructions]
Wooden floor along with white walls creates a beautiful modern Scandinavian bedroom [From: Patrick Lau Photography]
Gorgeous Scandinavian style bedroom where sheets and pillows bring in color [From: Susanna Cots]

Modern Eclectic makes an Impact

When it comes to decorating styles, eclectic seems to be quickly climbing the trends chart in the first half of 2020 and this is set to continue in the second half as well. Modern eclectic bedrooms give you greater decorating freedom and you can also add shabby-chic, bohemian and other influences to this space without ever creating visual clutter. Admittedly, eclectic is a hard style to pull off and it will take some trial and error before settling on the final look. Start this experiment now and as you head into the Holiday Season you could very well hit upon the right combination!

Eye-catching use of bright colors makes an instant impact inside this modern eclectic bedroom [From: Stage Interiors]
Four-poster bed with a golden metallic frame makes a statement inside this modern eclectic bedroom [From: Tim Lenz Photography]
Combining shabby chic with eclectic inside the small bedroom with ceiling beams
Elegant bedroom with ocean views that veers more towards the modern than the eclectic [From: Watershedd]

Invite Pattern with Plaid

Textiles offer an easy way of adding something new to the bedroom with changing seasons and you can do so without major makeovers or spending a fortune. Fall of 2020 sees a bit of tradition making its way back into bedrooms with plaid at its delightful best. Bedding, drapes and curtains in plaid are easy enough to shop for and they bring both color and pattern to the bedroom. With plaid, you can also stay assured that the Holidays and winter months will not need an instant makeover.

Dashing bedroom with bunk beds uses a plaid carpet that instantly grabs your attention [From: Engler Studio Interior Design]
Modern industrial bedroom with exposed brick wall and curtains with plaid pattern
Plaid is perfect for the cabin-styled bedroom with farmhouse influences [From: Basso Interiors]
Beautiful plaid wallpaper creates pattern-filled backdrop in this bedroom without altering its neutral color scheme
Creative boys’ bedroom with plaid wallpaper and trunks that act as coffee tables

Brick Walls Usher in Warmth

No matter where we turn these days, we are inevitably seeing industrial influences and exposed brick walls making a bold statement. Now, it is understandable that not all of us can easily incorporate an exposed brick wall in the bedroom. You can try out adding a new wall surface with reclaimed brick, but even that takes lots of effort. The easier option is either a faux brick covering or wallpaper that imitates the aesthetics of an exposed brick wall. A whitewashed brick wall or one that is painted also make a big impression.

Textural contrast and roughness of the exposed brick wall coupled with softness of sheer curtains
Turn the exposed brick wall into the highlight of the bedroom with graffiti
Brick wall painted white fits in with the contemporary style of the small bedroom
Exposed brick wall is painted gray in this modern bedroom
Making the exposed brick wall an accent feature in the modern bedroom

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