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Pattern Overload: 30 Ways to Invite Plaid into Your Home without Seeming Dated!

Plaid – the name evokes images of a cozy past, comfortable Christmas evenings and a rustic, woodsy cabin filled with wonder and timeless charm. Admittedly, it is not a pattern for everyone. Some find it far too dated and stoic. But the last few years have seen Plaid making a comeback of sorts along with other rustic, farmhouse and industrial elements. Obviously, plaid offers a wonderful way to add pattern and a hint of traditional touch to contemporary spaces filled with neutral hues and a ‘more of the same’ design approach. With that in mind, today we decided to turn our attention to all things plaid and how you can add it to your own home.

Green plaid wallpaper steals the spotlight inside this lovely traditional bathroom [From: Goddard Design Group]

Plaid is a pattern that can be easily identified and its checkered form comes in varied hues and sizes. There are plenty of ways in which plaid can be brought indoors and these vary from the once again hip wallpaper to bedding and accents that make an impact with ease. Reds, grays and blues, every color finds a place with plaid!

Wallpaper that Rolls Back Time!

Both plaid and wallpaper were shunned in the 90’s in favor of polished modern finishes in beige, white and brown. Times have changed once again and the decorating world has come full circle! Wallpaper is once again trendy and most homeowners want wallpaper with pattern that blends into the color scheme of the room. Plaid wallpaper offers precisely that with extra panache and a hint of timelessness. It is easy to incorporate this chic wallpaper into your decorating scheme and it can either shape a neutral backdrop with pattern or one with bright color and traditional charm.

Gorgeous use of plaid wallpaper in the transitional bedroom [From: Boutique Homes]
Modern eclectic kitchen with colorful shelves and plaid wallpaper [From: JayJeffers]
Old trunks and wallpaper in gray steal the show in this boys’ bedroom
Plaid wallpaper feels apt inside this restored Scottish Castle dining room [From: Malcolm Duffin Design]
Stunning eclectic living room draped in blue plaid [From: Anthony Baratta]
Vintage farmhouse style bathroom with chic plaid wallpaper and wooden vanity [From: Di Biase Filkoff Architects]
Glamorous entryway in pink [From: Ethan Allen]

Sofas in Plaid

A couch in plaid fabric is much rarer than walls with plaid pattern on them and it does take plenty of commitment to the pattern to really want one of these. These sofas look especially good in rustic, farmhouse, woodsy cabin style and traditional living and family rooms. They also feel apt in the classic man cave with a masculine backdrop and a sofa in red plaid anchors the room beautifully.

Country style living room with plaid sofa
Plaid couch in gray combines two different trends [From: brighton homes Idaho]
Plaid sectional for the rustic family room with plenty of space [From: Locati Architects]
Stone fireplace and the plaid sofa is a match made in design haven! [From: Rill Architects]
Stylish plaid couch in this living room is a classic that never fades away
Black and white plaid sofa for a contemporary living room [From: Hudson Interior Design]
Blue plaid sofa in the white and blue living room

A Carpet that Steals the Spotlight

Plaid carpet might seem like an overwhelming addition when you have a room already filled with color and pattern. But in the contemporary bedroom, kids’ room or living area with little color, this becomes a smart and engaging choice. You can use the color of the plaid carpet to bring together different accents in the room. This gives the interior a more curated and well-knit appeal without sacrificing on pattern or that ‘wow factor’.

Gorgeous blue and yellow plaid carpet for the fun family room
Green plaid carpet feels both refreshing and classy [From: MARIANNE LARSEN]
Plaid carpet brings pattern to an otherwise neutral bedroom [From: Tim Cuppett Architects]
Plaid carpet unites different blue elements in this kids’ bedroom [From: Engler Studio Interior Design / Karen Melvin Photography]
Elegant home office in gray, white and black with a smart plaid style carpet

Drapes with a Difference

Of all things that we have discussed so far, it is probably the plaid curtains that are the most perpetually popular choice among homeowners. Modernity might have put an end to the plaid wallpaper, couch and bedding in the 90’s but plaid curtains have survived even this ‘neutral period’ with plenty of pomp. They are a staple of the country chic style and once the Holiday season rolls in, plaid drapes seem even more magical!

Natural woven shades coupled with blue plaid drapes in the dining room
Plaid chairs, tablerunner and drapes in the dining room [From: Wadia Associates]
Plaid curtains look great in the industrial bedroom as well [From: Sharkey Custom Homes]
Traditional NYC living room with plaid curtains [From: KBK Interior Design]
Modern traditional living room brings together both styles [From: Mia Rao Design]

Start Small and Stylish

Not sure if you want to commit to plaid in a grand fashion? We understand your trepidation and as always, we suggest you start small while embracing this currently hip trend. A plaid table runner, a fabulous tablecloth that also serves well outdoors, plaid bedding or even those fab accent pillows with plaid covers – first embrace the pattern in a limited fashion before thinking about wallpaper, sofas or drapes in plaid!

Eclectic dining room with plaid tablecloth [From: Rikki Snyder]
Midcentury modern dining room brings back the charm of 80’s [From: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design]
Victorian style bedroom with a dash of modernity [From: Lompier Interior Group]
Bedding in plaid brings pattern without altering the style of the contemporary living room [From: Tobi Fairley Interior Design]
Contemporary kids’ room with plaid bedding

Sherry Nothingam

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