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Modern Minimal Townhouse Renovation Creates Polished Living Environment

Renovating a townhouse to create a more modern and functional interior for the evolving urban family is nothing that we have not already seen. But what is new is the brilliant transformation of this particular townhouse designed by Shperling Design that embraces minimalism with an air of eye-catching sophistication. It is not every day that you find a townhouse that is this contemporary in its overall style and you can sense it right away from the entry that features a very thin, while console table and a large, colorful modern wall art piece. Next to it is a small mudroom with wooden cabinets and an oval mirror that creates a cheerful atmosphere.

Open plan living area of the townhouse where the single-wall kitchen and dining area become a part of the living space

This light-filled and refined approach to the renovation continues in the new open plan living space where the kitchen and dining area become a part of the narrative. A wall previously separated the kitchen from the living space. This has been removed to shape a more open lower level where the public areas present one uniform picture. The single-wall kitchen sits on once corner while the opposite side is occupied by a plush light blue sofa. A large dining table in the middle is illuminated by slim white pendant lights.

Minimal pendant lights for the modern dining room with fireplace, TV and a plush blue couch
Plush light blue couch for the living room with low-slung design and a minimal floor lamp in black next to it
Shaping the small entry of the renovated townhouse with a slim white console table and large wall art piece
Slim console table in white for the small modern entry along with a colorful wall art addition
Stone backsplash, countertops and slim, floating shelves with LED strip lights for the modern kitchen
Wooden shutters bring a more traditional vibe to the revamped modern minimal interior of the townhouse
Contemporary entry and mudroom with minimal style, ample cabinet space, small bench and mirror

Another unique feature in here is the white marble fireplace where the television is mounted above the fireplace carefully. Wooden shutters and glass doors bring a hint of the past to this exquisite home where modernity takes over completely.

Decorating the dining table in a minimal, elegant fashion using a small indoor plant
Green on the wall brings color to a backdrop that is clad largely in white and gray
Marble fireplace with slim LED TV mounted above the fireplace

Sherry Nothingam

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