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Best Eclectic Nursery Rooms: Modernity with a Dash of Quirk Panache

We always wonder how some homeowners pull off the eclectic look with such exquisite ease while others struggle to weave much simpler styles together. The eclectic style is a bit different for each one of us. Some prefer it with a bit more modernity while others want an eclectic interior that is full of color and rustic charm. Be it industrial beauty, stylish shabby chic influences or even restrained midcentury vibes, the eclectic style can accommodate all of them with ease and do so while creating a comfy and interesting backdrop. Today, we explore the magic of this style in the nursery – one space where you can do what you want without much fuss.

Glam eclectic nursery with pops of pastel pink and bluish-gray in the backdrop [From: ELLEN W. Interior Concepts]

In the nursery, it is important to find a balance between colors that are stimulating and a backdrop that is relaxing. Combining pops of bright hues with a neutral background is undoubtedly the best approach and eclectic style allows you to do exactly this. Be it the girls’ room of one for your baby boy, the nursery with eclectic style can play host to everyone. Here is a look at some of the bets inspirations around along with tips that help you in shaping a gorgeous eclectic nursery –

Using Wallpaper in the Nursery

One of the easiest ways to add color to the eclectic nursery while giving it a sense of uniqueness is the use of wallpaper. Wallpaper allows one to transform the interior of the nursery with ease and on a budget. Tropical patterns are currently popular and they also bring along with them plenty of interesting pattern and color without leaving you overwhelmed. Research suggests that pops of bright color are essential for the development of kids’ brains and to keep them interested in their early months. This is exactly why a bit of wallpaper can do plenty of good in the nursery with modern-eclectic style.

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Colorful and unique wallpapered backdrop for the small nursery with an eclectic appeal [From: Anna Stathaki Photography]
Small eclectic nursery with a pop of dark green and a neutral backdrop [From: Studio Palomino]
Using limited number of colors in eclectic nursery gives it a more spacious visual appeal [From: Altus – Luxury Living]
A touch of shabby chic and tropical combined in the nursery for eclectic beauty and relaxing appeal [From: Interiors By McCall / Maria Henderson Photography]
Cactus pattern in the backdrop makes an impact in the small eclectic nursery

Color and Contrast with Aesthetics

A neutral backdrop is the perfect way to bind the various bright elements of an eclectic nursery together. Throw in that classic crib in wood, a bright rug in orange, accent wall with a dash of pattern and a comfy seta in the corner even as you paint the backdrop gray of white to give the room a curated look. Colorful lighting fixtures add to the brightness of the room while wall sections in brick or stone can add textural contrast. White and wood is another color scheme that is currently popular in the eclectic nursery as well and you can use either pops of pink or depending on whether it is a girls’ or boys’ bedroom.

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White eclectic nurseries create a more curated and modern look
Wood, chalkboard paint and a crisp, neutral backdrop shape this eclectic nursery
Beautiful and charming little crib on wheels for the nursery in white
Rocking chair in green for the dreamy eclectic nursery in white

Using Pattern to Change Things Up

Adding pattern to the eclectic bedroom is all too easy and unlike other styles you are not constrained in here by traditional decorating norms. Be it bold chevron pattern, bright stripes in gold or even hexagonal prints; pretty much everything fits into a carefully planned eclectic nursery. Even the couch or drapes can add pattern to the nursery and once you wish to switch to a different style, it is easy to switch them out and bring in new décor. Vivacious wall murals full of color or custom wallpaper-clad accent walls accentuate this flood of pattern.

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Custom wall decal in the backdrop makes for an interesting visual in the small eclectic nursery with ample natural light [From: Yuri Semenyuk]
Gold stripes add glitter to the small eclectic nursery
Whitewashed brick wall and wood ceiling in the eclectic nursery with unique décor [From: Givetto]
Chevron pattern backdrop for the small eclectic nursery in neutral hues [From: Morrison Homes]
Creating a brilliant and vivacious backdrop for the small eclectic nursery [From: Parisi Images]

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