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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Make my Room Seem Largest of All

One trick to make a small room seem larger is to use mirrors. Adding mirrors to small interiors gives a cheerful and spacious vibe, and spreads light evenly in an organic fashion. Today we take a look at how you can tap into this power of mirrors with ease. Step in for an easy and instant home upgrade with plenty of dazzle!

The mirror knows some of our deepest, sincerest secrets and our mirror image has been our best friend through many stages of our continuously changing bodies and personalities, despite our deep probing questions never being successfully answered to the trivia of who’s fairest of all. And while we would never want the mirror to visually enlarge or expand our bodies (unless it’s muscle mass), but it can make a small living room seem larger than life! Oh yeah baby!

Do mirrors make a room bigger?

If you have ever been through a house of mirrors you encounter a futuristic world where human cloning is the norm. Everywhere you look as you walk down the halls of this house with your friends are optical illusions that trick your eye and your mind into seeing way more of you than there is. This theory translates very well and positively when adapted to our homes…in a less freaky way, of course.

A mirror can do three things for us when strategically implemented in our home décor.

  • Brighten Things Up — The sun will be illuminated and catch the silvery reflection from sunup to sundown
  • Liven Things Up — A mirror is no longer just a slab of silvered glass; they are artistic engineered designs that can often replace our other mundane and expected ornamentation. There is a reason the term gilded and mirror often go hand in hand
  • Broaden Things Up — Create the optical illusion of more space by correct placement. You can easily make a room seem twice its size thus allowing for more elbowroom.

 The Sun is Always Shining: Brightening things Up

Mirrors automatically reflect natural and artificial light, and by catching the sunlight at its best you can amplify on the natural light. This will brighten the atmosphere up in your home notably aiding you by bouncing light in hidden haunted corners making them seem harmlessly large. To release this magic within your four walls hang your mirror in such a way that it faces or is angled from your natural light source, -window, door, sunroof- to fully capture the light and spread its warm goodness in your room.

The House of Mirrors: Livening Things Up

Place a large wall mirror on the wall against an adjoining room where the party often is. If you know people are mingling on the opposite side of the room, when you glance up and see a reflection of bodies mingling in your room you will trick your mind for a few seconds into thinking the wall was taken out and replaced with one long extended group hall. By doing this you will create the effect an interrogation room does with it’s one way glass walls but hopefully your room will encompass more joy than the good cop bad cop routine that takes place in the this maximized security room.

Bigger is Better: Broadening Things Up

Flow is a good thing in a room. It represents a clutter free approach to life and relaxation. A good way to associate this idealism in your room and help to broaden things up is by using furniture with mirrored panels or doors. Glass or silvery tabletops will also contribute to the open flow vibe and as always hanging mirrors. Leaning them on a mantle pieces, or above your wet bar, it instinctively will make you feel you are in a room of more open spaces as mirror reflects and shares rather than captures like a cherry cabinet panel would.

To keep this river of mirrors flowing maintain a habit of cleaning them to keep them to their crystal clear perfection. Next throw a big house party to test the waters. You’ll find the rumor mill buzzing with tales that the house of mirrors is now located at your address!

Momina Khan

From a very early age Momina Khan discovered her passion and talent for rearranging furniture and indulging herself with interior design. Over the years this passion has only intensified as well as her education and calling in creative writing. As a writer Momina finds Decoist a perfect environment to creating art with words on the art of DIY d[...]

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