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Dining Room Trends for 2021: Bright, Refreshing and Adaptable Ideas

Winer seems especially long this year and really hard in some parts of the world that are still covered in white. Yet, there is plenty to look forward to in the New Year with trends and ideas that promise to reshape our homes. Whether you are looking for a new decorating style in the bedroom or searching for a trendier color to adorn the kitchen cabinets, there is plenty to choose from in 2021. Of course, we have already shared with you several such inspirations and today we turn our attention towards the dining rooms and the trends shaping them in the year to come.

Beautiful brick walls are a hit even in the modern dining room [From: Be Brave Interiors]

Best dining room trends for 2021 include a wonderful mix of beautiful backdrops, relaxing and stylish contemporary color schemes and design plans that end up saving space. There is a bit of something in here for everyone! So step in and discover the very best –

Brick Walls make an Impact

Gone are the days when you had homeowners scurrying around to cover up the brick walls in their house. Today, you have them peeling back layers of plaster in an effort to find those old concealed brick walls! Trendy and adding textural charm to any space they adorn, brick walls in the dining room make an impact instantly. You can either choose to use them as an accent addition or give the entire dining room a brick wall backdrop. If you are not blessed with a home that has brick walls, then faux brick comes to your rescue.

Gorgeous mid-century modern home office with golden glint and a gray, painted brick wall backdrop [From: Mark Ashby Design]
Weathered brick wall backdrop in the dining room gives it a timeless look
Brick wall section steals the spotlight in this contemporary dining space in neural hues [From: WDesignè]

Wood, White and Scandinavian Influences

Looking for that ideal style in the dining space? Then all trends point towards modern Scandinavian this year. Scandinavian style is uncomplicated, easy on the eyes and clutter-free. This allows you to embrace the style even in a modern, open plan living space. Add to it light pastels, round dining tables and chairs in white for that timeless and trendy dining area which steals the show every single time.

Picture-perfect white and wood dining room with a round dining table and pastel accents
Polished and light-filled Scandinavian style dining room in white and wood
Relaxing white and wood dining room that is space-savvy
Light-gray in the dining room is as effective as white for a charming and stylish backdrop [From: Rosy Alexander Interior Design]

An Extension of the Kitchen

Combining the kitchen with the dining area is an idea that is neither revolutionary nor something you have to make major renovations to embrace. You can either call it an eat-in kitchen or a dining area next to the kitchen; semantics should not bother you too much in here. With a color palette and style that complements the kitchen island and breakfast bar next to it, these dining areas act as a transition area between the kitchen and living space. Use a bright area rug to delineate this space and give it individuality.

Most modern homes feature an open living area with kitchen and dining space
Bright and colorful purple rug delineates the dining area in here [From: Tim Barber Architects]
Kitchen and dining area have a common wood and white color scheme
Modern Scandinavian style dining area and kitchen feel like an extension of one another [From: nC2 architecture]

Embrace Nature Everywhere

2020 has taught many of us the value of outdoors and while we might still not be able to freely travel and enjoy nature at its unabated best, you can still invite a hint of it indoors. Potted plants in the corner, curated vases and plants on table tops and creepers in the backdrop; there are many ways in which this can be done. If you have a dining area that overlooks the garden outside, then sliding glass doors offer a great chance to bring the freshness inside!

Exquisite New York dining room where greenery ushers in pops of color
Finding space for greenery in the modern dining room [From: Nanette Wong]
Large indoor plants in the dining room bring casual vibe to the space [From: Joyce Marie Interiors]
Vintage eclectic dining room is all about green goodness [From: Ellie Lillstrom Photography]

Sherry Nothingam

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