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Green Workspaces: Home Offices in 10 Different Styles Bring Nature Indoors

If there is one room in the house that has been put under the scanner last year unlike any time in the past, then it is the home office. A room that was barely ever talked about a couple of decades ago has now become a staple in most homes across the world thanks to a global pandemic. Even otherwise, progress in technology and changing lifestyles meant that we were inevitably getting to his point. But bringing work home is much more complicated than just adding a table and chair in the corner. Beyond power and connectivity issues, you also need a workspace that is productive and engaging.

Finding little niches to add greenery in the contemporary home office for a fresher, heathier workspace [From: Proud House Studio & Co]

Every home office starts with choosing the right room, proper work desk and chair and a style for the space. Beyond this, you can always add a few ‘personal touches’ that make it a whole lot more relaxing and appealing. Adding greenery to the home workspace is the perfect way to accomplish this without having to spend a fortune. It also brings the added benefit of a cleaner, healthier living environment. With that in mind, this is a look at home offices in 10 different styles that embrace greenery in their own unique way –

Relaxing and Transitional

Combining the best of modern and traditional styles, transitional style home offices tend to give you great design flexibility. It is a space where the large potted plant in the corner looks best. With the backdrop being neutral and décor largely modern, any plant that you add to the setting will make an instant impact.

Light-filled transitional style home office with a large indoor plant in the corner and gray walls [From: Derrick Mar of Coldwell Banker]

Modern Eclectic

As is the case in any other room, an eclectic style allows you to bring in different elements with great ease – when done right, of course! The home office below feels casual, timeless and more like a place to rest and rejuvenate rather than one for strenuous work. If you are someone with artistic flair, then this would suit your best!

Modern eclectic home office in Melbourne with a creeper that adds greenery to the room [From: Paula Mills Art]

Minimal and Scandinavian

A style that is once again adaptable and trendy, Scandinavian style allows you to create a light-filled, trendy and modern workspace that is free of clutter. With wood, white and light grays shaping the backdrop, this is another great place to usher in a bit of greenery. Just a small potted plant on the desk in this room can become a charming and un-missable focal point.

Scandinavian style home office in wood and white with a dash of green brought in by indoor plants [From: Erin Roberts Design]

Mid-century Modern Home Office with Greenery

Wall-mounted pockets of green were used to bring life to this small and elegant mid-century modern home office. It is easy to fall in love with this little ‘oasis of greenery’ set in an otherwise contemporary, urbane home. Using the wall to add flora to your home office also saves space and is an idea that comes in handy in tiny workspaces.

Wall-mounted pockets of green make the biggest impact in this curated mid-century home office [From: Inside Stories by Duet Design Group]

For the Farmhouse Space

Making most of the attic space, this farmhouse style home office is well-lit and organized. Additional shelf spaces, cabinets and a work desk in the corner along with an ergonomic chair take care of the functional aspects. But it is the large plant in the corner that still ends up stealing the spotlight in here…

Large farmhouse style home office in the attic with a relaxing ambiance

Traditional and Timeless

Prefer a more traditional style in the home office? Not to worry as this Manhattan home office offers the perfect template for those who want a serene and functional home office with just a tinge of greenery. Placing the indoor plant in the corner also saves space and puts the forgotten corner to good use.

Indoor plants bring a touch of tropical glam to this traditional home office in Manhattan

Industrial Modern Home office

In this home office with wooden walls, the garden outside brings greenery to an otherwise rugged and functional room. Instead adding an indoor plant or green wall, homeowners here can experience a sense of freshness by swinging the doors open at any time.

Home office with industrial style where the greenery outside becomes a part of the interior

Coastal makes an Impact

One of the perennially popular styles, coastal allows you to add greenery to the home office in a more unrestrained manner. Apart from large indoor plants in the corner and little potted plants on your work table, you can also use custom wall murals to add leafy patterns that accentuate the ‘green look’!

Chic coastal style home office in white and blue is a great place for indoor plants [From: Token Home]

Colorful and Contemporary

Contemporary home offices are generally spaces filled with muted colors, neutral hues and a whole lot of white. Break away from this trend in a curated pattern with an eye-catching desk and chair in bright hues. Indoor plants and a bit of greenery splashed across the room only adds to this uplifting appeal.

Brilliant hot pink desk and bright yellow chair steal the show in this contemporary home office [From: Big Country Built]

A Bit of Mediterranean Magic

Much like tropical, Mediterranean is a style that is just perfect for adding a bit of greenery to the backdrop and making it look natural. Modern Mediterranean styles are relaxing, filled with bright accents and a backdrop that manages to remain neutral. White and blue color scheme coupled with a dash of greenery should be picture-perfect in here.

Mediterranean and eclectic influences thrown into the mix inside the home office

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