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Organizational Delight: 30 Smart Dining Room Hutches and China Cabinets

The dedicated dining room might be fading away ever so slowly in favor of that open plan dining area that easily and effortlessly blends in with the living space and kitchen, but there are some design elements that remain forever young. Even though contemporary designers are busy designing modular shelves that unite the living space, kitchen and dining area into one flowing family zone, the allure of a classic hutch or china cabinet still remains as strong as ever. For some a throwback to simpler times and for others a practical and essential piece of furniture, the dining room hutch is hard to ignore!

Farmhouse style dining space and kitchen with a fabulous hutch in blue [Design: Marina Kutepova Design]

Often the largest and most obvious décor addition to the dining room, the china hutch can go on to define the style, mood and the ambiance of the dining room with ease. Even though most of us tend to gravitate towards the antique, traditional and vintage pieces, these utilitarian delights find their way into even the most contemporary of dining areas. Versatile, striking and practical, here is a look at 30 of the very best around –

Creative, Colorful Display

There is nothing like a colorful hutch to revitalize your old dining room and give it a fabulous focal point that will wow your guests and friends. The brightly colored hutch can become a part of the larger dining room color scheme by repeating the same bold hue elsewhere in the space. This might come in the form of a lovely rug, colorful chairs, a simple table runner or even something as modest as a glassy vase. By repeating the color, your dining room will definitely seem like a far more curated and refined setting irrespective of the theme that you have going.

Multi-colored dining room hutch becomes a vivacious focal point in the dining room [Design: Carol Freedman Design]
Hutch in bright red adds color and class to the transitional kitchen [Design: Glenvale Kitchens]
Beautiful dining room hutch combines display and storage spaces effortlessly [From: Tess Fine]

A contrasting approach is to add a smart navy blue or bright red hutch to a dining room that is draped in neutral hues. Since most dining room hutches can also be easily used in the kitchen or even in a shabby chic living room, you can always move it out when you want to alter the ambiance of the room.

Faux painted walls and ceiling leave you spellbound in this rustic kitchen [Design: Ellis Custom Homes]
Custom hutch makes dining room organization easier [Design: Reece and Nichols Realtors]
Traditional dining room in yellow and black with a large hutch [Design: Visbeen Architects]
Fabulous dining room hutch adds red to the eclectic setting [Design: Tracey Stephens Interior Design]

The Distressed Look

Distressed décor is making a huge comeback in 2016, with styles such as Bohemian and shabby chic allowing homeowners to embrace upcycled and rejuvenated furniture pieces. A lovely hutch with a distressed finish is a classic that never fails, and if you are willing to go down the route of a whitewashed hutch, then you can integrate it into even a contemporary and minimal dining room as well. If you cannot find a truly distressed china hutch, then give the modern piece that you own a custom distressed finish.

French country style dining room with a stylish hutch and dining table in wood [From: Zin Home]
Shabby chic style dining room with whitewashed, vintage hutch [Design: Palm Design Group]
Dashing and stylish vintage hutch for the traditional dining room [From: Taste Design / Nat Rea Photography]
Take the hutch into the open plan living area [Design: Janette Mallory Interior Design]
Dining room hutch is the perfect place to showcase your best china come holiday season and beyond [From: Hoge Architectural Group]
Vintage hutch is an absolute space-saver in the small shabby chic style dining room [From: Heather Kowalski]
Open shelves of the hutch present the perfect opportunity to showcase some lovely glassware [Design: Heather ODonovan Interior Design]

An Antique and Vintage Vibe

Even though it does not seem all too obvious, a beautiful hutch is far more versatile than those built-in cabinets that most of us tend to veer towards in modern dining rooms. For starters, you can easily move around the hutch so that it matches with your latest decorating scheme and seasonal festivities. If you are throwing a weekend party and need additional square footage, then the hutch can simply disappear into another room, while it can take center stage as you host an amazing family dinner on Thanksgiving or Christmas!

Antique hutch in the dining room helps store your precious china [Design: Archer & Buchanan Architecture]
Gorgeous hutch creates a cool and colorful backdrop in this farmhouse style dining space [From: Michelle Jamieson Interiors / New England Style]
Textured walls for spacious dining room with warm hues [Design: Witt Construction]
Turn that classic hutch into the showstopper of the dining room [Design: Rizzoli New York / Photography by Erhard Pfeiffer]

You can decorate the vintage hutch with much more than just fancy china, as scented candles, artwork and even a festive garland will seem perfectly at home in these vintage and antique displays. Then there is all that added storage space to tuck away tableware that you rarely use. No matter how you look at it, a classic hutch is a dependable and adaptable allay in your quest for that perfect dining room!

Spanish Colonial dining room with a beautiful hutch and lovely lighting [Design: Astleford Interiors]
Rustic dining room with a fabulous china hutch that complements its style perfectly [Design: Alan Mascord Design Associates]
Hint of colonial panache enlivens classic dining room [Design: Witt Construction]

A Stylish Spread

Not happy with the more traditional, standalone hutch? Maybe you would like a modern version of this timeless piece that is built into the dining room wall. There are plenty of contemporary reinterpretations of the china hutch that fit into even the tiniest space, and the many finishes on offer guarantee that it blends in with the other décor pieces in the dining space. Those looking for a balance between modern and traditional might prefer midcentury hutches that bring together the best of both worlds. Mediterranean, farmhouse, transitional or coastal – there is a perfect hutch for every style and space out there!

A modern alternative to the traditional hutch [Design: Carl M. Hansen Companies]
Black hutch is the showstopper in this white, eclectic kitchen [Design: Laura Hardin]
Midcentury hutches placed next to one another to double up the dining room storage space [From: Sarah Greenman]
Cool shabby chic dining room of Brooklyn Apartment [From: Chris A Dorsey Photography]
Mediterranean dining room has a custom nook for the hutch [Design: Cornerstone Architects]
Mediterranean dining room with splash of yellow [Design: Lawrence Architecture]
A quality hutch will serve your family for generations to come [Design: Insignia Kitchen and Bath Design Studio]
Lovely hutch adds classic charm to the traditional dining space with colorful red chairs [Design: TNT Simmonds]

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