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Decorating with Greenery: 32 Ways to Bring Home the Freshness of Plants and Flowers

Who among us wouldn’t really love a hint of natural greenery within the confines of their home?! In a world dominated by stone, concrete and glass, indoor plants and fresh flowers offer a welcome change and revitalize an interior that feels sterile and monotonous. When it comes to indoor plants, the benefits go beyond just aesthetics. A dash of greenery can make your living room environment a lot healthier, and research also proves that caring for plants can dramatically improve the mood of those who feel constantly low or depressed. Giving your contemporary home a natural green tinge definitely has plenty of perks!

Stunning herb and green vegetable garden in the kitchen makes use of vertical space (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)

Decorating with plants, fresh flowers or even old branches carefully collected in a vase is a trend that is on the up. Green and white is quickly becoming the color palette of choice in this regard with fresh white flowers and their long, green stems assuming the central role in many curated settings. Today, we take a look at some of the smartest ways to decorate with indoor plants and seasonal flowers without going overboard and staying gender-neutral. It is time to turn to Mother Nature for some decorating help…

Refreshing Living Rooms

Adding an indoor plant to the living room is arguably the easiest and most inexpensive way of giving the space a new lease of life without making any major changes. One can simply place the potted plant in an empty corner of the room, and whether the style of the room is contemporary or traditional, minimal or Bohemian, this green addition will blend in seamlessly. Your choice of indoor plants depends both on the local climate and how much care and time you can devote to it. The worst thing one can do is bring in a fancy, high-maintenance indoor plant and then leave it to wither away over time.

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Make sure your indoor plants match the color scheme of the living room (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Living room corner decorating idea (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
A smart vase and some seasonal flowers can make a big difference to your interior (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)

If the small or large indoor plant seems a touch too simple for your taste, then why not take your love of green a notch higher with a captivating living wall? Living walls are easy to create with the right equipment, and you can even buy a few of these off the shelf! Offering a dynamic and vivacious backdrop, a living wall is one of those living room additions that would never go out of style.

An indoor green hub creates a natural escape within your urban home (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Decorate your coffee table with a large vase, flowers and some greenery (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Decorating the bookshelf with indoor plants and green creepers (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Decorating with green and white is one of the hot trends this winter (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Flowers add freshness and seasonal flair to the living room (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Indoor plant adds a pop of red and freshness to this living room setting (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)

Herb Gardens and Indoor Plants

The kitchen is another great place to decorate with plants, and in this part of the house, you can easily combine aesthetics with practicality to create a lovely, green backdrop. A small herb garden in homemade containers is a DIY project that almost anyone can pull off, and this herb garden adds flavor not just to your culinary delights, but also to the ambiance of the kitchen itself. Everything from the kitchen countertop and the smart, central island to the sleek floating shelves and suspended, custom planters can be used to create a cool herb garden even in the tiniest of kitchens.

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Even the tiniest hint of natural greenery can make a big impact in the modern kitchen (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Finding space for a small herb garden in the kitchen is easier than you think (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Kitchen decorating idea for those who love their herbs and green vegetables! (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Simple use of potted plants brings freshness and color to the contemporary kitchen (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Sleek and smart planters allow you to grow your own herbs with ease (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)

With the dining area and the kitchen becoming one in most modern homes, a carefully placed vase at the heart of the dining table with a few fresh flowers might be all you need to spice up the space. Once again, the more adventurous can consider giving the dining space a stunning living wall or a section of the wall that is covered in curated creepers. It is time to get creative!

Small herb garden in the kitchen serves you in more ways than one! (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Space-savvy modern kitchen also incorporates green goodness with a few herbs and potted plants (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Use the kitchen island and counter space to usher in some greenery (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
White flowers with long green stems are ideal for giving your home a winter makeover (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Bonsia plant on the kitchen counter is an absolute showstopper (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Casually placed potted plants and creepers add to the overall appeal of the open plan living area (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Decorating with dried stems and flowers is as effective as with fresh, green indoor plants (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Vase at the heart of the table with flowers and branches draws your attention instantly (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Sleek kitchen shelves provide ample space for indoor plants (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)

Bathrooms with Green Goodness

All of us wish for a bathroom that transports us from our mundane world to a setting that is relaxing and rejuvenating. Spa-inspired bathrooms are definitely on the up, and in most of these luxurious spaces, it is white that becomes the color of choice. Those exquisite long-stemmed white flowers once again become the star of the show here. While the hint of green adds color and contrast to the bathroom clad in neutral hues, the flowers bring in a dash of femininity and sparkle.

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Decorate your bathroom vanity and the medicine cabinet next to it with plants and creepers (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Give your bathroom the green and white revolution! (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Indoor plant decorating idea that works as well in the foyer as it does in the master bathroom (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)

If flowers in a vase do not do the trick for you, then try out something far more expansive with an indoor bamboo garden or even a bathroom that opens up towards the garden outside. Adding green goodness to your bathroom does not necessarily mean incorporating an indoor plant or even a living wall. Just the visual connectivity with the lush rear garden of your home can make all the difference.

Long stemmed white flowers in a vase ise decorating classic that never fails (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Tall floor vases with beautiful stemmed flowers add to the color scheme of the bathroom (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Tall plant next to the bathtub ushers in a hint of outdoor goodness (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Wall of green for the small contemporary bathroom (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Contemporary bathroom vanity in white with a small vase and flowers that bring color to the setting (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)

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