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Think Green: 20 Vertical Garden Ideas

There’s nothing like a vertical garden overflowing with lush plants! Vertical gardening is one of today’s top trends, and the good news for design lovers is that there’s a solution for every budget. Whether you have a vertical garden custom built for a wall in your home or you create your own out of plastic soda bottles, rest assured that you can cultivate a stunning display of greenery. Today we’ve rounded up 20 vertical garden ideas that will inspire you to install a living work of art in your indoor or outdoor space…

Innovative Materials

Let’s begin by exploring how unexpected materials can result in the most unique of vertical gardens! Plastic soda bottles are your friend in this garden designed by Brazilian firm Rosenbaum for the 48th home in their makeover series. Get all the DIY details at The Dirt:

DIY plastic bottle vertical garden by Rosenbaum

HomeMade Modern has mastered the art of the modern vertical garden. We’re fans of this DIY Copper Herb Garden, which features a clever use for copper piping:

DIY copper pipe garden from HomeMade Modern

You can even attach old pot racks to the side of a building and use them to hold a range of potted plants. We’re loving how this next vertical garden took the color of the background into consideration, incorporating greenery that complements the rosy hue. [via Inhabitat]

Colorful wall with a vertical garden

Framed Greenery

Many popular vertical gardens are framed, creating a juxtaposition between lush greenery and manicured style. The living work of art below was designed by Flora Grubb (via Bright Green and Houzz):

Framed vertical garden by Flora Grubb

This vertical garden photo from Keona Wiley (via Houzz) showcases the Breathe Living Wall by DIRTT. Learn more about this vertical garden system here:

vertical garden system by DIRTT

Don’t hesitate to purchase a vertical garden rather than create your own from scratch! The photo below features the GroVert Frame from Bright Green. Note how it’s been used to cultivate an herb living wall in the bright kitchen below: [photo via Houzz]

Kitchen with an herb living wall

Pockets of Plants

Woolly Pocket offers a range of living wall planters that allow you to create a vertical garden that’s perfect for your space. The brand’s pockets are user-friendly and stylish. The photo below showcases Wally, a series of living wall planters created from 100% recycled plastic water bottles:

Wally by Woolly Pockets

Wally is available in one-, three- and five-pocket options, giving you plenty of solutions as you craft and expand your garden:

Vertical garden showcasing Wally by Woolly Pockets

You can call attention to the pocket-like containers or use flowing plants that conceal them. Below we see a compact vertical garden utilizing the Wally Three:

Living wall system from Woolly Pockets

For a truly unforgettable focal point, create a vertical garden over the fireplace! Learn more at Woolly Pocket:

Vertical garden for over the fireplace

Sleek and Modern Solutions

From overflowing vertical gardens to neat and tidy ones, we’re delighted by the number of modern solutions at the ready! This DIY Hanging Garden from HomeMade Modern involves basic supplies such as pine boards, rope and terra cotta pots. Simple, eye-catching and contemporary!

DIY vertical garden from HomeMade Modern

On a similar note, this vertical garden designed by Susie Frazier has a sleek, modern look, as well as a rustic vibe (thanks to the mason jars). Get all of the DIY details at Constant Contact:

Long DIY vertical garden

For another fabulous modern idea, check out this wooden wall garden design that exudes clean-lined style (with a hint of earthy flair).

DIY wall garden planters

Rain Gutter Gardens

Rain gutters make excellent vertical garden supplies, and a slew of ideas are at the ready to help you create your own version. This stunning hanging garden is from a Terrain retail store. (featured at Country Living):

DIY rain gutter garden

This copper vertical garden featured at Houzz (from Sustainable Garden Design Perth) involves copper rain gutter-like vessels attached to the wall with the help of masonry bolts:

Rain gutter garden with copper vessels

For details how to build a rain gutter garden, check out this handy tutorial from Lowe’s…

Rain gutter garden from Lowe’s

Verdant Panels

We end today’s post by celebrating the power of panels. First up: try incorporating a vertical garden into a fence. Modern fencing works well with this concept, and a custom-built fence can help you achieve just the right mix of wood and greenery for your yard. [photo by Nancee Lewis Photography for Singing Gardens via Houzz]

Vertical gardens in a modern fence

Like a captivating piece of artwork or an engaging wallpapered accent wall, the vertical gardens below bring this dining room to life. [photo from Dingle Partners Real Estate for Alisa and Lysandra Interiors]

Contemporary dining room with vertical gardens

Sometimes one panel of greenery is all it takes! The timber deck in the photo below features a green wall that adds the perfect dose of color and texture. [photo by Huw Lambert for Angus Mackenzie Architect]

Vertical garden on an outdoor deck

If you do incorporate a large living wall, don’t hesitate to get some help from the professionals. Their expertise is invaluable when it comes to installing the vertical garden and maintaining it! We’ll leave you with one last stunning example of vertical wall gardening… [photo from Chris Dyson Architects]

Large living wall in an outdoor space

Here’s to the verdant beauty of greenery! Wishing you much success in your vertical gardening endeavors…

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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