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For the Urban Socialite: Brazilian Duplex Maximizes Just 44 Sqm of Space!

When it comes to space-savvy design, the duplex definitely trumps conventional apartment where you just do not fully utilize all the vertical space on offer. Nestled in a busy neighborhood of Brasilia, Brazil the Simpatia Apartment designed by Lez Arquitetura does all it can to bring a hip and space-savvy lifestyle to a young couple who love to cook, host and generally spend most of their free time with friends and family. Standing between them and their dream of being the ideal hosts was the limited amount of space inside this 44-square-meter duplex that did not have enough space for all the appliances they desired. The solution came in the form a new floor plan that extends the mezzanine level above and revamps the living area below.

Lower level living area and social zone of the Simpatia Apartment in Brazil

The lower level now contains just the open living space with kitchen and a small dining section. Old staircase inside has been upgraded and repainted in gray to fit in with the new neutral color palette. It is two ‘custom walls’ that bring space-savvy goodness in here with one in light wood and metal holding the television, ice makes, coffee makes and beer cooler while another wall on opposite side becomes the single-wall kitchen and also has space for refrigerator and washing machine. A dining table for two and large leather sofa complete this space with the master bedroom, office and closets on the floor above. [Photography: Júlia Tótoli]

Couch in the living area anchors the space and gives it a direction
Kitchen wall of the apartment under the extended mezzanine level with dark gray cabinets and refrigerator and washing machine under the staircase
Old staircase of the house was remodeled and painted gray to allow it to fit in with the new style of the loft
Wood and metal bookcase on one side of the floor with TV, beer cooler and ample space for other features
Beer cooler, ice maker and coffee maker sit next to the television on one side of the living area

When going upstairs, we see a gray volume that delimits and highlights the bathroom area. The lateral closure is made of an aluminum frame with a mixture of two types of glass for privacy and to allow natural light into the bathroom, which originally was closed. We covered all the bathroom walls with graphite porcelain and the carved countertop was made in black ‘São Gabriel’ granite…

Blue, gray and wood shape the social zone and kitchen on the lower level of the duplex
Modern bedroom in gray and white on the upper level of the duplex with a space-savvy design
Contemporary bedside pendant light is perfect for the small nightstand
Gray half-wall coupled with gray workspace and slim floating shelves in the small bedroom
Graphite porcelain and carved countertops shape the stylish kitchen in white and gray

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