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Hot Fall and Winter Trend: Exquisite Navy Blue Sofas for a Trendy Living Room

It is that time of the year again when we are just about starting to brace for Halloween and the festive season beyond that. It is also a time when we see a distinct change in wardrobe, colors around us and the chill factor in the air. With fall firmly here, now is also a great time to think about making some quick redecorating choices that will serve you well for the colder months ahead. Even if the charm of sunny days on the beach is behind us, colors associated with coastal and beach style need not be relegated to the past. This fall has seen a color trend that is anything but usual – a love for navy blue and other deeper shades of blue.

Deep blue sofa with a touch of Scandinavian charm

While blue is a color that is often associated with warmer months of spring and summer, the world of fashion and design has embraced it this fall. Yes, orange is still a hue that works brilliantly as fall knocks on your door. But give the new ‘blue wave’ a shot this year and you will see its many benefits when winter starts fading and spring rolls in. A bright blue sofa in the living feels appropriate all year long and seamlessly blends in with a variety of styles. This is why we bring to you one of the top living room decorating trends of the season – the bright blue couch.

Finding the Right Style

We have often talked about how blue is a color that seamlessly combines with pretty much any style that you can think of. Yes, beach style spaces and coastal themed interiors feel like more organic living rooms for the big, bright blue sofa. But the navy blue sofa can also be at the heart of the rustic living room in white and wood, shabby chic living space clad entirely in white or even that posh, contemporary home with a sophisticated living space. It is more the build of the sofa and finishing material that largely go on to define the style of the blue sofa rather than just the hue.

Exploring different shades of blue in the living room
Navy blue sofa stands out visually in this spacious traditional living room [From: Scott W Bartholomew Architecture]
Perfect contemporary couch in navy blue!
Eclectic living room with ample natural light and a bright navy blue sofa

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Working with Space on Offer

Space is a constraint that we all have to work around in the living room and in the open plan living area, it is the bold blue sofa that anchors it and defines its boundaries. A large sectional in navy blue instantly garbs your attention; even so if you set it against a monochromatic and neutral backdrop. In the small living area, family room or the sunroom, a simple couch in navy blue can weave together all the different décor pieces even if the style is eclectic.

Gorgeous navy blue sectional for the contemporary living room [From: Smith Boyd Interiors]
Sectional in navy blue anchors this open plan living area
Small transitional home office with a tiny blue couch
Chic living room in white with bright navy blue sectional
Family room with loads of blue and coastal panache [From: Deborah Wecselman Design]

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Timeless for a Reason

The blue sofa is not just another bold décor choice, it is a classic that never fails even with passage of time. Since blue is a color that is eternally at the top end of the trends chart and since the navy blue sofa fits in with a variety of style choice, you will not have to swap out the existing couch for a new one when it is time to redecorate your living space.

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Navy blue coupled with white in the small, gray family room [From: Aneka Interiors]
Navy blue sofa with white piping is perfect for the beach style living room [From: Carolyn Thayer interiors / Cary Hazlegrove Photography]
Transitional kids’ room and media area with deep blue couch
Combining deep blues with hot metallics is a trendy idea
Giving the sunroom a makeover with the bright blue couch [From: Carrington Hill Designs]

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