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10 Contemporary Rooms with Concrete Ceiling

Versatile, strong, durable and an essential component of the urban landscape, concrete can be found pretty much all around us. Of course, we need to generally dig a little before we uncover that layer of rough, unpolished concrete under stucco, stone, wood, or any other material that is used to cover up its stoic presence. For some reason, most people simply are not very fond of concrete as a finish. Maybe it feels far too impersonal, cold, and indifferent. Maybe it is still associated with the image of an unfinished building that still needs to be finished. Maybe simply because we all prefer warmer, more inviting finishes!

Ultra-luxurious living room of contemporary mansion in Port Douglas

But exposed concrete has made a small comeback of sorts in the last few years. Even though it is brick walls, large glass windows and bright metallic that lead the pack thanks to new found love for industrial style and design, concrete still has found a reasonably secure place for itself. More homeowners are willing to embrace the exposed concrete finish in the living room, bedrooms and dining rooms. But this often comes in the form of the concrete floor. Today, we look in a completely opposite direction as we shed some light on the concrete ceiling

Blending in with Modern Aesthetics

Incorporating an exposed concrete ceiling into the urbane and polished scheme of things is much easier than you think. For starters, you need not necessarily opt for a finish that is raw and tough. A polished and smooth finish for the concrete ceiling ensures that it easily blends in with the curated living room or kitchen below and also adds to the light-filled and airy appeal of the interior. Of course, you can always combine a concrete ceiling with exposed concrete walls and dark, metallic surfaces to create a modern-industrial living space.

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Dashing contemporary living room with glass walls and concrete ceiling [From: David Hertz Architects & Studio of Environmental Architecture]
Contemporary family room in modern Israeli home with concrete ceiling

An alternative route is to keep the room as neutral as possible by using white for the backdrop while adding wooden accent pieces to usher in warmth and greater textural contrast. This also draws the eye towards the concrete ceiling without creating the impression of a sterile and impersonal space.

Concrete with raw finish for the ceiling gives the home a unique look

For the Urban Apartment

In renovated industrial lofts and revamped apartments with a touch of industrial flair, the concrete ceiling fits in almost effortlessly. It is in more modern apartments that one needs to be more careful while using exposed raw concrete. The rawer the finish of the concrete, less modern the interior is bound to feel. This is why it is best to adopt a more eclectic, shabby chic or even modern-industrial decorating style in such spaces.

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Eclectic modern apartment in Krakow with color and curated charm
Small industrial apartment with plenty of color

Also, ensure that there is an abundance of natural light or at least a multi-layered approach to lighting inside these rooms. Dark spaces and reduced lighting can dampen the mood inside a room with concrete ceiling and give it a jaded and dingy visual appeal. Glittering metallics and mirrored finishes come in handy as well.

Brick and concrete combine beautifully inside this modern industrial Vancouver loft

An Industrial Expression

Want to move towards an aesthetic that this more industrial than modern? Then bring in other staple elements of the style along with concrete. Beautiful, exposed brick walls are a perennial hit and they look even more awesome when coupled with the concrete ceiling and exposed duct pipes. Lighting fixtures like the Tom Dixon Beat and Melt pendants accentuate this style, but with a hint of contemporary finesse. Sliding barn doors, cleverly placed track lighting and décor in metal and wood complete the look!

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Open duct pipes and track lighting add to the industrial charm of the concrete ceiling [From: Upstyle Staging]
Open plan living area of refurbished London Loft with concrete ceiling
Gorgeous dining room with Tom Dixon lighting, brick wall backdrop and concrete ceiling

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