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Concrete, Blockwork and a Love for the Landscape Shape Bare House

After years of pondering over the best way in which they can design their own home, Jacobs-Yaniv Architects settled on an inviting, open and elegant design that showcases the beauty of traditional building techniques of the region. The exquisite family home in Herzliya, Israel, relies on the beauty of raw finishes brought in by concrete and blockwork to create a serene setting where the line between the interior and the outdoors is blurred. Respecting the existing garden with two large pecan nut trees, the Bare House makes most of the lovely garden that is nestled on the lot.

Raw finishes and blockwork create a cozy and elegant home

The new house replaces a more modest dwelling and it is a series of wooden decks and walkways that allow it to combine effortlessly with the green landscape outside. With a living area that feels more like an open lounge connecting the adult and the kids’ wings, life at this cheerful Israeli home is all about spending as much time outside as possible. A two-sided home library separates the kitchen from the lunge with a high concrete ceiling and generous presence of windows ushering in natural light.

Décor is kept distinctly modern in style with the black dining table, dining chairs and loungers in the living area anchoring an otherwise breezy neutral setting. A family home that is full of life and filled with natural freshness! [Photography: Amit Geron]

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High ceiling and hovering concrete roof give the interior a spacious appeal
Open living room and lounge of contemporary family home
Two-sided library separates the lounge from the kitchen
Smart design of the lounges brings the outdoors inside
Vases bring a dash of color to the neutral interior
Blockwork and concrete along with glass walls shape a relaxing interior
Wooden deck and walkways extend the living area outside

Questioning the space for a single family and provoking the programmatic layout, we have decided to split between the children’s area and our area to the ends of the house while the meeting point for everybody is in the center, where lounge, kitchen and dining are right in front of the trees. The desire was that the lounge would act like a court yard

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Half-wall delineates the bedroom from the master bath
Contemporary bathroom with white tiles and a wooden vanity
Flood of natural light illuminates the modern bathroom
Wooden walkways and garden spaces surround the family house
Inviting and private garden with wooden walkways
Gorgeous and serene home surrounded by a lovely garden
Large pecan nut trees become a part of the home’s narrative

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