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White Aluminum Screen and In-Situ Concrete Create a Dramatic Kew Home

A perfect architectural composition touches you in more ways than one. It is not about just aesthetics and ergonomics alone. Involving multiple senses makes a more lasting impression and this contemporary home in Kew, Melbourne aims to do that with a unique blend of materials and an equally innovative home design. It was Architects EAT who decided to give the residence a façade unlike any other with a white aluminum screen that keeps away prying eyes and helps shape a more intimate entrance zone. It also preserves a sense of mystery as one is greeted by a blue front gate, lovely grasscrete, hanging plants and a serene ambiance.

Street facade of the Moving House in Melbourne with a white metal grille

Concrete is the material off choice on the inside with the three inimitable curved ceiling structures in raw concrete standing in contrast to the polished concrete floor. The repetitive concrete ‘vaults’ capture the Northern sunlight beautifully and fill the interior with bright daylight. As the day passes and seasons wax and wane, the interior changes ever so subtly because of varying natural light even as the rest of the home remains distinctly minimal and stoic. Sporadically used arm wooden surfaces gently interrupt this concrete monotony while blue accents make a rare appearance in the bedroom.

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White metal grille shapes the street facade of this contemporary Aussie home
Wood brings a touch of warmth to the interior draped in concrete
Polished and light-filled dining area and kitchen of the Melbourne home
Polished concrete floor and exposed concrete ceilings give the interior a minimal appeal
Minimal white walls and wooden plank create an interesting workspace

With the open living connected to the garden outside using large glass windows and sliding glass doors, the transition between both the areas is seamless. White sheers keep out harsh, direct sunlight and smart Scandinavian style décor completes this exceptional and ground-breaking Aussie home. [Photography: Derek Swallwell]

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Hanging plants and grasscrete welcome you at this modern Kew Residence
Modern bedroom in white with pops of blue
Hanging plants next to concrete walls create an Arcadian setting of sorts
Raw concrete curved ceiling structures inside the Melbourne home
Floor plan of the Moving House in Kew
Sectional view of the creative concrete home in Melbourne

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