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30 Beds and Headboards that Bring Color to the Bedroom

We always emphasize on the fact that your bedroom must reflect your personality, offer a soothing and peaceful sanctuary and should be draped in colors that you love the most. We often tend to forget the last part of that equation in favor of hot trends and unassuming neutral that are glorified beyond necessity. The idea of a ‘picture-perfect’ bedroom draped in neutral colors and accentuated by a few pops of bright hues might seem great on paper, but it really is not the dream bedroom for all of us. Some of us tend to adore a bit more color, character and personality. It is precisely why you should consider a colorful bed frame and headboard!

Maybe you are just bored with all the white, gray and beige in your bedroom. Maybe you are a person who simply wants to fill the space around them with brighter, bolder colors that make a big visual impact. Or it could just be a case of trying to turn the bed into the most attractive and striking feature of the bedroom once again. No matter what your reason, today’s collection of 30 colorful beds and headboards should inspire you to redecorate your bedroom pretty soon.

Bold Splash of Color

We start off with a spotlight on the most colorful bed frames and headboards and this is a series that you simply do not want to miss! From bold and sunny yellow to daring scarlet and majestic purple, this is a collection of the most brilliant and beautiful beds drenched in plenty of color. And the best part of it all is that each of these beds feels perfectly at home in modern bedrooms thanks to the use of simple, straight lines, uncomplicated form and minimal aesthetics. Add to it fabulous, tufted headboards in matching hue and you have a comfortable bed that is also a delightful visual treat.

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Comfy contemporary bed from Bellus with a dashing tufted headboard
Dashing contemporary bed with multi-colored charm and a splash of red
Design of the headboard makes it a perfect choice for those who want a cozy, modern bedroom
Ergomotion bed in gorgeous blue is both aesthetic and ultra-comfy
Exquisite bed and headboard usher in both color and contrast with ease
Minimal and gorgeous scarlet bed frame brings a touch of romance to the bedroom
Bright purple headboard and bed frame idea

A Striking Headboard

Maybe you are not all that interested in ample color and are looking for a bed that is a touch different from the mundane and usher in contrast without feeling far too overwhelming. Instead of bringing home a bed in striking yellow or red, try out one in a lighter tone, but with a dashing and bright headboard. The headboard makes up for the lack of color in the rest of the room and by combining it with matching table lamps and nightstands; you have a gorgeous bedroom that is both aesthetic and functional. From custom headboards that use blocks of wood to glamorous designs clad in silvery glitz, there is plenty to admire here –

Custom headboard using light and dark blocks of wood offer textural beauty and contrast
Exquisite tufted headboard in bold blue gives this bed its unique look
Make the bed the showstopper of your bedroom with a silvery glint
Perfect contemporary bed and headboard design for the ravishing bachelor pad with a hint of glitz
Round daybed in bright purple for those who want to move away from the mundane!
Subtle curves of the tufted headboard grad your attention instantly
Uber-comfy contemporary bed design with low frame and brick red vibe
Bed in bright, contrasting colors can redefine your entire bedroom aesthetic

Try out a Few Lighter Shades

A lot of people misinterpret color for something definitely ‘bold’, but that is far from the truth. You can bring a colorful bed frame and headboard into your bedroom without actually splurging on a whole lot of vivaciousness! Pick out a bed frame in orange, red or even purple, but in a lighter tone and with a matte finish. These chic and smart beds are ideal for bedrooms with styles varying from shabby chic, modern, minimal and contemporary to something as extravagant as Hollywood Regency and retro. Once again, make sure you choose the right headboard as this makes or breaks the look of the room in an instant.

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It is not just dark and bold colors that make a big impact in the bedroom with neutral color palette
Leather bed and headboard for the masculine bedroom of the bachelor pad
Luxurious modern bed with a tufted headboard from de RUCCI
Orange with a matte finish is both spunky and understated!
Sconce lights built into the headboard offer a space-savvy fetaure
Space-conscious design of the bed lets it become a part of even the tiniest bedrooms
Bed in light lavender for the shabby chic or feminine bedroom
Cocoon bed in bluish-gray for the modern minimal bedroom

Make a Style Statement

We finish off today’s journey into the world of brilliant beds and headboards with a collection that seems to fit in with almost any style you have going at your home. Beds and headboards in back, shades of gray and blue are both timeless and incredibly versatile. The black bed can anchor a breezy and airy modern bedroom and can define its style and theme in an instant. Bed frames in bluish-gray are a hot trend and they tend to deliver that elusive balance between colorful zest and refined panache. Even if they are not all that spunky, they make up for it with sheer longevity.

Bed in black anchors the bedroom and creates a cool focal point
Black bed and ornate headboard make big visual impact in abedroom clad in neutral hues
Purple tufted headboard brings an air of luxury to the bedroom
Shades of blue are an instant hit in most contemporary bedrooms
Simple and uncomplicated bed design from Svane fits in easily with most bedroom styles
Beautiful bed with Scandinavian simplicity and a dab of blue
Beautiful bed with Scandinavian simplicity and a dab of blue
Bed design with simple straight lines is the best choice for the contemporary bedroom
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