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Tiny Space Upgrades: Smart Decorating Ideas on a Budget for Small Bedrooms

Sometimes we feel we are obsessed by space and how we can find creative new ways to maximize it. Then we are quickly reminded of how much of a premium it is in cities across the world and how most of our readers are constantly searching for space-savvy designs that improve their own homes. One room of the house that needs to be as uncluttered as possible is the bedroom. The bedroom is a safe, personal sanctuary where you can express yourself freely. It is also needs to be a place where rest and rejuvenation come naturally and this means you need a bedroom that is organized and easy on the eyes.

It is hard to find a more beautiful small bedroom with modern industrial style [From: Robeson Design]

Tiny space upgrades in the small bedroom come in a variety of forms and each bedroom needs something different. Finding an idea that works in your own bedroom can be hard at the best of times. Add to it the necessity to combine ergonomics with aesthetics in here while sticking to a chosen style and your task gets trickier. From beds that are minimal to wardrobe units that disappear into walls, this is a look at the best ideas doing rounds –

1. Monochromatic and Cheerful

This is a great starting point in the small bedroom. A monochromatic color scheme in the small bedroom means you have very little in terms of visual fragmentation of spaces. If the color that you picked for this task is white, light gray or cream, then it is even better! Of course, décor in matching hue is not always easy to find and adding another color to the mix definitely gives the bedroom a more exciting look. So, try out a white monochromatic backdrop with just one more color brought in by decor and accessories and you have the perfect balance.

Monochromatic bedrooms always feel a lot more spacious than they really are! [From: Hungerford Interior Design]
Custom bedroom with space-savvy design and a dark headboard accent wall [From: Interiors by Maite Granda]

2. Wardrobes that Slide Out

Custom units that slide out of the wardrobe when needed and disappear when not in use are currently a hot choice in the small bedrooms. These bespoke wardrobe units can hold everything from your dresses and shoes to accessories and jewelry without ever infringing on the overall square footage of the tiny bedroom. Couple them with LED lights and open shelves and you have a lovely bedroom storage section that serves all needs.

Sliding doors save space in the small bedroom
Fabulous small bedroom wardrobe that slides out to reveal more space [From: Provenance Builders]

3. Lighting that Saves Space

How can lights save space? Apart from the fact that a well and evenly lit bedroom feels much larger than it really is, the lighting fixture itself can help in cutting back on wastage of space. Instead of the bedside floor lamp or even the table lamp, use sconce lights or pendants that fit into even the hardest of corners. This leaves more floor and desk space that can be used for some other tasks.

Bedside lighting that is wall-mounted can save space with ease
Bedside lighting that is wall-mounted can save space with ease [From: Kimberlee Marie Interiors]

4. Floating Nightstands

Since you are already replacing the old, bulky bedside lamp on the nightstand with sconce lights, you can choose a nightstand itself that is far less ‘taxing on space’. The floating nightstand with its slim form sits snugly next to your modest bed in the tiny bedroom and offers everything you need without infringing on precious ‘square footage’

Simple color scheme that uses just two colors and small bedside floating table create a more space-conscious bedroom [From: Nicholas Lawrence Design]

5. Minimal and De-Cluttered Look

It can be hard to live a ‘de-cluttered’ life if you love to shop and tend to bring home some décor piece every time you head out to the mall. But more discipline is a must in small homes where unnecessary furniture pieces give the interior an ungainly ambiance. In the small bedroom, choose a platform bed or one with minimal frame for the bets result. Do away with other frills and accessories and turn the focus on to the bed and you will have a more cheerful and spacious bedroom.

Minimal bed frame with storage options and Scandinavian style of the room give it a more spacious appeal [From: MASHstudios]

6. Sliding Doors Make a Difference

While this might seem like a trivial aspect, doors that swing open also tend to waste essential space in the tiny bedroom. Replace these doors with sliding doors for both the wardrobe and the room itself and you will easily save 4 to 5 additional square meters of space. It might not seem much when you say it like that. But the visual makeover is much more striking and dramatic.

Sliding doors and smart beds can turn any space into a tiny bedroom

7. Bringing Outdoors Inside

Windows, floor-to-ceiling glass walls or skylights; irrespective of which method you choose, a connection with the world outside always improves ambiance inside the small bedroom. It is an idea that is all too obvious and even in the modern urban apartment a window that brings in ample natural light makes a big impact in here. Do not underestimate the value of natural ventilation in small rooms.

Skylights bring ventilation into the small bedroom giving it a more spacious look [From: David Matero Architecture]

8. Storage Spaces Everywhere

Built-in storage spaces and custom beds with storage boxes beneath them ensure that you can hide away all the mess and create a much more organized bedroom. Another idea that is borrowed from the modern kids’ room, this approach works just as efficiently in the adult bedroom. In the tiny attic bedroom or the small basement bedroom where even vertical space is limited, these storage units come in mighty handy.

Multiple in-built storage options and shelves maximize space in this fabulous tiny bedroom [From: Young & Son Woodworks]

9. Beds that Double Up!

Bunk beds allow you to accommodate several people in the same room and without much hassle. This is an idea often relegated to the kids’ room. But it works just as well in the adult bedroom or the guest room as well. With each bunk bed unit having its own lighting and personal privacy screens, there is absolutely no need to shy away from this idea in any bedroom – large or small.

Wall of bunk beds is the perfect way to save space in the small bedroom – be it adult or kids’ rooms [From: Chango & Co]
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