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45 Small Laundry Room Ideas To Make the Most of Your Space

Some say the laundry room is the hardest working room in the home. Laundry is no easy job, and while sure, modern machinery has made this job less of a chore, there’s still hang drying, folding, and ironing that must be done. These jobs are made easier with lots of space but space is not always available in all homes, so what does one do when their laundry room is confined to a smaller area?

You can undoubtedly maximize a small space with organization, a well-planned layout, and the right accessories. Today, we move towards the laundry room and explore how you can make the most of a small laundry room.

dark green cabinets with coral floral wallpaper in laundry area
Coastal and cottage styles rolled into one in the tiny laundry with a splash of coral [From: Kroiss Development]

A space-savvy and stylish small laundry room does not demand too much in terms of square footage. The washer and dryer units can sit next to one another, while all the other features in the room depending on your specific needs. A smart laundry room makes your daily life easy and does not turn laundry day into a taxing affair. This is a look at the best small laundry rooms around –

Finding a Niche in Your Home

You need not always find a whole room for the laundry. The best way to create additional space for the laundry in the kitchen, hallway, or any other place is by putting it in a small niche that would have been otherwise neglected.

stacked laundry pair white hallway closet shelving beside bag on floor
Make the most out of a hallway laundry room by stacking your machines[From: Raili CA Design]

Many of these corners are generally left unused, or you tend to find an indoor plant or large floor vase gracing this spot. But you can add functionality to this little nook by custom units holding both the washer and the dryer. Everything else in these tight little spots is an extra you can eliminate by maximizing vertical space.

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natural finish shiplap on walls of laundry mud room
Laundry next to the rear entry saves storage space by maximizing the corridor next to it.
washing machine tucked into corner of bathroom with sloped ceiling
Make the most of unused small corner in the bathroom and turn it into laundry [From: Alex Tihonov]
industrial style laundry room with wood shelves that roll out
This room has it all: roll-out shelves, folding and ironing zones, and space-savvy laundry space.
cottage style laundry room with rustic barn doors and countertop
Barn doors, skylight, slanting roof, and natural woodsy finishes give a new life to the laundry in white [From: NK Living]
kitchen cabinet repurposed for stacked washer and dryer
Turning the spare kitchen cabinet in the kitchen into your laundry on a budget [From: Emilie Fournet Interiors]
minimalist laundry room with sleek white floor to ceiling cabinets
Corner laundry design with smart open shelving in chic wooden design that offers ample shelf space [From: Anna Pavlovskaya Interiors]
stacked washer and dryer concealed by garage style door
Finding a small niche for the laundry in the modern industrial home [From: Haven Builders]

Color and Contrast

The theory behind color palettes in most tiny rooms and spaces is to keep them down to a bare minimum. And most often, this is a theory that makes plenty of sense. But this does not mean you should completely stay away from color in the small laundry room. The washer and dryer units themselves can bring in bright pops of color here.

Think beyond white and gray, and pops of dark blue coupled with white can create an excellent blend of modern and beach styles. Dark greens, bright reds, and pretty pinks all have a place in the tiny laundry as long as you do not put them all together simultaneously!

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small laundry nook with wallpaper featuring brown, white, and pink ocean waves
Custom wallpaper with a coastal vibe for the small laundry room [From: Blakely Interior Design]
deep blue cabinets flank a galley style laundry room
Elegant laundry with ample counter space in deep navy blue and white with modern and coastal styles rolled into one [From: Outpost London]
coastal style laundry roo with light blue cabinetry
Elegant and space-savvy laundry in deep navy blue and white with modern and coastal styles rolled into one, including a clever laundry basket storage area [From: Outpost London]
dark green cabinets with gold accents to hold washer and dryer
A touch of dark green brings chic elegance and storage solutions to the small laundry in white [From: marcusse construction]
blue and gray L-shaped laundry room
Bluish-gray laundry room idea with white wall space shaping the backdrop [From: Roundhouse]
shared home office and launry droom
Combining the home office and laundry into one [From: Rosa Dest Interiors]

Go bold with a beautiful backsplash!

circle backsplash green and blue flush mount ceiling light white cabinetry sink white countertop
Small L-shaped laundry room with blue, white, and green penny wall tiles, illuminated by black and white ceiling sconces [From: Karen B Wolf Interiors]

Combine Form with Functionality

Once you have sorted the ergonomics of your small laundry space, it is time to turn focus towards aesthetics and look beyond just color. Wallpaper in small spaces is a trend that is catching on across the globe, and you can dip into this and give the laundry niche identity of its own. An accent wall with color and textural contrast goes a long way in providing the laundry area identity of its own.

Laundry bags on wheels, drying racks, sleek wooden shelves for all your laundry, and additional storage baskets will help put the final touches on a gorgeous space. It’s sure to serve you well for years to come.

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stacked washer dryer in kitchen nook across from pantry
Contemporary home laundry and kitchen save space while creating smart functionality [From: The Renovation Broker]
dark steel colored walls in laundry room
The dark backdrop for the small laundry with plenty of space-savvy features
laundry room with skylight
Using the skylight to bring light into the small modern laundry room [From: Lewis Alderson & Co]
large laundry room with farmhouse sink and black and white tiled backsplash
White and light blue laundry room with ample space, farmhouse sink, and natural light [From: burlanes interiors]
scandinavian style laundry room with home office desk
Beautiful Scandinavian style laundry room with white and wood color scheme [From: kinoto]
laundry room featuring television above ironing area
Clean and crisp monochromatic laundry in white with smart lighting and space for ironing board

Get Smart With Doors

When working in a small space, it’s essential to make sure you are aware of every last inch of the room. Whether your doors swing out or in, they will always take up more space. Sliding barn doors are a style increasingly popular and don’t seem to be fading any time soon.

They are a perfect fit for a small laundry room. They will conceal mess and not take up any space in or out of the room.

white laundry room sliding barn door hallway
Concealed small laundry room with a sleek modern farmhouse sliding barn door [From: Marea Clark Interiors]
glass blue sliding door concealing small laundry room with brick backsplash white panel wall art flowers
A blue sliding door with glass panels opens to a blue laundry room featuring an enclosed white front loading washer and dryer [From: Brooke Wagner Design]
large white sliding door concealing laundry room stacked washer and dryer off kitchen
Laundry room off a kitchen showcasing a sliding door on oil-rubbed bronze railing [From: Hazel and Brown Design]
side by side silver washer and dryer behind rustic barn wood sliding door grey walls
Gorgeous oak floors lead to a sliding barn wood door opening to a laundry room with a side-by-side silver front loading washer and dryer. [From: Rosemary Beach]

Use Drying Racks

You can install small wall-mounted or under-cupboard drying racks when short on space. They don’t take up much space, and you can hang your delicates easily.

all white laundry room stacked washer and dryer clothes drying rod white towels skylight
Stacked white washer and dryer in a small laundry room showcasing a skylight, floating shelves, and a drying clothing rod for a sensible finish to the space. [From: McCann Design Group]
white laundry room side by side washer dryer golden rod jar sink black frame window clothes drying rod white shaker cabinets
Laundry room with an enclosed washer and dryer finished with off-white quartz countertops, white shaker cabinets, clothes drying rod [From: Matt White Custom Homes]
black white checker floor tiles clothing rod mounted under shelf wood hangers white shaker cabinetry
A clothing rod is mounted beneath a white shelf, while tall stacked beadboard cabinets are fitted at the end of the wall. [From: Tiffany Brooks Interiors]

Awkward corners are great spots for clothing rods. 

modern laundry room pink herringbone floor tiles brown flat front wood cabinets brass hardware sink with antique brass faucet drying rods white subway tile front loading washer and dryer glass globe semi flush mount
Brass corner clothing rods make a statement and are great for practicality [From: Tali Roth Interior Design]

Creative Sink Placement

A small laundry room doesn’t mean you can’t have a sink. A sink in a laundry room is most necessary, and you don’t have to sacrifice this pivotal element because you’re short on space.

They make small laundry sinks in so many different varieties now that you are almost sure to find one that will fit your space.

geometric floor tiles stacked white washer and dryer slender small sink black cabinetry white towels countertop pull down faucet laundry room
Stacked front-loading washers and dryers sit on black marble geometric floor tiles in an attractive laundry room. Black cabinets contrasted with a white countertop hold a small sink with a pull-out faucet [From: Studio McGee]
small white apron sink laundry room gold wall mounted faucet tile backsplash light gray cabinetry seagrass baskets
Gray laundry room cabinets with white glazed stacked tiles and a brushed gold wall mount faucet above a small apron sink. [From: Mindy Gayer Design Co.]
white subway tile wall mounted sink black and white butcher block counter top over stainless steel washer and dryer side by side
A wall mount black and white sink is mounted to a white subway tiled backsplash under a polished nickel wall mount faucet kit in this small laundry room [From: Damskov Construction]

Use Lighting to Your Advantage

A well-lit space can make any small room feel so much bigger than it is. Use lighting to your advantage and ensure that your laundry room is well lit. If you’re lucky enough to have a large window in your laundry room, make sure not to cover it with heavy drapery and dark coverings — light sheer curtains are best.

Interior cabinetry lighting also will work to your advantage in lighting up your small space.

cabinetry lighting white cabinets orange deco wallpaper small laundry room decor pieces inside
Lighted white cabinetry provides a stunning focal point against this bright turtle wallpaper [From: Lucy Interiors]
hexagon marble tile floor laundry room side by side washer and dryer stainless steel white gold wall sconce wood top counter folded towels
Two Aerin Clarkson Small Single Pivoting Sconce accent working space in this small laundry room [From: Elizabeth Lawson Design]
u shape small laundry room large natural light window tan roman shade stacked washer and dryer white shaker cabinets
This small u-shaped laundry room boasts a large window in the middle with a tan roman shade allowing lots of natural light to pour through [From: Brandon Architechts Inc.]

Make Use of Shelves

If you don’t have the luxury of a countertop in your laundry room, you can use shelving to your advantage. You can install shelving above your washer and dryer, or you can also do wall-mounted shelving. This will give you ample room to store laundry materials and soaps.

black stainless steel washer and dryer set wood sliding barn door industrial style wall mounted shelves flush mount cage light large window
Cottage-style laundry room features stacked industrial shelves with metal bins over a black washer and dryer lit by a vintage cage flush mount light and a wooden barn door. [From: Kristina Crestin Design]
blue wall small laundry room with black tile floor wall mounted gray shelves on wood brackets red antique lantern white shaker cabinets roll out laundry hampers white washer
Gray shelves on wooden brackets are mounted against a blue wall and over a wooden countertop mounted above vintage rolling hampers placed on slate floor tiles. [From: Terracotta Design]

Even if your laundry room is in a closet, you can still make great use of shelving. 

black shutter door closet laundry room white shelving stacked black stainless steel washer and dryer
A closet laundry room that makes excellent use of white shelving [From: Kate Marker Interiors]

Closed Cabinetry

Installing upper closed cabinetry in your small laundry room will give you more storage space and room to store items you don’t want on display. You will also be able to keep your small space clean and more organized.

blue shaker cabinetry small laundry room white front load washer and dryer colorful rug wood countertop
Blue shaker cabinets are mounted above the washer and dryer with oil-rubbed bronze knobs above a wood backsplash. [From: Design Stiles]
white shaker cabinets over front load washer and dryer pair wood tile floor
White shaker cabinets accented with small polished nickel square knobs are a classic touch. [From: Timberidge Custom Homes]

Maximize Space in Closet Laundry Rooms

Sometimes all you have is a closet to work with, but just because you don’t have an actual laundry “room” doesn’t mean you can make the most out of what you have.

Closet laundry spaces can be set up to be both functional and pretty. Make clever use of shelving by storing items in baskets. Stack your laundry machines to allow more room to hang clothes and install accessories like pull-out hanging bars to hang dry clothes.

white built in shelves in closet laundry room empty washer and dryer stacked
Closet laundry room with a stacked white front loading washer and dryer on black herringbone floor tiles behind white double shuttered doors with built-in white shelves. [From: D.L Rhein]
fig wallpaper purple laundry room closet stainless steel washer and dryer side by side seagrass basket clothes rack
Adding a colorful wallpaper behind the washer and dryer in a laundry room turns this hall closet from dull to a lively and charming design. [From: Carriage Lane Designs]
white closet doors laundry room washer and dryer cabinetry blue couch sitting in front
If your closet is deep enough, you might even consider hanging some cabinetry [From: A-List Interiors]
open doors closet laundry room white washer and dryer hanging ironing board shelves baskets
Double closet doors open to reveal a small and efficient laundry room. [From: Adam Beasley]

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

How can I maximize my small laundry room?

To make the most of your small laundry room, there are several ways to maximize the space you've got. If you are able, you can stack your washer and dryer. This will make use of vertical space and give you more room to install a sink or extra cabinetry.

Keep clutter and items to a minimum. Overdoing the space with decor and non-essential items will take up unnecessary space. Install items like pull-out shelves and pull-out drying racks that can be tucked away when not in use.

What can I use if I don't have a laundry room?

If you don't have a laundry room, you can get a small stacking set and sacrifice a little closet space to make a closet laundry \"room.\" Unused powder rooms can also be easily transformed into laundry rooms.

Can you put a washer and dryer anywhere?

You could technically place a washer and dryer anywhere in your home with the right bit of construction. However, it still must be in an area with the required utility hookups and ventilation capabilities. An electric unit needs a 240-volt electrical supply, while a gas unit needs the same gas hookups as full-size freestanding machines.

Where do you put a washer and dryer in a small house?

Great locations for a washer and dryer in a small house are inside the kitchen or bathroom or directly next to one of those rooms. If you want to ensure that you are close to plumbing, it will be easier to reroute it.

Can a washer and dryer be in a closet?

Yes, you can certainly place a washer and dryer in a closet. It does require at least 2×2 feet of floor space, and you will need sufficient depth for tubing and ventilation.

How much space is needed behind a stackable washer and dryer?

The space needed for stackable washers and dryers needs to be at least 40 inches deep. Since many models run around 30 or more inches in depth, having an extra five to 10 inches of space behind the units should be more than enough to house any hoses or plugs.

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