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Modern Small Bedroom Ideas: 20 Space-Saving and Stylish Ideas for Every Home

Small bedroom ideas come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and themes. But the style that is undoubtedly most sought-after by homeowners across the world is ‘modern.’ Sometimes, this can veer towards the contemporary, and on other occasions, it might be much more transitional. But the best small modern bedrooms are those that make a big impact in terms of both aesthetics and ergonomics without being too taxing on your pockets. This is why we love the small bedroom that makes most of every inch of available space and does so without compromising on the visual appeal. The small bedroom is a showstopper in more ways than one!

Tiny attic bedroom with shower area and modern Scandinavian style [From: Marn Deco]

A beautiful small bedroom is easy on the eyes and you do not feel that you are trying too hard to make it all work. Some turn to bunk beds and smart design to get the job done, while others tend to keep things minimal, simple, and uncomplicated. The idea is to create a bedroom that works for you! You can always add a bit of coastal charm, a modern beach vibe, or even industrial appeal to a tiny bedroom that is distinctly modern. Step in the best ideas and inspirations for the season –

Modernity Wrapped in Ergonomics

It is often the white backdrop that is the basic building block of the smart and space-savvy small bedroom. This is a nifty clever starting point that gives you great design flexibility down the line. Even if you want to switch styles as the trends change, you can do so without much worry. If white is not a color that you fancy this winter, then try out one of the many trendy shades of gray instead. For those who love a shabby chic look with a hint of femininity, pastel pinks present the perfect option here. Couple these simple hues with the right modern décor and you have a cozy and handsome small bedroom idea to enjoy.

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Curved wooden ceiling and smart windows create a cool and small master bedroom in Sydney
Custom wooden headboard for the smart contemporary bedroom in white
Pastel pink and woodsy cabinet give this modern Scandinavian bedroom a different visual appeal
Tiny bedroom in gray for the small contemporary apartment in London [From: Chris Murphy]
Bed in the corner and drapes save space in the small bedroom
Bedroom with slanting ceiling, skylight and glass walls feels spacious and modern

Bring a Bit of Color

The general design principle when it comes to designing and decorating a small bedroom is to keep the number of colors used down to just two or three at the most. Too many colors create a visual fragmentation of an already small space and the bedroom would instantly feel cluttered. That does not mean though that you need to completely shy away from using color in the small bedroom, especially since there are many small bedroom ideas that benefit from colorful accents. Bedding, drapes, accent pillows, and throws add color without disturbing the existing color palette drastically. Once you are bored with these hues, you can switch to different colors with ease, but another great contender for adding color is through the headboard of the bed.

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Blocks of bright color bring style to the modern bedroom in white
Ultra-easy and elegant way to add color to the small bedroom using accent pillows
Whitewashed brick wall for the tiny modern Scandinavian style bedroom [From: aminteriors]
Yellow and blue accents for the ultra-tiny modern bedroom in white [From: Daniel House]
Beautiful blue bedroom with contemporary style and bright lighting [From: judith mackin]
Bedside table and headboard usher in midcentury vibe into the modern bedroom with a dash of blue [From: Rachael Liberman Design]

Lighting it Just Right!

When it comes to the small bedroom, lighting is a key aspect that you just cannot go wrong with. In the tiny bedroom, you can save space by replacing the traditional bedside table with a pendant or sconce that brings a different visual effect along with it. An even layer of track lighting also provides a beautiful backdrop while ensuring that there are no dull corners. Be it a stone wall that you wish to highlight or a brick wall section that you chose to whitewash and expose, the right lighting is twice as important in the small bedroom

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Dashing Tom Dixon pendant used as bedside lighting in the small urban bedroom with sliding door[From: CIRCLE Design Studio]
Gentle pastel blue and pink accents for the relaxing bedroom in white with coastal chic style [From: Mary Hannah Interiors]
Gray bench at the foot of the bed is a feature that brings additional comfort and style to the small bedroom [From: Cordony Designs]
Holiday cottage style coupled with modernity inside the small bedroom in white and wood [From: Hartley and Rose]
Stone wall and wooden ceiling coupled with white sheer curtains add Mediterranean beauty to the small bedroom [From: atelje ónkraj]
Comfy chair in the corner adds additional sitting space in the small bedroom
Custom white and wood bedroom wardrobe unit saves space in the small interior [From: Dyer Studio]

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