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Monochromatic Magic: 20 Ways to Decorate the Home Office in White

Decorating with neutral hues is definitely not a new concept in contemporary homes, and increasingly homeowners are veering towards a distinctly neutral color palette when it comes to interior design. The neutral color scheme gives them design flexibility, allows them to add trendy accents that stand out visually, and gives the interior a relaxed, modern vibe. Taking this approach in design and decorating to a whole new level is the all-white home office. Far more interesting than it sounds, the white home office offers the perfect canvas on which you can paint a vibrant and productive work environment!

Relaxing contemporary home office in white with a fireplace, Eames Lounger and colorful rug [Design: Palmerston Design Consultants]

The white home workspace, study, crafts room or office comes in a wide range of styles and can also incorporate pops of bright color that give it an even more cheerful appeal. Despite being monochromatic, there is absolutely nothing monotonous about these timeless and pristine office spaces that promise to take your work productivity to a whole new level. Smart, refined and ergonomic, here are 20 inspirations that offer 20 different ways that you can craft your own white home office.

The All-White Look

The all-white home office has a certain sophisticated and curated appeal about it that lets you proudly welcome in clients, host meetings, and hold video conferences any time of the day. One of the inherent advantages of the all-white home office is the cleanliness and organization it demands. Any little detail that is out of place will stand out in a stark fashion almost immediately, and so you are pretty much forced to keep it in top-notch shape at all times! While this does make the all-white home office something of a hassle for those less organized, it might actually force some of us towards a better workspace.

Create a gorgeous home office in white with decor from Pottery Barn
Space under the staircase turned into a fabulous home office [Design: Art Haus and co]

Picking the right décor is an absolute must for the all-white home office, and you will notice instantly that there are many ‘shades of white’ to choose from here. Combine comfort with aesthetics and practicality with form to get the best of both worlds. The likes of IKEA, Cattelan Italia and Pottery Barn offer a wide catalogue of all-white décor options (ranging from desks and chairs to storage units and wall-mounted shelves) that will allow you to fashion a stunning and sensible home office.

Modern home office in white with video conferencing facility [Design: Olive Audio Visual]
All-white contemporary home office by Nagwa Seif Interior Design
Transitional home office with a creative work desk [Design: Marmont Hill]

A Splash of Color

A predominantly white home office does not mean you shun bold colors completely and stick to only neutral grays and creams. In fact, a white home office allows you to add bright-colored décor and accessories in a more effective and elegant fashion. As a rule, the more neutral a room is, the greater the impact of accent colors in it. And since we cannot really go any more neutral than white, you have the perfect background that lets you experiment with the varying seasonal trends and hot hues without having to give the room a complete revamp.

Decor and wall art adds color to the white home office [Design: Leigh Olive Mowry-Olive Interiors]

There are different ways that you can add bright color to the white home office, and a good starting point is to pick the two or three colors that you want to bring in. Adding many different colors becomes a complex task that needs care and balance and could take away from the essential ‘white’ look of the home office. Once you settle on your favorite accent color(s), you can use everything ranging from the area rug and drapes to the ceiling and chairs to usher it in.

A splash of green enlivens the cool home office in white [Design: 1800Lighting]
Gorgeous attic home office in white with indoor plants and plenty of freshness [Design: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design]
Custom built-in bookshelf brings color to this white home office [Design: m.a.p. interiors inc. / Sylvia Beez]
White home office filled with green accents [Design: Martha O’Hara Interiors / Troy Thies Photography]

Textural Contrast

Maybe you wish to keep your home office as sparkly white as possible without adding striking, bright colors. You can still bring in plenty of visual contrast to this monochromatic space by adding a different finish that offers textural beauty. Wood is undoubtedly the most preferred choice here, with wooden shelves, cabinets, desks and chairs providing some much needed change. They also add coziness and inviting warmth to the home office without disturbing the existing color scheme. If wood seems far too normal, then an accent brick, concrete or cement wall can also offer ample contrast and give the room a cool focal point.

An unassuming accent wall idea for the white home office [Design: LEIVARS]
Innovative and cool storage idea for the modern home office and crafts room [Design: Jute Interior Design]
Wooden cabinets bring warmth to the home office in white next to the master bedroom [Design: Vibe Design Group / Photography by Travis De Clifford]
Contemporary home office in white with multiple workstations [Design: Bonaventura Architect]
Farmhouse style home office and crafts room [From: Alexandra Crafton]

Classic Black and White!

Having already shared with you some of the best black and white home offices around the globe, we assume you are already aware of the goodness and exquisite beauty of this classic color scheme. But the inspirations below are slightly different from the usual lineup of black and white home workspaces, with the emphasis being placed more (much, much more) on white than black. A gorgeous white home office looks even more stunning when one uses black sparingly to highlight architectural features, anchor the room and define it eloquently. Few colors, if any, work as brilliantly as black in a white home office!

Black anchors this modern home office in white [Design: Alexander James Interiors]
Scandinavian home office in white is a classic that never disappoints [Design: Anton Tiilikainen]
Black defines and highlights architectural features in the all-white home office [Design: Sophie Azouaou]
White home office inspiration from Cattelan Italia [Design: RoomService 360]

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