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Embracing Color of the Year: 20 Lovely Bathroom Vanities in Blue

It is the year of blue and that makes our life a whole lot easier indeed! Blue as a color does not really need any special ‘lift’ and homeowners are inherently happy to use it in various rooms and across styles all year long. It is a color that is ‘perennially in trend’ and having been proclaimed the hottest color of 2020, it is only natural that we share more inspirations that include blue to help out our readers. Today, we delve into the fabulous world of blue bathroom vanities; dashing additions that add color and charisma to the bathroom without going over the top. From the understated to the extravagant, the stylish bathroom vanity in blue comes in all forms and finishes.

Large Classic Blue vanity with quartz countertop steals the show in this modern white bathroom [From: Pike Properties]

Adding a trendy color to the existing bathroom does require some effort. Instead of redoing the tiles or trying to fit in an accent wall, a simple change in vanity can do the trick with ease. Even if you are not exactly a fan of the ‘classic blue’ hue, you can try out other variants of the color that are more to your liking and also accentuate the style of the space. Of course, the whole thing is a lot easier if you planning for a fresh bathroom. Step in and discover the most impressive bathrooms with blue vanities –

Time to Take in Bathroom Blues

Blue is the next best option after white when it comes to bathroom colors and the second most preferred option for vanities after wood. The bathroom vanity in blue is one that captures plenty of attention in the neutral colors-clad bathroom while repeating the color throughout the space adds to its visual appeal. The most shades here are grayish-blue at its trendy best and light blue with its unassuming appeal. The blue vanity allows you to play between styles like coastal, beach, shabby chic, modern and minimal without altering it dramatically. More than the hue itself, the material of the vanity, its handles and overall build help determine the style.

Grayish blue combined with white and gold accents in the contemporary bathroom [From: Shophouse]
Modern eclectic bathroom of Moscow apartment for those who adore radiant bright blue!
Nature-inspired wallpaper for the lovely and unique bathroom [From: Kukk Architecture & Design]
Spacious white contemporary bathroom with double blue vanities, integrated sound system and lovely automated lights [From: Springboard Automation]
Vanity in light blue with twin sinks offers plenty of storage space [From: Jeremy Colson Bathrooms]
Dark bluish-gray vanity for the glam bathroom in white with modern Victorian style [From: MODEL Projects]
Delightful master bathroom seems to exude a blue glow all around! [From: White Birch Builders]

White Coupled with Blue in Bathrooms

White and blue is a color combination that is a winner every single time and just like blue on its own, it is flexible as well. Keeping the bathroom backdrop white, you can use the blue vanity to create contrast, a smart focal point and usher in a cheerful presence. Metallic accents brought in by the handles, lighting fixtures around it that turn it into the showstopper and a matching mirror frame help finish the curated makeover.

White countertops, walls and lovely lighting accentuate the appeal of the dark blue vanity [From: Lugbill Designs]
White, blue and gold is an eye-catching combination in the modern bathroom [From: LHI Construction]
Combining gold accents with the dashing blue vanity in the modern bathroom [From: HDR Remodeling Inc.]
Custom-made navy blue vanity with double sinks for the modern bathroom

Try Out Different Shades and Styles

Even if you have decided on the color of the bathroom, there is still plenty you need to sort out regarding its overall form, style it exudes and the amount of storage it offers. Double vanities in the bathroom are a hot trend that double bathroom functionality in more ways than one while a slim floating vanity in blue saves space even as it provides additional storage space. Blue vanities with white countertops are the most choice among homeowners while you can try out wood and blue combination for a cozier look this spring.

Classic blue used to highlight both the vanity and bathtub in the bathroom
Powder room with wallpaper that adds fun motifs and a blue vanity with a dash of pattern [From: Demi Ryan Home]
Space-savvy floating blue and white vanity design
Tiny bathroom that is all about magic of dark blue! [From: dk INTERIORS]
Unique shade of blue for the bathroom vanity coupled with lively wallpapered backdrop
Vanity in lighter shade of blue with open shelving and black countertop for the farmhouse style bathroom [From: Showplace Cabinetry]
A tinge of green coupled with blue for the expansive bathroom vanity in the modern farmhouse setting
Chic powder room in gray with exquisite vanity in blue and a mirror that has a frame in matching shade [From: Stacy Miller Design]

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