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Impressive Attic Makeover Reveals a Space-Conscious Family Hub in Madrid!

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It is not very often that you come across a stunning attic living space that feels as good as any other normal home living area in a modern home. It is even rare to have an entire attic unit that can function as an independent apartment unit all on its own. But that is just what you get with this gorgeous and spacious attic makeover in classic Madrid home revamped and upgraded by egue y seta. Dubbed ‘From the Roof Down’, this one-of-a-kind project sees extensive makeover of a large attic that now has an open plan living area that serves as family zone, entertainment space, playarea for kids and a whole lot more.

Beautifully illuminated attic level living area and family room with adorable teepee tent and a whole lot more

Along with this, this attic can also be used as a guest unit that holds all the necessary facilities and also comes with a space-savvy, tiny bedroom and a luxurious bathroom that has a spa-inspired style. The attic living area feels anything but cramped and you even forget at times that you are in an attic area with even artificial lighting and natural ventilation bringing in cheerful elegance. Skylights add even more brightness to the mezzanine work area, bedroom, and the bathroom even as yellow accentuates this sense of sunny exuberance.

Bedroom with loft level reading nook is both tiny and efficient
Custom wooden decor throughout the attic level gives ample shelf space for book and more
Fabulous attic makeover with a mezzanine level, living area and bedrooms
From the Roof Down Attic Makeover in Madrid by Egue Y Seta
Replicate the gorgeous couch in yellow for less than $400 
Look inside the attic bathroom of the Madrid home
Luxurious attic level bathroom brings home the comforts of a spa
Mezzanine level holds the home workstation and reading area
Multi-functional decor and smart staircase add to the beauty of the attic makeover

Décor inside the attic is simple and minimal and the low-ceiling dictates exactly the kind of furniture that one uses in here. A custom staircase with pull-out bed and bespoke wooden shelves complete this once cluttered storage area that is now utilized to its full potential. A practical and inspiring makeover indeed! [Photography: Vicugo Foto]

Pull-out bed underneath the staircase can be pushed back in when not in use
Skylights and flexible decor turn the attic into an absolute delight
Spacious and multi-functional attic living space which is the heart of the new family home
View of the living space and family zone on the lower level
Adaptive decor and smart furniture turn same space into sleeping area and playzone with a child’s teepee tent
Beautiful little guest bedroom with yellow ceiling, metallic beams and walls in white

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