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Sparkling Trend: 25 Gorgeous Kitchens with a Bright Metallic Glint

The more neutral the look that home interiors take on, the greater will be the necessity for accents and finishes that add layers of intrigue and character. This was initially accomplished using vivacious accents in delightful colors, until designers decided to go in a completely different direction at the start of 2015. Bold metallic accents quickly became the ‘hottest trend’ in the world of design and decorating, and they quickly evolved beyond mere accents as the mixed metallics phenomenon burst onto the scene. And few places in your home are more ideal for trying out this hip style statement than the kitchen!

Kitchens have always been filled with hints of metallic glitter, whether it comes in the form of faucets at the sink or pots and pans that hang from the open pot rack ever so nonchalantly. Even when it all seems a touch frantic, it is the charm of copper, stainless steel and nickel that give the kitchen a curated look. Today, we explore this mesmerizing world as we take a look at 25 diverse kitchens that tap into the magic of metal.

The Mixed Metal Trend

Mixing different metals is a relatively new phenomenon both in the world of interior design and fashion. Once dubbed ungainly and unnecessary, it has been revitalized by smart kitchen designers bringing together gorgeous brass and copper finishes along with brighter and cooler metals like stainless steel and nickel to offer the very best of both worlds. This infusion of more than one metal in the kitchen can be done in a subtle yet striking fashion by using antiqued bronze pulls, bold copper pendants and even a stainless steel backsplash all in one elegant, unique space.

Mixed metals is a hot trend in the modern kitchen [Design: IKAN Installations]
Hint of metal makes a big difference to the kitchen [Design: Design Manifest]
Modern farmhouse kitchen with smart lighting fixtures [Design: The Aldrich Group]
Pick your shade of brass, gold or copper to shape a refined contemporary kitchen [Design: Black Lacquer Design]
Exquisite Victorian kitchen with burnished brass and copper finishes [Design: Officine Gullo USA]

A Love for Copper

Polished-nickel faucets have always been popular in the kitchen as they proudly sit next to the sink, and stainless steel is definitely no stranger to the kitchen thanks to its sturdy and easy-to-clean reputation. But the last few seasons have seen the warm glow of copper finding its way back into the modern kitchen that seems to draw inspiration from an era gone by. A revival of styles such as vintage, rustic, farmhouse and industrial have seen homeowners opt for copper cooking ranges and finishes that play into the overall ‘modern-meets-classic’ theme.

Striking copper penny tile backsplash by Casale Tile [From: Superior Woodcraft]
Tuscan kitchen with copper finishes is a timeless design that never disappoints [Design: Conrado – Home Builders]
Gray and gold in the kitchen make a charismatic duo [Design: Michelle Workman Interiors]

Copper worktops and islands are also starting to make a bigger impact in the modern kitchen, and a smart epoxy resin finish ensures that they are both beautifully preserved and easier to maintain. Copper naturally ages with time, and unsealed copper would gradually oxidize and give your kitchen a more timeless look. Surprisingly easy to clean, versatile and much more eco-friendly than modern, synthetic alternatives, copper kitchen countertops offer much more than you would expect.

Polished copper countertop for the unique modern kitchen island [Design: Kleppinger Design Group]
Copper sink in the Mediterranean kitchen is an absolute showstopper [Design: Cindy Smetana Interiors]
A sheet of copper makes all the difference in this white contemporary kitchen! [Design: Jamie Blake / Photography: 82mm]
Custom hood in copper for large rustic kitchen [Design: John K. Anderson Design]

Glittering Finer Details!

Adding bold metallic finishes to your kitchen need not always be about a striking backsplash or even an expensive copper countertop. Take the less expensive but equally impressive option by simply changing the pulls on your kitchen cabinets from wood to brass or bringing in new pendant lights that usher in a cool copper glint. As we alluded to earlier, nickel and chrome are perfect for those who want a cooler metallic shine with a silvery glint, and these two finishes are ideal for the smart contemporary kitchen where copper might seem out of place. And if all else fails, just a series of open shelves with copper pots and pans on display can make a big impact as well!

Brushed antique English brass cup pulls for the kitchen cabinets [Design: BedfordBrooks Design / Photography: Arnal Photography]
Copper pendants add glitter to the kitchen in white and navy blue [Design: Sealy Design]
Industrial style lighting for farmhouse kitchen in white [Design: nest + company / Photography: nat rea]
Fabulous kitchen with custom copper and stainless steel La Cornue range [Design: Artichoke]
Industrial take on adding metallic glint to your kitchen! [Design: Wheeler Kearns Architects]

Cool and Timeless

Even though it is currently the season for warm metallic finishes that include everything ranging from brass and copper to those that mimic the allure of gold, do not discard the cooler, more silvery finishes all too soon. If you are thinking about an inimitable stainless steel backsplash or kitchen island, then do go ahead, as they might well outlast the current trends and could serve you well for years to come. Nickel hardware and those with a polished chrome finish never fade away from the limelight and adapt to the existing style of your kitchen with ease.

Stainless steel mosaic backsplash makes a unique visual statement in the modern kitchen [Design: Jamie Laubhan-Oliver]
Stunning backsplash in kitchen – Karim Rashid for ALLOY Ubiquity tile in Brushed Stainless Steel [Design: ALLOY Solid Metal Tiles]
Rustic kitchen with a cool metallic central island [Design: Jessica Jubelirer Design]
Kitchen with polished nickel faucet next to a lovely copper sink [Design: Mal Corboy Design]
Metal finds unique space even in the most minimal of kitchens [Design: Bates Masi Architects]
Bright metallic backsplash and hood draw your attention instantly [Design: Dora Brigham Interiors]
Gunmetal kitchen cabinets make for a unique choice in the contemporary kitchen [Design: Hufft Projects]

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