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Best of 2020: Top Living Room Ideas of the Year that Inspired Us

Every year brings with it a whole new set of trends. And as we come to the end of each year, it is time to reflect back on the trends of the past year that shaped homes across the world and to enjoy the features that we love the most. There are times when trends tend to last beyond just a season or two and end up defining entire eras. Ideas like the use of gray as a neutral instead of white and the revival of more imperfect styles and finishes like industrial and farmhouse have come to define the last decade. As we head into a new and hopefully better decade, we take a look back at the hottest living room decorating trends of 2020 – ideas that promise to shape future homes!

Smart and small Scandinavian style living room with gray walls and a hint of green [From: Bjurfors Göteborg]

As we flip through the best living room ideas of 2020, we have selected the best among each category to help you create the perfect living space. From the most impressive styles to décor and accessories that made a difference, this is a collection of ideas that will inspire you to revamp your home as you head into the Holiday Season. Step in and discover the many inspirations –

Modern Scandinavian Style

If there is one style that you need to embrace from 2020 in the living room, then it is undoubtedly modern Scandinavian. It is a style that is uncomplicated, elegant and one that fits into any home with ease. Full of natural light, cozy finishes and creating a decluttered living environment, it is easy to embrace this style in the living space. Creating impression of spaciousness in the small living space, this is a style that is here to stay.

Dashing modern Scandinavian style living room with a lovely rug that steals the spotlight [From: ROOM Shape Sweden]
Brilliant living room in white with pops of yellow and dark blue thrown into the mix [From: Alair Homes Forest Hill]

Geometric Rugs

Looking beyond style, if there is one striking décor item that is a must-have in 2020 living rooms, then it is the rug with geo pattern. These smart rugs add pattern and sense of uniqueness to the living area in the open plan living space. It defines the area and delineates it from the kitchen and the dining area next to it. As winter rolls in, the plush rug becomes a showstopper in the living room.

Dark pattern of the rug makes a big impact in this modern neutral living room
You can add geometric pattern to farmhouse style living room with a chic modern rug [From: John Milner Architects]

Skylights and Clerestory Windows

Ventilation is an essential part of any interior and in the living room, bringing in natural light without affecting passive heating and cooling of the home is a game-changer indeed. Clerestory windows coupled with skylights allow you to create fresher and healthier homes without actually turning to too many windows for help. Bring a bit of outdoors into the living room this season!

Large skylight coupled with a vaulted ceiling gives this living room a spacious look [From: Singlepoint Design Build]
Clerestory windows and large windows bring ample natural light to this living room [From: Jan Gleysteen Architects]

Wood and White

Searching for the trendiest living room color scheme of the year? That is not too hard to settle on with the wood and white look cutting across styles and seasons with ease. This is a color palette that fits in with a variety of styles including the most popular options of the year like Scandinavian, rustic and farmhouse. Add pops of bright colors with accents like the vase in the corner, bright club chair or even a colorful couch for a more interesting and vivacious living space.

Exposed brick wall section brings an entirely new texture to the wood and white living room
Combine the classic cabin-inspired style with modern wood and white color scheme seamlessly

Greens with a Pastel Tinge

Want a more colorful look inspired by 2020 for the living space? Not to worry as greens come to your rescue this year. Green as a color has made big waves in almost every room of the house in last 12 months. In the living room, there are multiple ways in which you can add a bit of green to the mix. From drapes and backdrop in pastel green to sliding glass doors and floor-to-ceiling glass walls that bring the outdoors inside, you can opt for an approach that works best in your home. A bit of green seems like an absolute must with more nature-centric themes and hues becoming a big part of home interiors in months and years to come.

Mint green accent wall for the living room with a dark gray couch
Pastel curtains and throw pillows add color in a gentle fashion to the living room
Exquisite dark and dashing green couch for the light-filled living room

Gray Keeps on Going

We believed that gray would hold fort as the hottest neutral of the year even when others started predicting its slow demise and 2020 actually has seen the color get second life of sorts. With Pantone calling gray one of the Colors of the Year for 2021, it is only obvious that it retains its spot as the most sought-after neutral of 2020 that will influence trends and shape interiors in the next year as well! When in doubt, turn to gray in the living room!

Contemporary living room of apartment in Hong kong with gray accents and a lovely accent wall
Explore different shades of gray in the modern living room

Innovative Bookshelves

A trend that is my personal favorite and one that adds a whole lot of value to both your home and your life, bookshelves used in a creative manner to delineate space can be spotted in every ‘most liked’ living room of 2020. Whether you want a wall of books in the backdrop, or prefer a small bookcase that acts as a room divider and sits between the living area and dining space, these smart additions improve the aesthetics of the living space immensely.

Find a bookshelf that suits the specific style of your modern living space
Combine classic and modern vibes with a smart wooden bookshelf

Edison Bulb Lights are Here to Stay!

We have flipped through the one defining trend of living room in every category – from style and color scheme to décor and accessories. But we did save the best for last – lighting! And Edison bulb lights are the way to go with the past year bringing back this industrial classic to the living room. Irrespective of the style in here, smart Edison Bulb lighting adds style and a sense of nonchalance to the living space and does so with innate minimalism. Eye-catching and dazzling…

Gray, contemporary and illuminated by Edison bulbs – a picture-perfect living space
Minimal and simple Edison Bulb lighting for the cozy living room

The 2020 living room trends and highlights show that the big hits of 2019 carried that momentum forward into the next year. A few new entries like green at its brilliant best for living rooms and creative bookshelves made a strong debut on the list. And we hope 2021 brings with it equally captivating surprises while seeing an evolution of the past trends. So, which among these is your personal favorite?

Sherry Nothingam

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