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30 Inspirational Ideas for Living Rooms with Skylights

There are several amazing ways in which you can alter the look of your home and while some require a change in the theme of your interiors and a revamping of the décor, others rely on the very structure of your home to provide a natural variation.

Though most people spend enormous amount of time on color pallets, themes and style of furnishings, one can easily ignore the lighting aspect of interior design. If that is indeed the case though, you are doing it at your own peril as fabulous lighting can often make or break the look of your home. This is precisely where the concept of skylights shines in!

Beautiful living room design with skylights incorporated

Living rooms with skylights can add a whole new dimension to your home and unlike popular perception; they are not just the excessive indulgence of the rich. If anything, modern design pretty much mandates beautiful and smart natural ventilation that serves you manifold. From aesthetics to ergonomics skylights cover every base and do so in a vividly brilliant fashion.

Check out this collection of living rooms with skylights, and be inspired to incorporate one into the design of your own dream home as well —

Vivid and brilliant living room design studded with chic skylights

by jenerik images photography

Extravagant living room with high ceiling and flowing spaces
Flowing living space in gentle tones with elegant skylights
Gorgeously lit Living room with an interesting choice of decor

by Gast Architects

Minimalist area with exaggerated use of glass

Let there be light, with a gorgeous skylight!

Classic Living Room blueprint with warm hues and cool skylights

by ACANTHUS Architecture & Design

Ventilation is an essential aspect of design and no matter how beautiful your interiors are and how extravagant the furnishings, without the right illumination, it all just goes to waste. This is all the more reason why one needs a Skylight to brighten up the living room during the day. The right placement of a skylight is vital and at times one can employ a series of small and smart skylights to get the desired result.

Cool blue living room stylishly lit up by daft placing of skylights

Image courtesy of Home-Designing

While there are many added benefits that come with skylights, their use particularly for living spaces is all about getting the best possible look. You want warm hues to radiate with brilliance and make the place inviting for all those who walk in.

Custom designed home with red hues and ergonomic skylights
Eclectic Living Room sporting Vivacious Skylights

by Helene Dabrowski Interiors

Living space with an interesting use of skylights and indoor green
Cathedral Ceiling with Elegant Skylights

by Ojanen Chiou Architects LLP

Going Green and Saving some Green!

Enigmatic Outdoor Living Area with large Skylights

by My House Design Build Team

There is a very specific reason why skylights and their usage have become so very popular in recent times. Sure, there is the aesthetic appeal and the fascination that comes with watching the night sky delve into your living room, but the real reason goes way beyond what meets the eye. With the highly eco-conscious clients that designers and architects are having to deal with in the last 5 years or so, the idea of a skylight seems almost a must for a green home.

Modern living room clad in warm colors and adored with Skylights
Living Room with subtle placement of Skylight around the fireplace chimney

Skylights obviously offer natural ventilation that light up the dark corners without having to depend on conventional power sources and lighting fixtures. They are also great for regulating internal temperature of a structure in a natural fashion and all this helps in cutting down energy bills.

Skylight adds a whole new dimension to this home
Spacious Living room design with ample ventilation

by Nunley Custom Homes

Considering the growing prices energy companies are charging in nations like the UK, cutting down on usage of conventional power sounds like a great option for home owners and skylights bring in this dimension as well. Not only do they help the planet, but also your purse!

Sleek and stylish modern living space with central skylight

by Butler Armsden Architects

Stylish Interiors with ample lighting opportunities

by Paul Moon Design

Sustainable setting designed to mimic a cabin house with ample lighting

by Noel Cross+Architects

Tasteful Residence in stone and wood with well placed skylights

by Tom Meaney Architect, AIA

Perfect for every Home

Warm yellow living space soothingly lit by skylights

This probably is the biggest selling point when it comes to skylights and their installation. No matter what the style of your home, what the theme that you have employed and irrespective of the shades and hues that one employs, they fit in seamlessly with every plan. Opt between a fixed skylight or even a vented skylight that opens up when you wish to sleep under the stars!

Vivacious living space that invites in nature supplemented by interesting skylight use
Unusual Living Room in Stone incorporated with number of Skylights
Traditional living room with dark hues and large skylights

by Peter A. Sellar

From the classic to the contemporary, from the minimalist to the modern and from the vintage to the eclectic, every house can incorporate a skylight into its design. Consult an expert and give it a shot and you are guaranteed to see your living in a whole new light!

Ethnic living space design enhanced by the presence of central skylights
Living Area with natural ventilation galore thanks to the Skylights
White pallet and natural ventilation give this living area a light and airy feel
Giant Skylights bring the snowy white room to life
Series of well placed skylights for the unusual hall

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