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20 Versatile Rugs With Geo Flair Ushering in Style and Pattern

Every space needs that one focal point which gives it a personality that you simply cannot miss. This can come in the form of a fabulous wall art piece that adds color and character to the room, a décor item that sets itself apart from the mundane or even an accent addition that steals the spotlight. But few among us really look to the rug to provide this exuberant panache! Rugs offer a cool and easy way to add pattern to a modern interior without altering its style drastically. Of course, choosing the right rug is absolutely essential here and we have 20 exquisite choices today that are perfect for those who love geometric goodness!

Rugs with pattern are ideal for a variety of decorating styles

Rugs with geo style are currently a hot trend and they are a great way to add pattern to your home without committing to it on a more permanent basis. Many of these rugs come in neutral hues, making them absolutely perfect for the stylish, contemporary home. From those with simple lines and chevron patterns to ones with a much more complex design and finish, this is a look at 20 spaces that taop into the beauty of geometric rugs –

A Neutral Addition

As we discussed earlier, geometric rugs in neutral colors give you more than a singular benefit. They do not disturb the existing color scheme of the room. If you have a living room or dining space in white, gray or similar light colors then a rug with geometric pattern can anchor this area elegantly even while becoming a part of the overall narrative. Geo rugs help delineate space in an open plan living with laid-back elegance and you need not worry about a clash of styles either. Black, white and a hint of gray in the rug makes it seem understated and classy, irrespective of how dashing the pattern is.

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Black and white geo rug for small contemporary living space [From: Juliet Murphy / Laura Lakin Design]
Contemporary living room with a geometric rug and bright blue sofas [From: Burbeck Interiors ltd]
Funky and contemporary graphic rug from CB2
Neutral rug with pattern for the midcentury modern living room [From: Redesign London Limited]
Simple zigzag pattern can also make a big impact
Beautiful contemporary living room in blue with a geo rug [From: Photovisions]

For Those Who Love Color!

No, you do not need to sacrifice on color when you are looking to add geo style to your home! Rugs that combine posh contemporary pattern with bright, bold color make an instant impact. The best thing to do here is to keep the rest of the room as neutral as possible. This lets the rug shine visually even while making sure that the interior feels uncluttered and urbane. Circles, colorful triangles, hexagonal patterns or an eclectic mix of unusual patterns; there are plenty of options to experiment with here.

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Colorful rug brings 3D pattern to the kids’ playroom
Gorgeous red and white chevron pattern rug for the neutral living space [From: arkee creative]
Turn to wall-to-wall carpeting if you detest the idea of a smaller rug
Usher in a punch of orange with this vivacious rug!
Bright and cheerful rug combines color with pattern in a fluid manner
Bright green and black rug adds color and pattern to this spacious living room

Working with Different Styles

When we talk of geo style rugs, carpets and floor covering solutions, most of us tend to imagine a polished, modern room with one of these smart pieces at its heart. But that need not be true all the time as a rug with geometric pattern and color seems equally at home in the midcentury, shabby chic, eclectic or even Scandinavian style living room. You just need to find one with the appropriate pattern, size and hue to make sure it adds to the style of the room it sits in.

Finding the right pattern for the rug can be a challenge at times
Small rug defines the living room in this Asian style home [From: Studio Lagom]
Smart triangular patterned rug for the modern home office
Transitional living room with a rug that steals the spotlight! [From: The VSI Group]
Cheap DIY homemade rug with plenty of pattern
Combine a touch of timeless charm with modernity in your rug choice
Dashing rug for those who love curves!

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