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Hairpin Table Legs: Incorporate the Mid-Century Trend in Your Home

Hairpin table legs are the iconic design of the mid-century. It sprang from the notion of creating a complete line of wrought iron furniture sometime in 1941. It is the solution for the need to create sturdy furniture while skimping on material overhead cost. The shape of the steel wire legs that the furniture sports earned it its Hairpin Leg name. But, these trendy designs did not wither in time. The best hairpin legs are still relevant in most modern and contemporary interior decorations today.

Photo Credit: Etsy/Stalove Studio

The hairpin table leg styles are quirky and versatile. It can pair with almost all materials from rustic wooden slabs to stylish metal! Even plastic surfaces benefit from it. These retro pieces are a boon not just for furniture makers but also for do-it-yourselfers. Why not? They are practical, stable, minimalist, and easy to install. You can even find plenty of it in online stores available for DIY projects. Aside from the classic hairpin-shaped leg, it bred many style variations providing users with a range of options.

Here are a few of the best hairpin legs and designs that you can find. We also include some considerations that you need to know before cashing it out.

Height Selection

Photo Credit: Amazon/Signstek Store

How high do you want your furniture? Obviously, this is the most important aspect that you should consider when buying the best hairpin table legs. The height often ranges from 6-inches to 34-inches. Whether you are using it for a sideboard, a coffee table, or a dining table, you will have a set of choices to choose from. The best hairpin table legs for your coffee table mostly measures 16 inches. The dining table and desks are good at 28-inches of leg height.

Getting that Mid-century Nesting Coffee Table

Photo Credit: Lowes

This two-piece set English oak nesting table is an adorable duo for the living room. The legs stand at 15 3/8-inches and 12 ¼-inches. These are perfect accents for your retro-style sitting area. Paired with a natural tabletop, it creates a strong statement for complementing your home’s interior decor.

A Simple Desk

Photo Credit: Walmart/Kritne

This cold rolled-steel hairpin table leg desk makes a classic industrial piece of furniture. At around 28-inches in height, you can shove a chair or stool in this decent desk for multi-purpose use.

Retro-Style Storage Bench

Photo Credit: Home Depot/Crawford & Burke

Entryway shoe storages are functional fixtures you should not miss in your home. Aside from keeping your place tidy, it can also serve as a decorative feature. Take this vintage shoebox with the best hairpin table legs as base support.

Choosing from the Two-Rods or Three-Rods Hairpin

Photo Credit: Amazon/Welland

The classic hairpin tables only have two-rod hairpins with a minimalist appearance. Thus, they are ideal to go with a simple home theme and design. But if you are not particular with humble themes, the three-rod hairpin table legs may catch your eye. It is ideal for bigger and thicker tables since it provides more stable support. With a stiff third rod, it prevents wobbling while balancing the look of your table block.

Keeping it Chic and Simple

Photo Credit: Walmart/EECOO

Modest and simple, this functional side table still exudes a satisfying focal point. The best hairpin table legs on two rods emphasize simplicity. It conveys that no-clutter and airy feel that is perfect for a minimalist room design.

Sleek and Contemporary

Photo Credit: Walmart/Serenta

This contemporary table exposes the sleek three-rod hairpin table legs in a simple and casual look. The warm wood surface supports it with a clean line that also lingers on the minimalist appeal. It has a little ornamentation but still brings out the noteworthy personality of this coffee table.

The Style

Photo Credit: Crate and Barrel

A round steel bar with two rods is the stereotype of mid-century hairpin table legs. Over the years, it already evolved into many styles for the user’s different aesthetic preferences. Depending on your choice, you will appreciate the value of the best hairpin legs suited to your taste.

Unique and Beautiful

Photo Credit: Etsy/Stalove Studio

If you are looking for something unique, enjoy the visual appeal of the butterfly hairpin table legs. This dining room set is a unique and eye-catching ensemble to grace your dining area. Instead of simple hairpin legs, it boasts of slightly eccentric but well-blended design pieces.

Hairpin Table Legs with Floor Protector

Photo Credit: Amazon/Smart Standard Store

Metal furniture scratching your bare floor tile is a turn-off. Fortunately, there are hairpin table legs that come with a floor protector for the purpose. Aside from protection, it also acts as a stabilizer to reinforce the table with additional strength. This added value is just an optional choice you should look for in the best hairpin table legs.

The Three-Legged Planter


Photo Credit: Crate and Barrel

Complete your elegant but rustic home arrangement with this unique hairpin leg planter. It is a stunning piece of art that emphasizes the plant on display. It is also a decorative feature that brings a spot of uniqueness into your living room floor.

Hairpin Table Legs for Multipurpose Use

Photo Credit: Home Depot/Welwick Designs

Of course, the best hairpin table legs are not exclusive to table furniture. They are also a great addition to any fixtures you have in mind. Regardless of the material, hairpin table legs are a gorgeous piece to highlight a trendy retro-vibe to your woodwork or metalwork.

For the Bar Stool

Photo Credit: Etsy/Cord Industries

Make your bar stool sturdier by supplementing it with heavy-duty leg support. The best hairpin legs are favorable because of their stylish design and appearance. They are also exceptional in providing solid support not just for your tabletop or chair surface. Providing a sturdy reinforcement for body weight is also a must.

 Raise Your Platform Bed

Photo Credit: Etsy/Casanova Home

Don’t let your bed just blend into your bedroom floor. Spice it up a bit by incorporating a supporting hairpin leg into it. Doing so will create subtle contrast and shift the highlight of focal interest into your bed.

On the Sofa Too

Photo Credit: Lowes

The iconic rounded angle base of the hairpin legs is also a fine addition to living room couches. It mixes up the modern look with a traditional flair to create that unique old-and-new eclectic aesthetic.


The hairpin table legs are a trendy mid-century style that evokes an elegant appeal. Their versatility makes the best hairpin table legs an influential piece in most modern minimalist designs. These simple and customizable metallic bases exude a clean line and individualistic feel. But one of their notable characteristics is its sturdiness and reliability. Thus, they are a handy addition to any furniture piece that also blends well with various interior décor designs.

Ann Marie Bantigue

I write for decoist.

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